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 You made a wise decision. Your guide will be in your inbox in the next 5 minutes. Until then I invite you to watch the video below as

I have another gift for you. 

“In This Transformation Session You Will Discover Ways To Enjoy More Peace, Clarity & Emotional Stability In Your Life... Starting Today!” 

(Even if you’re super busy or don’t know how to quiet your racing mind)

In This Session We Will... 

✅   Explore what's going on in your life, what's not working for you, and the challenges you face. ​​​

✅   We'll discuss how to quickly avoid falling into the downward spiral! 

✅   We'll identify what makes sense as a pathway and the steps to take that will help shift you into a more empowered life full of joy, peace, and clarity. 

If you want to shift from struggle, confusion, pain, or feel like your

life is falling apart and you want to move to peace and clarity,

then click the link below 

No matter what challenges you are facing, working with a mentor who gets results and cares about you, will help you see possibilities for your potential with yourself and life. 

On my journey, I suffered for years because I tried to work it out by myself, and the moment I reached out for help my life really started to change. I progressed so much faster, overcome where I was stuck, and become empowered and in charge of my life.

You can read about my journey here ...

Since my early 20’s I have walked the shamanic path as a healer, teacher, and inter-dimensional mediator.  My quest for knowledge, wholeness, and happiness arose because I had a wound.  I was sick.  I was sick in my soul.  And I needed to heal myself.


It all started when I made a call.  I called out for help.  I needed an understanding of what was happening to me.  My life was falling apart.  My health was failing, my mind was in a fog of confusion and desperation—I couldn’t sleep for months.  I was depressed and in such a dark hole of sadness, doubt and despair, I wanted to give up on life.  I was lost.  Why did I feel this way?!  Why was my health falling apart?! How could I live a happy life?! What was my purpose in life?!  Who was I?!  


It was during this health and identity crisis where events began to happen to me that were out of the ordinary.  I began to see “spirits” and sense energies and have multidimensional experiences—many of which where psychic attacks and hyper dimensional interference.  After several months of this intense ordeal, coupled with suicidal depression, I reached out to my mother, who was a Transformational Breathwork facilitator, and asked for help.  It was during my second Breathwork session where my body began shaking and through a deep cathartic process I released a dark heavy weight from my chest and a black serpent escaped from my spine, in my mind’s eye.  My depression lifted in a matter of moments and I could feel hope and joy for the first time in years.  It was at this moment that I learned the power of my breath and the influence the “otherworldly” had on my state of mind and health.  I felt empowered again!


This set me on a quest—a journey of self discovery and self healing.  I learned Transformational Breathwork.  I went to naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and healers of all kinds to learn about how to heal my body.   I learned body type dieting and holistic nutrition.  I went to psychotherapy and studied transpersonal and somatic psychology to help bring sanity to my mind and my emotions.  I studied the wisdom from many of the world’s great spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, and esoteric Christianity to help heal my soul.  


Then, it was one night at my first Ayahuasca ceremony, with a Cofan shaman, that I felt that deep calling in my heart.  The firelight made his feathers glow in the dark and his icaro, or sacred song, resonated through my soul.  This is my path—the shamanic path.  I knew it.  So I embarked on a journey studying and practicing and walking the shamanic path.  I traveled to the jungles and mountains of Ecuador and Peru to learn about the shamanic ways, especially through psychoactive plants.  I had many teachers, but my greatest teacher was working with the spirits of the plants directly.  I have learned and facilitated the shamanic medicines of Ayahuasca, Huachuma or San Pedro cactus, psilocybin mushrooms, and Kambo frog medicine, among others.  I learned about psychic self defense, how to commune with plant spirits and power animals, how to clean auras and even aid others through spiritual death and rebirth.  Through years of initiations, shamanic diets or dietas, and serving these medicines, I have given my heart and soul to serving others through this path.


Through this long journey of self discovery and healing work, a deeper space began to open within me.  I began to hear a voice.  I began to hear a voice in my mind and I felt it resonating deep within my Heart.  This was a voice that I had heard before, but I mostly ignored my whole life.  Yet it is this voice that I have seeked my entire life.  This voice was the voice of my Higher Self—my connection to God—within my heart.  And it is this voice, that I invite you to access.


For the past 12 years, I have explored a whole spectrum of human consciousness.  I have lived in darkness and come out to the light.  I have lived in sickness and found health.  I have lived in ignorance and found knowledge.  I have suffered greatly on my path and i have learned ways to alleviate suffering.  I am here to help others alleviate their suffering by empowering them with knowledge, tools, and techniques to improve their health, happiness and spiritual connection.  

Schedule today and we will explore your situation and
discuss the most powerful and best ways to .... 
It's a free transformation session!

Here is what Lee Purcell said...

Every now and then, you meet somebody who influences you in a way that changes the course of your life entirely. This is Ramses. Ramses was there for me at a time when I really needed him, and he is so humble, I don’t think he realizes the depth to which he helped me. This kind of humbleness is only understood by true leaders in authentic service. He served as a direct catalyst of my own personal transformation which has been drastically positive.


Through his presence, I learned how to love and accept myself in ways that I never imagined possible. He taught me that I do not need to go on a crusade to change the whole world because I brighten up the world around me wherever I am.

He explained to me the value of being my full self and honoring myself wherever I am because this is how I am able to create a better world for myself and my loved ones.

I have since helped thousands of people step into their hearts as a result of Ramses and his willingness to deep dive into the unknown. I became a poet which has taken me across the world & helped people overcome depression and heartache. I  learned through Ramses that life is a galactic mystery and we are like a school of fish learning through one another. I am forever grateful to have experienced this man's teachings.

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