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Light Vs. Dark Luciferianism, the Hero’s Journey, and Transcending the War

May 24, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Lucifer has many expressions. It means light bearer. But there have been many interpretations of Light and what it means. Light is the luminosity of Being and it is expressed through Knowledge. The thing is is that when Light or Lucifer enters the realm of polarity, then Light becomes polarized in all its aspects. So there becomes the choice of shining and sharing Light or consuming and stealing Light. This is the fundamental difference between Light Luciferianism and Dark Luciferianism. Both are partial but one is closer to the truth. One intends to uplift all beings so they can become enlightened and the other wishes to control other sentient beings so they can become enslaved. One is good. The other is evil.

The thing that makes these partial is that they are both lacking the love-wisdom of the Heart. They both become whole again when they are reunited in the Heart. This is the key. Unite all polarities in the neutral zone of the Heart. Then it becomes Love Luciferianism. There is the power. There is the solution to this dichotomy.

HeartMind is complete, especially with its full realization as Unity with all that is and God itself. But the best place to start is the first stage of Emptiness and that is what you call HeartMind. From there, everything, the Higher Self and your soul and personality can be put into Right Relationship with HeartMind.

The good versus evil dichotomy in this realm is for the purpose of developing the archetype of the hero, in this Cosmic Game. The hero needs a villain to overcome and triumph. The villain needs a hero to oppose and fight. They are both sides of the same coin of the game of duality. HeartMind is beyond the duality. HeartMind transcends and includes the duality when the duality is put back into Right Relationship.

So, leave the fight. Allow the hero to triumph over the villain, because that is what is happening. But at the end of the story, the hero must let go of the sword, he must let go of the fight and go live his life in peace with the woman. It is leaving the fight with the villain and walking away to go live happily ever after with the woman is the meaning of that story. Leave the fight, let go of the Tree of Good and Evil and choose Love by choosing the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is everything in their proper balance and in Right Relationship. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the path of duality and imbalance—it is the hero’s journey. The Tee of Life is the sage’s, the master’s journey. The journey of the immortal. The Tree of Life is the journey of the Master, it is about mastery. The hero’s journey produces strength and humility by overcoming one’s flaws. The master’s journey is about learning to master one’s gifts and one’s flaws. The hero’s journey is about overcoming against a polarity. The master’s journey is about transcending and including within a diverse unity—a trinary unity.

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