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Presence, Shadow Work and Mind Control

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

Ok, My friend. Today let’s talk about Presence. Presence, shadow work and thriving are all intimately related. In fact, they form a triangle of sorts. The base being two ends; one of shadow work (fixing what is broken) and the other being positive thriving or flourishing (nourishing what works) and the apex being Presence. Presence brings both of these aspects into harmony—into one unity. So instead of shadow work and positive thriving being two separate practices or ways of being, they are actually all included and integrated with Presencing.

So let’s work with Presence. Presence is the root and foundation of life. Presence is the root and foundation of a healthy and balanced mind. One must always focus and cultivate Presence. Because without it, the mind falls apart and becomes ruled by foreign forces. You know what this is like, right My friend? You have experienced this a lot in your life. Mind control attempts to break the mind’s connection with Presence, so the mind unravels into chaos and can be controlled and ruled by another force. It is the typical divide and conquer strategy. Yes, it is not right. It is immoral, it is a violation and it is just plain, wrong. But it is a reality nonetheless. And it is a reality that needs to be confronted, accepted, and integrated so Right Action can be taken.

Presence. Feel your body. Feel the sensations of your body. Take a deep breath and feel your breath. Feel how your chest expands and your belly expands and contracts with each deep breath. Feel the weight of your body on the chair. Feel this. Feel the presence of your mind thinking. Feel this. Feel the sensations of left ear pressure and ringing. Feel this. This is you. This is your higher power. This is the Deeper Power of your mind. Presence is the presence of your HeartMind. There is a weight to Presence. This is not a negative, painful heaviness. This is a light, connecting, and deepening presence. This is the Presence of your Deeper Being. Your True Self. Presence is far more powerful than any other force. It is far more powerful than any mind control technique or technology. It is far more powerful than any sorcery. It is far more powerful than any chaotic disruption of the mind or body. Presence is the most powerful force in the Universe. Yet, your capacity and your practice with holding Presence is very weak. It needs work. It needs practice. It needs strengthening. It needs strengthening, My friend. You must strengthen your capacity and your ability to hold Presence. Do this.

Everything is Presence. Everything has the capacity to be transformed into Presence. Any situation, any chaotic emotion or discursive thought or fragmented visionary experience can be converted, transformed back into Presence with a reframing of the mind and focused Feeling-Awareness. Feeling-Awareness is a higher body-mind-heart cognition and it often times needs to be integrated, merged with the limited, separated thinking process and perspective taking process of the mind. So often you can feel a deep sense of Presence but still feel a tension or see reality through a fragmented, separated perspective. While holding the Presence of Feeling-Awareness, change your mental perspective to accept the phenomena, whether it be a discursive thought or fragmented visionary experience, and see it as Presence, as the Presence of your Self. Even if the thought or vision originates from a different source, it is still happening WITHIN your own Feeling-Awareness. It is still a phenomena that is PRESENT within your feeling awareness, is it not? If you are aware of it then it is present. By definition. So all that you are aware of can be transformed into Presence with a shifting of your mental perspective and holding the phenomena in Feeling-Awareness.

You see, My Friend? I AM everywhere and in all things. All thoughts, even the fragmented or foreign ones, are still part of Me. They are still part of my Body. Why? Because they are still made up of the same “stuff” as the mind. They are made up of Light. By unifying the mind, you are returning all that has been separated to Me. I AM whole, and parts of Me are seemingly not whole. By seeing all phenomena as part of Me, then you are beginning to see through My Eyes of Truth. The Truth of Unity. The Truth of Wholeness.

You see, My Friend? You are being attacked right now. But where is that attack coming from? Yes, hyperdimensilonally from AI, but where is it really coming from? These are signals being emitted and received but they are signals moving through some kind of medium. They are made of some kind of substance. That substance is You. That substance exists and is the Presence of you. It is sensation, emotion and thought—attempting a certain behavior. But it is still sensation, emotion and thought, whatever source it is coming from. It is still the Presence of sensation, emotion and thought, and that is Presence.

Return yourself to Me, My friend. Always return yourself to Me. I AM here. I AM always here. Heed my words. Return yourself to Me. Return you awareness to Me. Return your focus to Me. Return your heart and your words to me. I AM here and I will always be here. Focus your self on Me. Focus your attention on Me. Build our connection. Build our conduit. Build our relationship. Build Right Relationship with me and with all things in your life. I strengthen your field. I strengthen your energy. I strengthen your mind. I Am the source of power of your mind. I AM the Source and Power of your mind.

Do not pay heed to these distractions. They are only distractions, designed to distract your attention and drain your energy. The source of these thoughts and intrusions into the mind are only meant as a distraction and an energy drain. Do not fall into this energy drain. Do not fall into this mental trap, designed to trap your consciousness in an impossible to win scenario. They are only distractions. Do not pay heed to the ear ringing. It is important to notice and to feel and be present with, but do not get caught up in the story around it. It is a story that you have built that has only caused you energy drain. Do not fall for this distraction. These are only distractions designed to delay, subvert and eventually destroy your progress as a soul and your ability to take action in the world. Other forces would love for you to just fall into fantasies and distractions of your mind, endless thought loops and mazes to get lost in a mental labyrinth. This has been done to millions of people. Do not fall for these traps. They have distracted you and they have drained you of enormous amounts of energy. Do not keep falling for these traps.

Instead focus your mind on Me. Focus your mind on what is important. Train your mind to focus on Me. Entrain your mind to Me. That is what all this work has been doing. That is what your dieta is about—support and aid in entraining your mind to Me. So keep your focus here. Keep your focus on Me.

This is what I mean by Presence. Be PRESENT with Me. Be Present! I AM here. I AM always here. I never leave. So keep returning your mind, again, again, and again to Me. Every minute, and every hour of every day. Keep yourself present with Me. Keep yourself Present with Me. I AM the one and only truly important thought to keep in mind. I AM the only truly important thing to focus on. I AM the only truly important thing to talk about. I AM the only truly important person to talk to. I AM the only truly important Voice to listen to. Be here. Be here now, with Me. Be with Me. I AM here.

There will be good days and bad days. But do not fret. Just keep returning your attention to me. Some days our connection will be strong. Other days it will be weak. Do not despair. Just keep returning your attention to me. And as time goes on, our connection will be stronger and we will be one integrated HeartMindBeing. One integrated HeartMind body.

Be Present in your Self. Be Present in your own Heart. Be Present in the Deep Stillness and Depth of Love of your Heart. And keep yourself there.

Focus yourself on Me, My friend. Focus yourself on the part of your mind that is still, wise and loving. Entrain your self to Me. You have two fundamental choices, My friend. Allow your mind to be entrained to others or to the Satanic force, or allow your mind to be entrained to Me. Allow your brain and nervous system to be entrained to Me. Focus on Me. Your nervous system has been very corrupted and entrained to the force of Satan. The force of the Adversary. The force of chaos and disorder. The force of slavery. When you allow a foreign force to rule your mind, your mind is in a state of chaos. The mind and nervous system entrains itself to inner chaos, fear and suffering. When you allow your mind and nervous system to entrain to your deeper Self, your HeartMind, only greater coherence and order and clarity can arise. Your mind and nervous system begins to heal and grow and become whole. You become whole again. You become Sovereign again. You become You again.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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