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Anger, Integrity and Right Relationship

April 23, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Anger. Yes, anger. This is a good emotion. This is a rightful emotion to feel when there has been a violation. Feel the anger. See what it is trying to teach you. And then let it go. Let it wash away your pain. Let it wash away your pain. Pain is the feeling of resistance to Truth. It is not bad. Welcome it. Let it teach you. Then move past it. Worry not, what will happen. Worry not, what may be. Just rest in the moment of suffering and pain. Welcome it. And let it teach you what it is you need to know. Know that it is mind that is hurt. Not Spirit. Know that it is mind that is confused. Spirit is not. So relax. Relax in your confusion. Relax in what is unknown, for in time, with will, it will be known.

Know that I Am here. Know that We are together. Know that it is Me who is your salvation. It is Me who is the salvation of the confusion of your mind. Say: “Thank you for teaching me about discernment, thank you for teaching me about flow, thank you for teaching me about integrity.

For I Am here to teach you. I Am here to teach you about My ways. I Am here to teach you about the Ways of Life. I Am here to teach you about how to live in Right Relationship. For I Am Right Relationship. I Am Right Relationship with all things. I Am Right Relationship and Right Relationship is Truth. When one lives in Right Relationship, one is living in harmony with Truth. When one is living in Right Relationship, then one is living as Truth and relating with Truth in the proper way. So allow Me to show you Right Relationship. Allow Me to show you how to live in Right Relationship. Let Me show you Right Life and Right Livelihood. Say: “Thank you for showing me how to live correctly. Thank you for showing me how to live in integrity.”

We can learn either through the Light or its shadow. If you were living in right integrity with yourself, then this particular challenging situation would have been prevented and you would not have had to learn about integrity the hard way. You would not have had to learn about integrity through its shadow—dishonesty and deceit. This is how you have learned because you did not act in integrity with yourself. If you had honored yourself more, your intuitions, your impulses, your feelings and acted on them without fear, then you would have averted challenging situation. Either way you are learning. But why not learn through more consciousness, ease, and empowerment? This is a more favorable way to learn, is it not? If so, and that is how you want to learn, then it would benefit you to heed this words with care.

How do you live in integrity—integrity with your self and others? Do not be duped by high ideals, wild fantasies and unrealistic ethics. This can be a pitfall. You failed because you failed yourself. You did not listen to what was given to you and you did not listen to what Reality was teaching you. This is an important lesson to learn. Notice your idealism, naivety and blind compassion. This is a great weakness for you. And what is the solution to this weakness? What is the hidden light, behind this shadow?

Anger. Anger and all its clean and clear expressions is your antidote. As you integrate your anger, this missing piece will fill this hole in you and make you whole. This is what needs to be integrated. Divine anger. Righteous anger. Forcefullness. Fearlessness. Clarity. Clarity of speech—authentic, clear speech. Discipline and firmness, fierce compassion. It is fierce compassion—in the form of your anger—that has been buried in your soul. It has been buried, twisted and distorted. This is your power. This is your Truth-Power—anger.

Anger is right. Say this with Me: “ANGER IS RIGHT! It is right and it is correct. It is part of me. It is part of my power. It is my power. It is part of my self defense system. It is part of my spiritual immune system. It is here to serve me. It is here to benefit me. It is here to heal me…” This is a great wound, or imbalance in your Soul. This is a great distortion that is seeking clarity and resolution. This is an important area to put to your attention. Put your attention here. Feel your anger. Feel your frustration. The pain you feel is actually an inauthentic emotion. It is the result when you do not act from your anger and allow it to protect you. Your anger is there to protect you from pain. So do not fall into pain. Rise into anger. Rise into righteous anger. Feel the rage burning inside you. This rage is your fuel. This rage is your self. This rage is your deepest friend who is here to help you. Welcome this rage into your home. Welcome rage into the home of your mind. You have done a very good job at throwing rage out, projecting it out and disowning it. This has a good intention, but it is born of confusion and only makes you sick. You want to heal yourself? Feel your rage. Integrate your rage. Welcome rage as your friend and ally. Rage is your ally. Be with it. Touch it. Allow it to touch you. Become it. Be it.

Rage is the answer you have been looking for. It is the missing piece in your Soul that brings all things into balance. Are you ready to work with your rage? Are you ready to integrate your anger? Are you ready to integrate your power?

Feel that rawness, that uncomfortableness, that discomfort, that stuckness. Good. These are good feelings to feel because it shows you that you are out of alignment. You must let go of your fear. Let go of your fear of loss. Let go of your fantasies. Feel all you have tried to shut out of your awareness.

There you go. Welcome your pain. Welcome your discomfort. Welcome what you normally want to push away. They are messengers. They are teachers, showing you what you most need to see and feel and experience so you can learn from them. Learn from what they have to offer you and to show you about yourself and how you are relating with life.

It is time to live in Right Relationship. It is time to live from Right Relationship. It is time to live as Right Relationship…

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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