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About Ramses Alexander
Ramses has a background in practicing shamanism, as well as other spiritual traditions and self-improvement modalities. In 2013 he worked as chief facilitator of ayahuasca ceremonies at the Nimea Kaya Healing Center in the Amazon jungle of Peru.  Although he has been influenced by many indigenous traditions, especially the Cofán, his primary teachers have been hyperdimensional.  Plant medicines that he currently works with include: ayahuasca, huachuma cactus, psilocybin mushroom, kambó, tobacco, and others. He also integrates Transformational Breathwork in his ceremonies.
While vital to tribal cultures for millennia, traditional shamanism cannot adequately meet the modern mind and help a spiritually immature and cosmically uniformed humanity to enter the Galactic and Transformational Age.   Our current global environmental, social and spiritual crises—as well as the crucible of several dark nights of the soul—have inspired Ramses to develop what he calls Integral Shamanism — a shamanic worldview and praxis that evolve ancient wisdom traditions.  This is not about “getting high” but rather about “becoming whole”.  By integrating the wisdom from various perspectives, methodologies and traditions, a more balanced and efficient approach to spiritual growth can be achieved—one that helps transform peak states of consciousness illumination into more permanent traits of psychological and spiritual maturity.  
Create Heaven on Earth together


What Ramses offers is a culmination of his experience on his spiritual path.  He integrates ancient and modern, East and West, earthly and other worldly perspectives and practices to balance and grow in body, mind, and spirit.  Each person is a unique and whole being, with their own unique purpose in life.  As each person can become more whole and healthy, the more their Higher Self and Higher Purpose can shine through. This is his personal goal and practice and this is what he offers to others to help on their journey of self knowledge, self empowerment and self actualization.  Together, as we heal, learn and grow to become the highest expressions of ourselves, we can help transform the suffering and chaos of our planet to create Heaven on Earth.

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