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Guidance Sessions

Personal Coaching sessions

This process offers pay-as-you-go, personal coaching sessions on whatever issues you may want to work with or topics you wish to know more about, assuming I can be of service to you.  Some topics I have worked with clients on include:


  • Relieving depression, anxiety, and existential crisis and connecting to your Inner Spiritual Guidance

  • Empowering knowledge and defense against hyperdimensional interference and attack

  • Personal experience and knowledge with extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional topics

  • Conspiracy analysis and truth-seeking

  • Basic diet, supplements, and lifestyle guidelines for optimal health and wellness

  • Retrieving and integrating lost or fragmented aspects of your psyche/soul

  • Gaining spiritual sovereignty and stability in a time of spiritual warfare and great turmoil

  • Developing shamanic skills to live in greater connection with the Universe

  • General mentorship on the spiritual path, including the highs and the lows and challenges one faces on the path of Awakening and Truth

Before you commit to an individual breakthrough session I invite you to have a 10 min chat to gain clarity on what you like to focus on and to ensure I can help you.  Then we will schedule a laser-focused 90mins session that will ensure you have a shift towards having the knowledge, experience and breakthrough you desire. 

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