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Ways To Work Together

The Process of healing is NEVER just ONE thing

Individual 1:1 Guidance

This process offers pay-as-you-go, personal coaching sessions on whatever issues you may want to work with or topics you wish to know more about, assuming I can be of service to you. 

To learn more about individual 1:1 breakthrough sessions


Service Name

9 Week Transformation Program

Build A Rock Solid Spiritual Foundation


This 9 weeks personal 1:1 program is designed to give you the basic foundation to build a healthy, whole, and spiritually empowered life. 


Integral Kambo Practitioner Training

Become a Kambo Practitioner with skill, confidence and wisdom.  

This training emphasizes deep communion with the Kambo spirit to guide you as well as important skills in astral hygiene, diet and health knowledge as well as anchoring greater spiritual presence for service.  Become a beacon of knowledge, healing and compassion to those in need of this beautiful medicine.

Pyramid Healing Chamber

PEMFT/Tachyon Healing Chamber

Do you want to be restored to your core vibration and relax in peace as your body heals itself?


Then come and experience the Pyramid Healing Chamber with Quantum Resonance Technology and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field frequencies. 


Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful cathartic process where you use the power of your own breath for deep transformation and healing. This is an shamanic journey experience and is just as powerful and meaningful as any entheogenic plant ceremony.

Psychic Empowerment Program

Open the inner vision of your soul and expand your consciousness. Commune with your Inner Guidance and Higher Self, Power Animal Integration, Plant Spirit Healing, Light Body Health, and Psychic Self Defense--all can be accessed by YOU.  

Activate, balance, and integrate your soul for Divine Service.


Upcoming Events

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What People Say

Lee Purcell


Every now and then, you meet somebody who influences you in a way that changes the course of your life entirely. This is Ramses. Ramses was there for me at a time when I really needed him, and he is so humble, I don’t think he realizes the depth to which he helped me. This kind of humbleness is only understood by true leaders in authentic service. He served as a direct catalyst of my own personal transformation which has been drastically positive.


Through his presence, I learned how to love and accept myself in ways that I never imagined possible. He taught me that I do not need to go on a crusade to change the whole world because I brighten up the world around me wherever I am. He explained to me the value of being my full self and honoring myself wherever I am because this is how I am able to create a better world for myself and my loved ones.


I have since helped thousands of people step into their hearts as a result of Ramses and his willingness to deep dive into the unknown. I became a poet which has taken me across the world & helped people overcome depression and heartache. I  learned through Ramses that life is a galactic mystery and we are like a school of fish learning through one another. I am forever grateful to have experienced this man's teachings.

Letizia Xiuh


Ramses walks his path by example, his commitment and discipline gives him the integrity that's needed for any medicine or therapy space, he holds a beautiful space and teaches with kindness, understanding, and clarity creating a container and support that goes beyond expectations bringing attention to all that's needed in the moment and through the whole process of growth, a good friend, support and guide.


Highly recommended in anything he does.

Aaron (Australia)

I had the honor of meeting Ramses on an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru in 2013 where he was a lightworker and spiritual guide. My interaction with him honestly changed my life and his guidance through certain modalities was more profound to me than the ayahuasca ceremonies.


To this day I don't know how he did what he did, but for the most part, I walked out of the jungle depression-free after 20 yrs of failed Western treatments. 

A true shaman and healer in every sense. 

Thank you, Ramses 🙏❤

Skye Ventura

When you can talk about aliens and everything the universe embraces for an hour upon first meeting someone; you know you found family 💜


Ramses is incredibly gifted, wise, humble, empathic, intuitive, raw, magical, powerful and supportive in his teachings and assistance with BreathWork, shadow work and medicine ceremonies.

Eternal gratitude 🙌


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