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Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful cathartic process where you use the power of your own breath for deep transformation and healing. Transformational Breathwork can be just as transformative and intense as strong plant medicine ceremonies such as Ayahuasca, Teonanacatl (psylocibin mushrooms) or Huachuma (San Pedro). Actually, back in the 1960s psychologist Stanislav Grof was using LSD for psychotherapeutic work. LSD became illegal and he developed Holotropic Breathwork to help people enter into the same altered state for mystical insights and healing (Holotropic Breathwork and Transformational Breathwork use the same circular breathing technique and are very similar practices).


Deep catharsis and emotional release will likely occur. Crying, shouting, shaking, processing intense emotions, body tingling and other physical and pyschospiritual process can happen. These are all normal and in fact very good for the healing and transformational process. Extreme states of joy and ecstasy are also common. :-)


Breathwork greatly oxygenates the body and runs a lot of life force energy through the bodymind. Breathwork is very vitalizing and healthy for the body.


Here is a brief list some of the benefits of Transformational Breathwork (source):


  • Increases oxygenation throughout the body

  • Improves energy levels

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Balances the flow of energy through the body

  • Resolves addictions

  • Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as stress reduction, respiratory ailments, headaches, low energy, psychosomatic illnesses, anaerobic diseases, and many others.

  • Reduces worry and anxiety

  • Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns

  • Clears past traumas and dramas

  • Increases life enjoyment

  • Relieves depressive and negative emotions

  • Improves self-esteem

  • Deepens meditation

  • Strengthens the connection with the Divine

  • Expands awareness

  • Develops spiritual gifts 

  • Allows fuller expression of love and joy

Watch This Introductory Video on the Benefits of Transformational Breathwork

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