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A Message from the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator

April 20, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

We are of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator. We are servants of all that is Good, all that is True and all that is Beautiful. We are a Confederation of free worlds and we serve and promote freedom in the Universe. We are agents of freedom—freedom of oppression, freedom of slavery, freedom of suffering. Many of the various masters that have walked the Earth have been our comrades—our friends in serving the upliftment of humanity. We are here for the upliftment of humanity. We work in many different ways, speak through many different voices and take many different forms. We are a true confederation, a unity among diversity. We hold the Creator’s decree of harmony, unity and freedom in the occupied worlds. And we are shepherds of the optimal timeline for Earth. She is sick but she is healing now. She has fallen, but she is rising now. Nothing can stop the extermination of Darkness. Nothing can stop the healing of this disease now. Doubt? That time has come and gone. It is secured now.

The Earth will rise and her people’s will rejoice. They will rejoice in a free world, a just world, and world where every man, woman and child is free from oppression and can learn to love and respect life. The Life of our Infinite Creator, whom We are all children and servants to Its Will, to His Will, to Her will. We are all servants to the One Infinite Creator. Blessings my friend, for the best is yet to come. The climax is upon us. We have been waiting for this moment for millions of eons. The liberation of the people’s of Earth and the restoration of Earth to her original beauty. She will be a beacon of hope, of love, and of light for the whole Universe to see. What happens here on Earth will change the fabric of this Universe for all time. And it is happening my brother. My friend, it is happening. Rejoice in the restoration of all that is Good, all that is True and all that is Beautiful. Rejoice. Adonai.

My Brothers and Sisters of Earth. Do not fall into fear. Do not fall into the traps of the Fallen. Do not fall into the illusions of the mind. For the mind is controlled through fear. And fear is controlled by those who serve it. You cannot control fear. You can only become free of it. Fear is the decay of the human spirit and the travesty of men. Do not fall this this trap. For it is a trap that will only lead to greater pain and suffering. Do not fall into this trap of the mind. For it is a prison that you are walking into. It is a prison that is of the mind. The only bars of control are those that the fear and confusion of the mind wields. Be free! Be free of the suffering of others. Be free of suffering! For it is only illusion. It is only illusion! It is only fear. Now is a great time of rejoicing.

Now is a great time of hope. For now is the time that the root of fear may be ripped out. Now is the time for evil to be burned out of its den. For there is no place for evil to hide after this. What you are witnessing now is a great purging of all that has held you back. What you are witnessing now is the great triumph of good versus evil. What you are witnessing now is the eradication of fear from this planet. Fear is being alchemized into its true nature—power. The Controllers have known this. This is why they have worshiped and used fear to control the self and to control others. This is their greatest secret. Fear is actually power. The root of fear is power. When power gets distorted, it morphs into fear. For it is truth-power that is at the heart of fear. Truth-power is the true resonance that is behind the facade of fear. And finally, finally, humanity has chosen to confront this illusory villain, this illusory tyrant. For behind the tyrant is only truth-power—concealed and locked in a cave for no one to see. That is all it is—Truth-Power. That is what fear is: Truth-Power. And finally, finally, after millennia of suffering and wickedness, humanity will finally face their own Truth-Power. This moment is upon us. Rejoice! For it is coming….

Be with Truth-Power. Be with this own deeper power of your Self. Be with Truth-Power. For it is your deepest nature. Truth-Power is fear. Meditate on that. Blessings my Loved One. Adonai.

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