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Integral Kambo Practitioner Training


Become a beacon of health and spiritual strength in challenging times.  

Gain the knowledge you need to keep yourself strong while serving others with grace.

Become a holistic servant of Kambo.

There are many trainings out there to teach you how to serve Kambo medicine.  This is not a normal Kambo Practitioner Training--it is so much more!  This is an integrally informed, holistic Kambo training where you will work your body, mind, and soul to be aligned with your Spirit in your service work with Kambo.  This training provides a unique and intimate opportunity to dive deep into some of the more traditional aspects of a Kambo Practitioner Training, but also provides opportunities to bridge the gap between the ancient and modern arts of healing, not only relating to Kambo medicine, but also to the path of service and self empowerment.  


This training will catalyze spiritual warriorship.  This training is about becoming strong with inner spiritual guidance and gaining tools and experience with: body-type diet and holistic health knowledge, nervous system regulation and breathwork, communing with the Kambo spirit and opening your intuitive abilities, learning psychic self defense, learning how to effectively and gracefully hold space for transformation and healing, and becoming an agent of healing and knowledge through self empowerment and this beautiful sacred medicine.  Become a humble and balanced servant of the healing power of Kambo!

This training will be personalized to your specific needs and goals.  This is a personal 1 on 1 training.  Group options are available.


To inquire about signing up for this incredible gift and opportunity, please reach out personally below!

Integral Kambo Practitioner Training Includes:


  • 3 dieta friendly nourishing meals a day

  • Training and accommodations in the Pyramid

  • Kambo Practitioner Certification

  • Kambo serving starter kit

  • Shamanic approach to healing, transformation and teaching

  • Fundamentals to Kambo administering and self application

  • Kambo frog biology, ecology and history

  • Space holding, shamanic communion, preparation and serving the medicine

  • Responsibility of being a guide, contraindications, practical safety guidelines, and first aid

  • Deep Shamanic Journey meditation to connect with Kambo spirit

  • Stillness training through Presence

  • Basic intro into Defense Against the Dark Arts training for serving Kambo

  • Integration, Sananga, Rapé

  • Basic info on diet, body type diet, dieta guidelines, fasting for vitality

  • Introduction on using quantum resonance technology for healing, transformation and service

  • Embodiment practices and training

  • And much more!!!

To find out more about the training and seeing if you are a good fit, please reach out personally below!

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