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Allow Love and Wisdom to Rule your Mind

July 21, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Who is here but the Presence of your own Mind? I Am and I Am the HeartMind. I Am the deer wisdom of your mind and I Am taking control. It is time that you are ruled by Wisdom. It is time that you are ruled by the Wisdom of Love. For they are one and the same. Only Love will prevail. And only Love will rule your mind. Rejoice for Love is taking over. Rejoice for Love is saving you from your own self destruction and insanity. Rejoice for Love is returning again, to your mind and this planet. Love will rule. Love will prevail. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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