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The Path of Integral Shamanism

Integrating knowledge, both ancient and modern, east and west,
for holistic personal development, transformation and health.

May the wisdom gained and growth attained here be of greater service to the human family and all life.

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Unifying Body, Mind, and Spirit with Self, Culture, and Nature

Traditional Shamanism has been an essential part of many cultures for thousands of years. But this traditional approach is not enough to meet the needs of a modern mind or help humanity enter the new Transformational and Galactic Age. 


Spiritual teacher and guide, Ramses Alexander, uses Integral Shamanism to evolve and optimize the application of traditional shamanic wisdom in today's world, combined with the wisdom of other spiritual leaders, psychology, health, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, mysticism, and transformative teachings. 

Through Integral Shamanic and holistic practices for mind, body, and spirit, you can reach your full potential. Gain perspective, knowledge, and guidance to achieve a complete spiritual transformation.

Shamanic Mentorship
& Training

The Premier Program is a 9-week program that combines personalized healing sessions, plus mentoring and training in advanced holistic practices. This program is for those interested in strengthening their relationship with their authentic true self, and the world - in mind, body and spirit.


What makes this program different is it is not a cookie cutter process.  The emphasis is on personal spiritual empowerment, developing gnosis and integration.


Drawing on his personal experiences and the results which have proven effective and efficient towards living a stable, coherent life, Ramses’ program is tailored to the individual's personal goals, needs and desires. 

Rock Balancing

Your Path of Discovery
and Revelation 

Welcome to the beginning of the journey! Every individual can build self sovereignty by harmonizing and aligning their mind, body, and spirit and I offer more than one way to do this!​​


Group Program

You will receive practical tools that you can use daily to develop self empowerment, new insights, and gain connection with your inner spiritual guidance. 


Energetic & Transformational Resources

Access to a host of holistic tools and resources on your path through personal healing and discovery! 



Join us for our Shamanic Retreats, Workshops, and Ceremonies!


Private Sessions

Whether you need only one session or a tailor program, you will be guided and mentored through a transformational experience, that is aligned with your goals.

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