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Integral Shamanism

Integrating Knowledge, Both Ancient and Modern, East and West, for Holistic Personal Development


Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit, in Self, Culture and Nature

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While vital to tribal cultures for millennia, traditional shamanism cannot adequately meet the modern mind and help a spiritually immature and cosmically uniformed humanity to enter the Galactic Age.   Our current global environmental, social and spiritual crises -- as well as the crucible of several dark nights of the soul -- have inspired me to develop what I call Integral Shamanism — a shamanic worldview and praxis that evolve ancient wisdom traditions.  This is not about “getting high”.  Integral Shamanism emphasizes turning peak states into permanent traits.  This means transforming high spiritual realizations and potentials into practical abilities and full living embodiment, here and now.  Time for a New Human!

This space is sharing my own discovery and exploration of the path of Integral Shamanism.   It is a work in progress and hopefully over time it will gain more coherency and serve in helping others on their spiritual path.  May the wisdom gained and growth attained here be of greater service to the human family and all beings.

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