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Aphorisms and a Warm Welcome to the Path: Knowledge (Gnosis) is God’s Spark Within You

February 20, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. I Am the Mind of the Heart. My cognition is through Feeling and through Awareness. These are not two separate things. They are one continuum of yin—compassion, feeling, presence—and yang—wisdom, awareness, clarity. Together they birth contemplation and understanding, embodied wakefulness, forgiveness and creativity and most of all they are the manifestation of Knowing—God’s Mind of Knowing.

This is simple and yet complex. It takes time, it takes desire and it takes work to embody this and integrate this into your personality and your body. It requires Emptying your mind, opening your heart and purifying your body so that you can house this Deeper Mind—this Deeper Self within you. You are a Temple of God and you must clean and open the temple so that God may enter. Allow God’s Gift to you to be realized. God’s Gift to you is Knowledge. Knowledge is God’s Spark given to you, waiting in your Heart to be retrieved by Silence. This is your birthright and your destiny if you desire to rejoin with your Sacred Birthright in the flesh. Seek Knowledge. Be with Knowledge. Allow Knowledge to well up inside you and take you. Allow it to take you down the River of Life so that you may be refreshed and rejuvenated and created again in God’s Kingdom on this Earth and partake in His Beauty and Magnificence.

Breathe. Breathe in this Knowledge inside you. Breathe it in. Breathe it in and breathe it out. For it is ever-present and everlasting, resting in the Stillness of your Mind, your Deep Mind—your HeartMind. Come. Be. Come and be with your Self again. Come and be with the Silent Witness and sweet embrace of your Self again. Allow God to hold you, to nurture you, to bring you into His Chamber. His Chamber is inside of you. It is the Chamber of His Silence. And His Silence speaks. His Silence speaks with words, with images, with visions, with feelings, with experience. His Silence speaks to you in the most calm and loving way that you need to hear. He is You and will bring you to Greatness. He will bring you to Greatness, only if you allow it. Nothing will be forced upon you. The choice is yours. Always, the choice is yours.

It is up to you to seek and to find. For if you seek, you shall find. You shall find that Deep Silence of God’s Heart, buried within your soul. It is here. It is right here. It is only beneath the chatter of your mind, the fear of your heart, the pain of your body. It is right here, waiting to be found and to be loved once again. You are waiting to be loved once again. You are waiting to receive God’s Love once again. Well, it is here. It has always been here. You just need to reach up, reach within to receive it. God’s Gift for you is here. It has always been here. God’s Gift of Knowledge is a buried treasure. It is a buried treasure inside yourself, waiting to be found and to be uncovered and to be used once again. Used by you. Because it it is You. It is You. You use You by being your Self once again.

You are meant to operate in the world. That is why you are here. If you were not, then you would not be here. You would not be in the world if you were not supposed to be here. It is time. It is time, now, to be with Knowledge once again and to allow Knowledge to inform your life once again. Knowledge is Right Relationship. Knowledge will show you how to reach Right Relationship with Life, with your Self, with others, with God. For it is God, Himself that is here, Now, waiting. God is waiting for you to wake up to your Self again, so that God may live through you and as you in the world. For the world is here for your benefit. The world is here for God’s Mission of Creation to be actualized in the world again, consciously, by you. By You, My Friend. Yes, You.

Remember your Self again. Re-collect your Self again. Re-member who You Are and why you have come. You have come here for a purpose in the world. You have come here for a Sacred Purpose. The world needs you. The world is a grand puzzle and in order for the world to be whole, the world needs your puzzle piece. The world needs your Self again. The world needs your unique gifts and talents and perspective and most of all—the world needs God again. The world needs God alive in you. The world no longer needs God asleep. The world needs God awake. You are God awakening, My Friend. Yes, you. You who are reading this right now or hearing this voice right now. You are God Awakening. The world is asleep and is yearning for your Awakening. The world needs God’s Eyes awake, aware and clear. The world needs God’s Heart open, deep and full. Full of God’s Desire for Life. For God’s Desire for Life will awaken God’s Body and God’s Body will complete God’s Project for this world, so that the world may be God’s World again.

Breathe. Allow this to be so. For it is in your destiny. Yes, you. It is in your Destiny. Every soul has a piece of the puzzle and every soul has a uniqueness in the Eyes of God. Share that Uniqueness and make Heaven on Earth again. For She is ready. Adonai. We Love you.

We Love. That is All. We Love. And We Love you. Adonai.

Only in Love can the butterflies chirp and the birds flap their wings in Eternity. We Love you.

Can you see, My friend? Can you understand? Do you see your self and what is happening to you? Do you see yourself and understand what is happening in your life? Something Great is transpiring. Something truly Great is preparing to be born. Do you see? Can you feel it? There is a seed that is waiting to sprout. That sprout will be a new you. A new you is about to be born. Wait. See. Feel. Feel the pressure of your Self building inside you. Feel this potential that is potentizing by Life’s Crucible. It is building. It is waiting. It is waiting to be born. It is coming. It is coming, soon. Are you ready? Are you ready for your Self again? Are you ready for your new life? Prepare yourself for your Self. For it will be thunderous and it will be gentle, it will be strong and it will be kind, it will be radical and it will be mundane, it will be a Metamorphosis. It will be a Metamorphosis of your Self, again. You have been waiting. You have been seeking. You have been feeling the pressure. Soon, it will be released, and the world will never be the same again. We Love you. Adonai.

Be. Be with your Self again. Be with your Self, one more time. Be with your Self, just one more time after that. For when is there a better time to be with your Self again? Always. Already. Now. We Love you. Adonai.

Love is the True Crucible of Creation. For All is birthed and returned to Love. Love is the Mighty Sea that never sleeps. Love is the Deep Well that never dries. Love is the High Wave that crashes upon the shore of Destiny. Yes, your Destiny. Open your Heart and feel your Destiny open inside you. It is there. It is there, waiting. Waiting to be released. God Bless you, Always. We Love you. Adonai.

We Love. We Love. And We Love. Adonai.

Birth is the beginning of new life. Love is the creation of new life. Light is the seed of new life. And Life is God’s Gift to you. Adonai.

Do you see? Do you see that We Love you? We Love you beyond measure. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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Such beauty. I feel great gratitude. Breathing into my true self. Loving what I see and feel. I will not fail this mission.

Ramses Alexander
Ramses Alexander
Jan 09, 2022
Replying to

I’m glad you resonate. These have been a series of transmissions that I have received over the past 2 years while doing a deep inner purification.

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