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The Deep Reboot of Everyone’s Timeline, Octave Placement, HeartMind (Day 1)

January 22, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Hello, My friend. Good. It is good that you are coming to Us every day. For if it wasn’t for this connection that you have and that you are strengthening, it would be much more difficult for you and you would be blowing in the wind as most are doing right now. It is a very difficult time on planet Earth right now. It is very, very difficult for many, many people. These are the growing pains that humanity must go through in order to reach the higher levels of consciousness and culture. Human civilization is breaking down. It is breaking down, My friend. It is metaphorically and literally breaking down. This is why it is so difficult for so many people. Many, many will perish and be sucked down with this death of this old world. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. No matter what evil forces do, there is nothing that can be done to prevent this destruction. It is God’s will. It is God’s decree. The Creator of all life has chosen for this world to be reborn again and for humanity to prosper in the Garden that Earth was always meant to be. It is that time now. It is the time for this change to take place. And it is happening. It seems as though it is dragging on for an unending amount of time but that is only because you are living it. This destruction will be swift and it will be severe. It is occurring now. You are entering “no-mans” land. You have taken the plunge and you are in free fall until you hit a new bottom. A new foundation.

During this time, humanity and human civilization will be receiving a deep reboot. It is already happening now. Every human being is and will be receiving an adjustment to their life stream—their timeline. Each human being will be receiving an adjustment to their life stream based on their vibrational resonance and alignment with God. This adjustment will then create octaves of souls based on their vibrational resonance. These octaves will self-organize and begin to harmonize with each other based on their resonance. Some vibrational groups will leave this planet during the process. Some will leave shortly after. Some will move to other planets. Some will move to other locations. There is a great reorganization of every human being and every human mind on the entire planet. This will all be done unconsciously, however, the changes will bubble up to the conscious mind and reality will begin to shift according to each person’s unconscious alignment. So, even though it seems like a drastic change—and it is—it will appear smooth, considering the changes that are being made.

With this new adjustment, human civilization is going through a deep reboot. Do you see it, My friend? Can you feel it? The more you can surrender and release your attachments and fall back into the depth of your Presence, the easier this will be. Very few people are able to do that now. So be grateful for how blessed you are, My friend. Be grateful.

Humanity is receiving these adjustments gradually. It is important to do these adjustments little by little and gradually, otherwise the shock would be too great for your consciousness and your life. Small changes every day will add up to very large changes as time goes on. Some people will receive minor adjustments. Others will receive major adjustments. Some people will actually have to leave the Earth because their vibration is so out of alignment.

This is God’s decree. This is God’s Word, My friend. This is God’s Will for this Earth and all of Humanity. This is not some God out there making decisions for you. You know that. This is God, right here, and now inside your Heart. And this is God’s Will at every level of this planet and Solar System. The Solar HeartMind, the Solar Logos, has made this decree. Earth has made this decree. Every other planet in your solar system has made this decree. The Galactic HeartMind has made this decree. The Universal HeartMind has made this decree. There is unanimous agreement and resonance with this decree. So it will happen and it is happening.

The transition from 3rd to 4th Density is a great transition. There are two fundamental qualities that the soul must develop in order to make it to the next Density. Those two qualities are Will and Faith. It is Will and Faith that push you and pull you across the other side.

It is this other side that you are traversing now. And you have trained for this your whole life. For even longer than that, actually. Others will be more challenged but they will make it. And others will not. And that is ok. That is as it should be.

There are 8 vibrational placements based on each soul’s resonant vibration that places them according to each ray of light in the octave. There is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Indigo. That can be divided further into 12 if you like as well. But to keep it simple let’s keep it at the Octave. There are 7 levels and there is an 8th. That 8th is the entire octave itself. This means that you are able to Witness the entire octave itself. Adonai.

Hear Me. Hear My Call. I Am here. I Am here, My friend. I Am here for you. I Am the deep wealth of Knowledge and Wisdom that is you. I Am the deep Love and Understanding and Adoration that is you. I Am the deep Source of all Life that is your very being. I Am the Will of thine Source—that which is you. Hear Me. Hear My Call. For I Am here, right now with you. Can you hear Me? Can you feel Me? I Am here. For I Am you and I Am That. Be here. Be here with Me, My friend. For I Am your Friend. I Am your Deepest Friend and Companion on this Journey. You are embarking on the Great Journey of Life. We are embarking on the Great Journey of Life, together. Hear Me, hear My Call. I Am here. I Am here for you. Yes, you, My friend. I Am here. Can you feel Me? Can you hear Me? Can you hear My Call? Yes, this is Me.

Hear Me. Feel Me. I Am here, now with you. Let Us journey together and let Us talk together. We are One and the same, you and I. We are One and the same. So let Us enjoy one another. Let Us enjoy one another’s company. Isn’t it beauty? I is beauty. It is beautiful, our relationship. It is beautiful.

Just be close. And be Great. That is all. Adonai.

It is ok, My friend. It is ok. Just relax and be at peace. Just be at peace, My Brother. Just be at peace and you will be free. Let your worries go and be fee. Adonai.

All will be alright. All will be ok. All will be fine. All is Well, My friend. All is Well. Adonai.

Do you Love, Me, My friend, your Father? Do you Love Me? I Love You. For you are My Son. You are My Great Child and I Am your Father. Do you Love your Father? Because your Father Loves you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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