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These are some of my favorite resources that I have used for growing and healing
in body, mind and spirit.  Some I am an affiliate for and others I just want to share. 
I hope they are as helpful for you as they have been for me. 


Subtle Energy Technology for Direct Aura Charging

This subtle energy technology can be used for meditation, food and water charging, neutralizing EMFs, increasing and balancing spiritual development, as supplements, for increasing productivity, health, sleep and a whole host of other applications.  I use them everyday and they have honestly changed my life.


EMF Protective Silver Clothing

This is clothing made with a mixture of cotton or bamboo fibers with silver fibers for the purpose of EMF protection.  This really does protect the body against general EMF radiation, wifi radiation, cellular radiation and even harmful 5G radiation.  My body feels much more relaxed and centered when I use them.


Great Online Resource for Wholistic Transformation and Education

Integral Life is a great online community of cutting edge practices, perspectives and applications in health, philosophy, spirituality, business, social changes, and more.  Integral Life is a great resource for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening, personal development or just trying to better one's life and trying to make sense of the world.


Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice is an excellent book to supercharge your spiritual practice and increase the efficiency and overall health of your personal growth and spiritual development.


How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy

The title of the book says it all! This is an excellent resource on how to live a healthy and balanced life as well as how to nourish and support the vitality of your body.  


The New Message From God Online Resource

This is a vast online resource of books and free information about a new revelation and perspective of God.  A highly recommended resource.


A Holy Book on Gaining Gnosis or Self-Knowledge

This is a profound resource with step by step instructions and practices to develop one's inner connection to their deeper Spiritual Power.

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