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1:1  9Week
Transformation Program

Build A Rock Solid Spiritual Foundation 

This 9 weeks personal 1:1 program is designed to give you the basic foundation to build a healthy, whole, and spiritually empowered life. 


We work with creating sovereignty in body, mind, and spirit by increasing body vitality, stabilizing your emotions, clearing your mind, and connecting with your Spirit so you can be a clear vehicle for your Higher Self to shine through and embody your higher potential in this life.    

The Process of Healing is NEVER Just ONE Thing

Over the 9 weeks, you will be guided to go on your personal journey. Although there are 6 Pillars to work through, you will have your own personal experiences and understandings with each of them, and depending on your needs and desired outcomes each module will be tailored specifically to guide you to become the best version of yourself. 

We will start with designing/creating your personalized potential roadmap.  


In this 2hour session, we will take a deep dive into where you are now, your potential and discuss the way forward for you to build your personal spiritual foundation that will support and guide you through life with confidence

Read on to explore these 6 important life-changing pillars:

Pillar 1: 

Catalyze and Transform Your Transformational Will and Desire

Are you stuck in apathy and want to move forward in your life?  Are you overwhelmed with fear, doubt, and despair?  Are you confused about how to grow and connect spiritually and don’t know how or where to start?


Here, we take a deep dive into the impact of not making changes or making changes will have on you and your life so that you can make an integrated and align decision that you will want to be committed to. 


By doing this, you will build personal will and empowerment to transform and/or heal yourself no matter what the obstacles you face.  Build a rock-solid foundation of empowerment with your own volition.  Your free will is one of the most powerful qualities of your consciousness that you have.

Pillar 2:

Personalized Health and Body-Type Guidelines

Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental fog, and/or fatigue and don’t know why?  Maybe you have heard that this diet is the best or that diet is the best, and don’t know what diet is the best for you?  Do you want to feel great in your body and have vibrant health?  


Here, you discover your metabolic body type and find out what fuel your body runs on the best so you can experience greater energy, emotional stability, and mental clarity.  We will also go over personalized supplementation and lifestyle guidelines for you as well. 


We will go over, eating habits and lifestyle improvements that are customized for your personal needs and goals for efficiency and efficacy.  Plugging up those energy leaks in your life and creating new habits is foundational to change and growth! You will gain knowledge of how to nourish and take care of your body and empower your health.

Pillar 3:

Breath Work and Somatic Catharsis


Use the Power of your Breath and your Body-Wisdom to Have Dominion Over your Nervous System


Are you feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, displaced, or foggy-brained?  Do your emotions feel stuck or chaotic?  Perhaps you are very reactionary to emotional triggers and you get caught in negative thought loops that you don’t know how to get out of?  The stress in your life is overwhelming you and you don’t know how to manage it or relax from it?  


Learn to use your breath as a tool to quiet your mind, decrease stress and cultivate greater Spiritual Presence in your daily life.  Learn how to discharge emotional trauma and tension from your body and regulate the health of your nervous system to activate your higher potential.  Here, you will learn a series of very simple, yet powerful techniques that I use every day to vitalize the body, clear the emotions and focus the mind and release stress and trauma from the nervous system.  Tired of being controlled by knee-jerk emotional reactions?  Then gain dominion over your nervous system. 


By adopting daily meditative breathwork and nervous system release/reprogramming practices, you gain the knowledge and experience the power of your breath and body to transform your state of mind, no matter what life throws at you.

Pillar 4:

Meditation and Spiritual Gnosis

Do you feel spiritually lost and disconnected from your Self and the Universe?  Do you want to gain your spiritual sovereignty and be in alignment with your Soul?  What if you could communicate with your Higher Self to get guidance on your path in life?  


Here, we will be learning and integrating a variety of meditations and spiritual practices that fit your personal vibration so you can gain access to your inner Spiritual Guidance and Soul connection.  Receive Inner Knowledge of yourself and your Spiritual Nature by gaining a connection to your Inner Guidance and Inner Healing Power.  Commune with your Inner Wisdom and Spiritual Self to empower your mind and Soul.  This can also include gaining connection to your Spirit Guides.


Pillar 5:

Integral Transformative Practice and Spiritual Self Empowerment

Do you want to be a whole person, fulfilling your Soul Purpose, and want to feel a connection with the Divine in your daily life?  How do you bring everything together so you can be the best you can be?  How can your Spiritual Presence be with you every day?  Do you want your Spirit and Divine Guidance in your day-to-day life, helping you along your journey of self-development?  

Through daily spiritual practice, you can gain all the support you need on your personal journey of transformation and growth.

Pillar 6:

Putting it all together  


Here, you will finish integrating the various practices, insights, and perspectives you have learned and have an established Integral Transformative Practice that brings meaning, purpose, and stability to your life.  You will also be actively deepening communion and connection with your Inner Spiritual Guidance to live your life in alignment with your Divine Purpose.  


By building a comprehensive series of practices and expanding your awareness of your whole self, you have gained a solid foundation in body, mind, and spirit—as one interwoven Self.  That means adopting and creating new routines and perspectives that support your personal development. 


As your personal spiritual empowerment and communion with God within you deepens, a healthier, more fulfilling, and clear direction in life opens.



  • 9 x Laser-focused 1 on 1 personalized sessions, approximately 1-2 hours live on zoom. (This includes coaching, teaching, and practice sessions)

  • Emergency coaching up to 15 minutes per week via telegram or email.

  • Video Recordings of all sessions to replay for review as needed.

  • Private online Inner Circle Community Group 

  • Additional Resources To support your personal journey

BONUS:  2 Audio Download Meditations specifically designed for you.


Let’s Make Sure This Is Right For You

To ensure this is the right program for you I invite you to an initial non-obligational 30 - 45 min session to discuss your personal challenges and goals and to make sure we are a fit and I can help you at the deepest levels.  If we both believe this personalize intensive program is for you, I will walk you through the steps that we’ll be working on to create an individualizing roadmap and mentorship, so ensure you schedule!

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