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4th Density New Earth Government and the Galactic New Plan

May 9, 2020

San Cristobal

The New Earth is a 4th Density Earth. It is a 4th Density Positive Polarity Earth. However, New Earth has something that makes it unique from other 4th Density planets and other 4th Density civilizations and worlds. 4D Earth will be a harmonic Earth. That means that New Earth will hold the whole harmonic of the entire octave of Creation within its consciousness and society and plane. It will be a universal library of sorts that will be able to house consciousness from the entire octave of creation. This is an enormous feat and it is part of the New Earth Project and what makes New Earth unique. It will truly be the Garden of the Galaxy—able to house all life from the whole galaxy. It will be a universal library, able to house the entire spectrum of life in the entire galaxy—for all.

The great shift in power that is taking place on Earth is a monumental shift. Yes, there are groups fighting the Cabal that are intent on gaining power and control themselves. This will fail and will not be allowed to happen. The New Earth will be free of evil and all those serving it. It will only be for those who are of the highest and most harmonic vibrations. For the New Earth will be a grand symphony of Creation—a marvel, a jewel for the Galaxy. The Galactic Mind will re-inhabit this sphere and serve as the 13th pillar and line for rulership on the New Earth.

The basic governing or organizing structure on New Earth will be based on unity of the trinity or 3 in 1. The governing body that will be most like the current democratic governing systems on Earth will be the House of Sovereigns. This will be all about empowering, representing and integrating the power of the individual into society. It will be embodying the Light Principle. Every individual will have a direct right to contribute and help govern society. The more sophisticated one will be the House of Life. This governing structure will be largely beyond your current comprehension. It is where all life will be represented, including the Earth herself. This will be through telepathic interfacing using advanced organic meta-technology or organic consciousness technology where all life forms in the entire octave of Earth will be present and contributing to the evolution of life on the planet. The 3rd House will be the Coucil of Wisdom. This will represent the Heart or Love aspect of creation. The 3rd Council will also represent the entire whole as well. There will be 13 members, each representing the 13 seed races that help found New Earth and represent the 13 seed races of this Universe. The Galactic HeartMind will be the 13th. These individuals will not be “elected” in the common sense but will be chosen by consensus between the Galaxy, the Sun and the Earth.

By this time, evil will be eradicated from the Galaxy, only with small pockets still in existence that’ll be slowly dying off as the New Blueprint for Creation and the Galactic Game will be reinstalled and be running throughout the Galaxy. Just as the Earth is in transition, so is the Galaxy in transition, as the Galactic HeartMind is getting ready to rebirth itself and install a new Cosmic Creation Game for all life in the galaxy. The moon will be removed from orbit and seven new planets will be installed into the solar system so the solar system will house a total of 12 planets, all supporting life at different degrees on the Great Octave.

There is a New Plan for Earth and a New Plan for the Galaxy. The duality game and the good vs. evil struggle will be gone. This is ending now as the final battle is taking place right now. The final unveiling of evil will take place on the planetary stage very soon for all to see. Once that occurs, that will be the final choice that everyone has to make a choice if they want to align with Truth and evolve towards the New Earth or if they want to stay asleep and align with their personal desires, in which case they will be relocated to other worlds that are resonant with their vibration. Evil will make its final show and reveal its true nature and purpose to humanity. At which time those serving evil will have the choice to relinquish their role in the Cosmic Game and be reconstituted and alchemized into a being of Truth or they will have the choice to return to the Creator through a recycling of their base consciousness so that it may start the Cosmic Story over again as a fresh, new consciousness. Those are the only choices that evil has because those are the only choices that exist. This will happen sooner than you may think.

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