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Introduction to Hyperdimensional Interference

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Hyperdimensional interference is a subject that is often not talked about much in New Age circles. However, it is deeply important to become aware of in the process of waking up, growing up and cleaning up. It is an integral part of the human experience here on Earth, even if most people are unaware of it. It is the elephant in the spiritual room, so to speak, and thus needs to be acknowledged, in my opinion.

This is a very large, intricate and complicated topic, that is beyond the scope of this simple article. Nevertheless, I will do my best to open the topic for further exploration and understanding.

Just like in nature where there are positive and negative influences and organisms to human life, so is the case in the astral and etheric realms.

Just like there are physical parasites and pathogens in nature that can cause harm to the physical health of humans, so is the case in the etheric and astral realms. In a beautiful and harmonious forest landscape, for example, there are plants and animals that have a symbiotic relationship with other organisms and contribute to the overall health of the forest ecosystem. There are also detrimental, parasitic organisms that feed off the health and life of other organisms. If a dog takes a poop in the forest then there are bacteria, fungi and parasites that will break that waste down and return it to the soil. And if the dog is unhealthy, parasites can drain the life-force of the animal to feed their own existence. The same principle is true in the astral and etheric realms, as far as my experience can tell.

There are parasitic and opportunistic lifeforms in the physical, plasma, etheric, astral (emotional) and mental realms. And we are beings that inhabit all those realms. So when we are out of alignment and the free flow of divine life-force is obstructed in our body mind systems, parasitic entities can take advantage and eat our life force energy.

At the deepest core is unqualifiable, infinite Spirit. Spirit desires to express and know itself in physical matter—hence the human experience. Spirit expresses itself through Soul and Soul through Mind and Mind through the Body. In an ideal situation, this great chain of unfolding from heavenly spirit to earthly body (matter) happens harmoniously and in balance. Universal life force energy flows freely and unobstructed as the soul expresses itself and fulfills itself through its dharma or divine life purpose.

Now, as a human being on Earth, there are all kinds of challenges and complications that can happen with this order of manifestation. Trauma, negative (false) belief systems, cultural conditioning, disease, etc., all can distort this natural flow. Once this natural flow is blocked or distorted, an opening is created for parasitic beings to take root, feed and nest.

Think of a deep cut or wound on your arm, if you tend to it well, disinfect it and bandage it, then it can seal up and heal. If the wound is not tended to well however, it will get infected and that infection can spread. It will become a large strain on the immune system tying to keep the body safe from the infection. This same principle holds true for hyper dimensional parasites. They are attracted to our psychological and spiritual wounds like moths to a flame or flies to an open wound. Why? Well, because our energy of suffering is food for them.

There are all kinds of parasitic beings. In general they all share the same characteristics— they are parasites and they feed on the negative, dense, chaotic emotions generated from human suffering. They will manipulate one’s mind to sustain or increase one’s suffering to keep getting their ‘fix’ of negative emotions and will often fight to the death to keep their food supply open. Depending on the type of entity, they can lodge themselves into virtually anywhere in the energetic anatomy of the subtle body. They can lodge themselves into energy centers (like the chakras), energy pathways (like the acupuncture meridians), create cavities or time-space bubbles in one’s aura, or infect the whole energy body with a full blown demonic possession. These entities are just parts of a much larger spiritual control system here on Earth, that can be called The Matrix Control System.

This can be a scary topic. However, we must feel the fear, but then have the courage to move beyond it because it is a reality that needs to be acknowledged, understood and overcome. Would you ignore an open wound on your arm just because it hurts? Ignoring this reality out of fear or denial will only reinforce the bondage, suffering, and ignorance that these force perpetuate. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is numbness and suffering.

Do not despair however, because there are solutions. Knowledge is Power. And with Awareness comes the first line of defense and liberation from these dark forces. A very thorough and comprehensive guide to identifying, clearing, and healing from entity interference is given by Eric Raines in his Entities and Implants ARE Human Nature articles, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I highly recommend investigating and practicing his material as it is a wonderful resource.

The essence of protecting oneself and healing oneself from these influences can be summed up with: Awareness-Intelligence, Will-Power, Love-Wisdom.

Awareness-Intelligence: First one has to be aware of these beings and their influences in one’s life before any healing or action can be taken. One has to be aware of something before it can be changed. Become aware by meditating and developing one’s psychic and intuitive abilities to see, feel, hear or sense their presence. These are skills that everyone possess and just need to be practiced. Eric Raines’ article has instructions and additional practices will be given on this site as well.

Also, one can become aware of their influence by noticing the symptoms. Symptoms for me include: depression, anxiety, irrational anger, irrational sadness or fear, constant negative thinking that lowers my vibration, ear ringing (like tenittus)—I get left ear ringing for negative influences, my partner gets right ear ringing for negative influences—, apathy, or anything that severely discourages me or prohibits me from my optimal spiritual-life path. Remember that one of the main purposes these beings have are to create and perpetuate human suffering as much as possible, so that can be a sign.

Tom Montalk and Eric Raines are my favorite resources for knowledge, understanding and empowering solutions on the topic of hyper dimensional interference. Bernhard Geunther also has good material. Energetic Synthesis is a great resource as well.

Will-Power: Once the entity itself, or its symptoms have been identified, then it really just takes persistent and/or intense will power to exorcise them, clear them, neutralize them, banish them, burn them or just to focus on one’s power and purpose rather than the disempowering or self destructive tendency that is being amplified. We all have wounds and flawed parts of our psyche and these entities know our weak points and amplify them. They use them against us and others. And because of that, they can ultimately serve as our spiritual teachers in the sense that they show us our weak points very clearly.

When one gives up or succumbs to the negative pressure, then we allow them more control. We all falter and have bad days, but the idea here is to have the attitude of I will never give up. I will always overcome. Nothing can stop me. These forces often prey on one’s will power so having a determined attitude is like kryptonite for these forces.

Love-Wisdom: Ultimately this is all about love and the wise use of one’s creative power. In the deepest and highest sense, these beings are aspects of one’s own spiritual consciousness. But that does not mean we just allow these lower influences to run amok. They arise because of lack of our own higher or authentic spiritual expression. Love also means self love and self respect and self defense, if necessary. So love can mean focusing on one’s spiritual purpose in the world and not allowing these influences to distract. Believe me, I have severely struggled with this for half of my life, so I am not saying it is any easy task. But it is a task that we all must take to heart if we want to grow and evolve by going against the grain of the sick thinking and behavior of our society.

There are two pillars of enlightenment, according to occult researcher and speaker Mark Passio: Non-Violence and Self Defense. Non-Violence means you follow the essence of the Golden Rule and hence a Moral life: DO NO HARM. You do not initiate any violence against another by forcing your will upon someone else against their own. However, once these beings enter your aura and are in your space—your bodymind—sucking your energy and manipulating you, then you have all the right to DEFEND YOURSELF.

These entities are energy feeders and mind manipulators, so they will use any trick to try and keep you distracted, unconscious and apathetic to their detrimental presence in your body, mind, relationships and overall life. Love them, by loving yourself and giving them what they deserve—‘boot them the fuck out of your space! It is YOUR SPACE. YOUR BODY. YOUR MIND. And YOU HAVE DIVINE RIGHT AND OWNERSHIP of your own BODY-MIND—YOUR SPACE.

I like Mark Passio’s reloaded version of the Golden Rule: DO NO HARM AND TAKE NO SHIT. Knowing these basic principles will give you a clearer moral framework in dealing with these entities as well as with life in general. By gaining knowledge and understanding of the principles of Natural or Moral Law, then it becomes easier to live in harmony with these universal principles by becoming empowered with the Truth. Because Truth is what is. And Love is acceptance of what is. So, thus Love is acceptance of Truth.

On a higher level, these Dark Forces are the Shadow of Divine Light. They are real. They are not just imaginary. They are real entities with their own volition. However, their power is only derived from our own unused or unconscious power. The more we embrace our gifts and live them to the fullest by aligning with the Truth of our own Spirit (and Divine Will), the stronger and more spiritually powerful we become; that is the psychic and spiritual immune system to these infective forces. Have gratitude for the fact that they show us our weak points. So let’s take back our power, heal our wounds and be free to live our life in Truth, Love, and Joy.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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