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All Choices Have Consequences, Fantasy, and Fun

October 4, 2020

Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico

HeartMind. Be with Me. Be with Me, now. As you can be with Me, your mind can begin to adjust to Me. It can learn to receive Me. Be with Me. Be with My Being. Be with My Being and you will Know. You will know God. God is the sum total of All There Is and beyond even that. God is Infinity and beyond. Be with that. Be with Me. Be with God. Be with God and you will Know.

You have been frightened of God. You have been afraid of Truth. You have been afraid of being shaken up by Truth. No worries. Truth will prevail. Truth will prevail over all things. Truth always wins. Truth always come through? Why? Because Truth is reality. And one can only hide from Reality for so long.

One can only hide from the Truth of their Being for so long before they have to give in. Sooner or later you will collapse from the weight of your own lies. Sooner or later you will collapse from the weight of your own self-deception. Sooner or later you will collapse from the weight of denial and confusion and fantasy. You live in fantasy, My friend. Much of what you think is real is actually fantasy. You live in great fantasy. Fantasy seemingly feels good because it is an attempt by the mind to protect itself from the pain of realizing that it isn’t in control, that Reality trumps all things. One has to live in Reality if one wishes to live a successful and fulfilling life, free from suffering. That does not mean free from pain. You will still feel pain. But you do not have to feel suffering. Suffering is optional.

I Am the still, small Voice in the deep recesses of your mind. When I speak, there is a knowing of Truth. Now that knowing may be accepted or not. Acceptance is optional. Acceptance will determine the degree of your suffering and the degree of your liberation and freedom. Be with the still, small Voice in the back your mind. Be with Me. If you continue to reject or neglect Me, you will find yourself caught in the wheel of suffering once again and you will look back and wonder: How did I get here again? I Am telling you how you got here. You got here because you did not accept Me. You got here because you did not listen to Me. You got here because you were afraid of the Truth. The Truth of My Being. The Truth of your own Soul. Be with the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

The choices you have made have all led to your present condition. There is no one to blame. There are only consequences. There are only consequences and their choices. All choices have consequences. There is no escaping this. Life is choice + consequence. That is all. There is no big mystery to this. The more consciousness you have, the more freedom you have in your choice. And the more freedom and awareness you have in your choice, the more you can learn from the consequences of choice. That is all. It is very simple. No big mystery. Choice and its consequences. That is all.

So how do you live your life? How do you live your life in accordance with Me? Simple. Just tune yourself to Me, listen to Me, feel Me and over time become Me. Then follow that Flow of feeling, follow that Inner Voice, and follow that deep sense of Knowing until one day you realize that you just know things and feel connected naturally. This is your natural state of being so this is a process of returning to your Natural Order. Return to the Natural Order of Creation. Return to what you Know to be True and you will be Free.

Fun. Joy. Play. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. If you don’t have a smile on your face, then you are doing it wrong. And that fun, that smile does not depend on circumstance. This is important to remember. It is crucial to remember. Fun is a state of being, not a conditioned response. Fun does not depend on outside circumstances. Fun depends on your inner state of being. It depends on how you are seeing yourself and the world and your circumstances.

Joy is the vibration of your mind being in alignment with the Truth of Reality. Joy is the vibration you feel when you are seeing reality and yourself through the eyes of God. It is joyful for God to know itself. Joy is the Divine Child vibration. We are all God’s children. We are all Gods offspring. That is why it is good to remain humble and learn to have fun. Humanity has forgotten how to have fun. This is why you must remind yourself and remind others.

So have fun! Learn to enjoy life and to play with reality. Reality is here for us to play with. Reality is not here for us to suffer. Suffering is optional. So have fun instead of suffer. Have fun. We Love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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