Kambo Practitioner Training

Corazon Kambocito is so much more than a traditional and typical Kambo Practitioner Training. This training provides a unique and intimate opportunity to dive deep into some of the more traditional aspects of Kambo Practitioner Training, but also provides opportunities to bridge the gap between the ancient and modern arts of healing, not only relating to Kambo medicine, but also to the path of service and self empowerment. 


With only 7 total spaces available for this training, this provides each student with a more intimate setting to connect deeply with Maestro Ramses Alexander and one another, with plenty of space to reflect, ask any questions, and receive integration support. 


This beachfront property has been owned by Maestro Ramses Alexander’s family for the past 15 years. This creates a unique and wholesome family driven dynamic to motivate the energy and atmosphere. With the land being spacious and being located right on the beach, there is so much to explore and appreciate about this sacred land!


With early bird pricing being only $1,444 until April 1st, this also creates a unique and affordable opportunity to dive deep into a Kambo practitioner Training! With the option to hold one’s spot with only $500 along with the payment plan option, this creates flexibility to make this accessible to anyone who feels the call. With the payment plan, $500 is due to hold one’s spot, another $500 is due on April 30th, and the rest is due on June 15th. 


This is a special opportunity to experience a Kambo Practitioner Training in such an intimate setting, complete with a focus to deepen one’s connection to oneself, as well as the spirit of Kambo. With Maestro Ramses Alexander’s diverse and multicultural background, each student will get so much out of this experience. See course study flyer below for more information on the minimum of what one will get from this potent experience!


To inquire about signing up for this incredible gift and opportunity, please reach out personally below!

Early Bird Pricing Until April 1st

Kambo Practitioner Training Includes:


  • 3 dieta friendly nourishing meals a day

  • Beach front family owned accommodations

  • Kambo Practitioner Certification

  • Kambo serving starter kit

  • Shamanic approach to healing, transformation and teaching

  • Fundamentals to Kambo administering and self application

  • Kambo frog biology, ecology and history

  • Space holding, shamanic communion, preparation and serving the medicine

  • Responsibility of being a guide, contraindications, practical safety guidelines, and first aid

  • Shamanic Journey meditation to connect with Kambo spirit

  • Stillness training through Presence

  • Basic intro into Defense Against the Dark Arts training for serving Kambo

  • Integration, Sananga, Rapé

  • Basic info on diet, body type diet, dieta guidelines, fasting for vitality

  • Embodiment practices and training

  • Optional Bufo Alvarious Ceremony with integration with powerful and wise Maestra Valeria Salas.

To find out more about the training and seeing if you are a good fit, please reach out personally below!

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