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Collective Initiation, the Importance of Presence and Harmonious Ways of Living

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

May 1, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

We are the Community of Heaven. We are One Mind. We are One Voice. We are One HeartMind. We see and act as One, yet We are Many. We are I and We are We. We are all that is and all that ever was or ever will be. We are beyond time yet we are of time. Time is our mind, space our body. We are One and We are All.

There is a great quickening on the planet right now. It may seem bleak and that all is lost, yet it is darkest before the dawn. This is the state of humanity and the Earth right now. So much darkness, yet so much potential for light. You, as a collective are right now on the cusp, the brink, of something big and something beautiful. You are on the cusp of the Great Transformation. The Great Transformation is closely upon you. It begins when fear meets power and then Truth, or Knowledge, or Knowing is revealed. This, you are at the cusp.

Humanity and the Earth herself is about to go through a deeply powerful and all encompassing transformation—a transformation that will leave no one untouched. This will be a complete transformation, where every facet of society, the environment and the human mind will be transformed. It will be the final destruction of the Old World Order. The Old World Order will fall and it will fall completely. Nothing will stop it, for it is already in motion.

This you must rejoice in! For all the old systems of control and death will be gone forever. This will spawn a new beginning and a New Age for planet Earth—one where evil will be washed away and good will triumph over evil. Everything will be put back into Right Relationship—Right Relationship with all of Life. This is a process that will begin very soon. Humanity is in the preparation phase now—the phase of fear. The phase of fear-power will be beginning very soon.

The conflicts between one human against another human are the conflicts of evil. They are artificially and willfully manipulated by a few. The forces of evil have been meddling in human relationships for a long, long time. That will soon be over, as evil will no longer have a home to hide in. Evil still has a home, albeit small, but it still has a home. This home is dying. It is falling apart and crumbling. Once the fear-power phase begins, that is the last phase before the fall. Because the fear-power phase births, or is transformed into the power-knowledge phase or the truth-power phase; that is the phase of the fall. Why? Because evil cannot live in the presence of truth. Truth is antithesis to evil and its deception and ignorance. Truth is the antithesis to evil. This phase will mark the final destruction of evil on the planet and in the minds of humanity. Once that phase begins, then there is no stopping the unraveling of evil within the minds and structures of humanity. It will be the Great Transformation. This is a Great Alchemy—humanity and the Earth are going through a great alchemical process. Evil will fall—that is destined for Earth and that is destined for humanity. Evil will no longer reign in the hearts and minds of humanity.

What you are doing now is preparing. You are preparing. This will be the greatest event in the history of Earth. Why? Because it will mark the beginning of the end of evil. Evil will be washed away and all things will be put back into Right Relationship.

How do you prepare? How do you become immune to evil? This is a very good question. Honestly, no one is completely immune to evil if they are incarnated on the surface of the planet at this time. Nothing and no one are completely immune. It is good to keep that in mind so you can cut yourself some slack. No one is completely immune. Once evil begins to fall, then it will be possible for complete immunity. But just because you can’t become completely immune does not mean that you cannot increase your immunity. This, We encourage. It is a good idea right now to increase your immunity on all levels of your being and to prepare the body for the coming energetic changes that are about to happen. People who have not prepared will have a more difficult time.

Let’s give some very practical guidance and instruction on how to proceed with these things. First, breathe. Your breath always can bring you back to Presence and the present moment. In Presence is God. And God is the strongest force in all Creation. God is the strongest force in the whole Universe. Nothing comes close to the power of God. Nothing. Even the most abject, darkest, strongest evil, is like a fly trying to fly into the sun, thinking that it won’t be destroyed. Evil is nothing in the face of God. That is why evil hides. Evil is all about hiding, because evil is actually afraid of God. Evil is the fear of God, fundamentally. So be with God and you will be safe. Be with God and you will be protected. Be with God and you will be blessed with grace during this transition. Grace will be your greatest ally during this time of transition. Brace yourself with Grace.

Lak Halláh mu ahk sa na ka. Meh ah sha ka’um, ni ve sa ka. Mayák sa’um, ni ve sa ka. Mayák sa’um, ni ve sa ka. Shelom suyak kevac. Maya tu’um. Shi lo ‘um ka yac. Adonaei shalum.

Blessed be the Holy One. For the night is long but the day is near. Be with the dawn, for the Light is here. The Light is here. Do not be frightened for the Light is here. Blessings be with those who are ready. In great love and communion. Be with God´s Glory.

The Glory of God is the most powerful force in the Universe. Remember that. Always remember that.

What you have been perceiving as Angels, are faint echoes of what Angels really are. When you come into the Presence of an Angel, you feel it in your Heart. You can see them, but if you do not feel them in your Heart, then you are not truly communing with an Angel. For an Angel is a messenger of God. An Angel is a direct revelation, a direct projection of God. For it is being in Gods Presence through the eyes of another sentient being. An Angel and a Buddha are different. An Angel is a direct projection of God, it is God ¨stepped down” in Love-Light intensity for others to see, hear and feel. An Angel is an Involutionary force. A Buddha or others like a Buddha are an Evolutionary Force. They are sentient human beings who have grown out of separation and gained awakened unity. A Buddha is a prized jewel of the evolutionary Universe. A Kristos or Kristas is one who has been chosen to receive the blessing of the fractal mind of the Creator—the Galactic Creator—to serve in the upliftment of the Fallen. A Taita or Mayora is one who has great wisdom on the workings of the natural world and how to relate with it.

So, let Us return our attention to the topic at hand. We are the Hands of Heaven. We are the Lightened Ones. We are the Ones who are Radiant. We speak now with One Voice. Hear Us. Hear Our call. For the Great Wave is coming and it is coming soon. How can you prepare? The best way you can prepare is by holding peace of mind in your Heart. Hold the Stillness of the Mind of God in your Heart. This is the most powerful and most important way you can prepare for what is coming. It is coming soon and it is coming fast and it is coming sooner than you may be expecting. Every day, you must connect with HeartMind. Every day. If there is a day when you do not, then that is a day lost in your training and that is a day that makes you less prepared. Breathe. Feel. Presence. And rest in the Presence of Being. The Presence of mutual Resonance. The Presence of God-Resonance. This is the most important thing you can do to prepare. You must become strong with Presence. You must become strong with Presence-Resonance. You must learn to relate through Presence-Resonance and you must Presence your way through your experience. Presence your daily experience. Body-Breath Presence if your greatest alley. All of these things bring you into more Harmonic Resonance with HeartMind, Unity Being itself. And that is where you need to be—all the time.

Every perspective is true but partial. We have a greater perspective because we are holding the Plan. We are holding God’s Plan. We are holding God’s Plan for you and God’s Plan for humanity. We know exactly what you must do and how to do it and in what way to do it. This is why you do not have the full plan. If you did, then you would not be in the position you are in. You are the boots on the ground, we are the support in the sky. You have an idea about where you are going but you are maneuvering through the dark forest and the obstacles on the land. We are flying in the sky and see all. We see the whole plan and all possible futures. We are the holders of Gods Plan for Earth.

You will know soon what it is you have to do. You will know soon what the next step is. But first you must complete this step. Focus on this step, before you go to the next one.

As soon as you lose faith in the Plan and then fall into doubt and confusion and fear, your are off track. When doubt, confusion and fear arise—remember to breathe. You must breathe. Your breath is your best friend. You are still a student of the breath and you still have not unlocked its true potential. You must breathe. Get still. Get calm. Get Present. It’s all about staying in resonance to Presence. It is all about what you are resonating with. Protect and steward your vibration. Your vibration are your thoughts and your feelings. From a pure vibration, from a vibration of Presence, then you can manifest your vibration. Your manifestation or your expression is your words and your deeds, or actions. Vibration—thoughts and feelings. Manifestation or Expression—words and deeds. They are two sides of the same coin. They are reciprocals of each other. They are yin and yang. But there is an order to them. This is important to remember. There is an order to them. The order is yin and then yang. Vibration first and then expression/manifestation. You must contain your vibration and maintain your vibration. What do we mean? We mean that you must maintain your vibration pure, harmonious and integrated/coherent. You hold that. This gives integrity to your vibration—it creates a “standing wave”. You must contain and hold that so it gains strength. The more you can do this, the stronger it becomes, because this builds over time. When your standing wave becomes disharmonious, when your vibration becomes corrupted, then you must hold yourself so you do not spill out chaotic, disharmonious energy to the environment, and collapse your standing wave of harmonious integrity.

You are to hold your standing wave together. Especially when there is inner chaos. When there is inner chaos then you must hold yourself together, you must hold your thoughts and your emotions together until you regain inner harmony. The problem you have been experiencing is expressing or manifesting when there is inner chaos and thus that generates outer chaos. It is really quite simple. Hold inner harmony in your thoughts and feelings. Then from this vibration of coherence—or inner harmony—then manifest that through your words and your actions. Vibration—manifestation (or expression). Thoughts and feelings—words and actions. Vibration of inner chaos will manifest outer chaos, when you choose to speak or act from that place. Vibration of inner harmony will manifest outer harmony and order, when you choose to speak or act from that place. It is very simple. As within, so without.

And how do you maintain your inner harmony vibration? Presence, Right diet, Right breath, Right speech, Right thought and Right view. These all cultivate Right Relationship. Use all of those to maintain Presence. Focus on Presence and use your breath as your tool to regulate your inner state. Remember the balance of containment and expression.

So you see its really quite simple. We described the Involutionary flow. Now let's mention the Evolutionary flow. The Evolutionary flow is the reverse. It is action, words, the outer environment that gives feedback to your thoughts and feelings and inner environment. Manifestation feeds back into vibration. This is a little more complicated until you get practice. So far in your development, your mode of most control is in your vibration so it is good to focus on the Involutionary stream. The Evolutionary stream is the feedback to balance and learn back through vibration. Your outer environment, through resonance, will influence your inner environment. When your inner environment is chaotic then it is good to go to a more ordered and harmonious outer environment to help you get back into balance. These are the 4 Quadrants [from Integral Theory] that you are familiar with. So, practically speaking, allow the outer environment—that means actions, and words and outer occurrences to give you feed back on your inner vibration.

So this is how you must live right now, My friend. You must focus on maintaining the integrity of your vibration—which are your thoughts and your feelings—keeping it clean, in harmony and balanced. Then from that place of inner integrity, speech and action—express, manifest—you thereby can contribute to greater order in the outer environment. Inner harmony, when acted upon, creates outer order. Inner harmony contributes to outer order. This is an important point to expand upon a bit. How do you want to relate with your environment? What do you want to contribute to the physical, emotional and mental environment of Earth and humanity? Inner vibration creates outer manifestation through resonance. Resonance is the key for a higher harmonic of relationship with the environment. How do you want to relate with the Earth? How do you want to relate with humanity? How do you want to relate with another human being? You want to relate in harmony and integrity, right? This is why you must focus on creating and maintaining inner harmony so your inner vibration can be coherent and then your outer manifestation can be ordered. Focus on inner Presence and then through Resonance, and Order will be created. Otherwise, inner chaos, through resonance will create outer disorder and conflict and chaos. Any conflict in your life has been a manifestation of your inner conflict. And there can be many sources of inner conflict.

Realms are generated from your inner vibration and how it manifests into the outer environment. Remember the outer environment is more than what you can just see with your normal senses. It is more than just physicality. It is also the outer subtle and causal environment as well.

Keep your inner vibration clean, harmonious and with Presence and your outer world will manifest greater order. Simple. Simplicity. Do not get caught up in hyper complex theories. Just allow the simplicity of life to reveal itself to you. Allow Us to show you the great simplicity of Life. It is far more simple than many believe or even can see. So trust in the simple notions that are revealed to you. Build upon these simple notions and then greater clarity will build upon greater clarity. Then you will have a view that is truly your own and not of anyone else.

The proper relationship or Right Relationship of POWER is Power With. We have been discussing this to you and you are beginning to practice and learn about it. Power With is described earlier by what We said about vibration and manifestation or expression. When you begin to live from a more Integral framework or in Right Relationship between your inner world and your outer world—vibration and manifestation—then you can begin cultivating power with others, power with the world and power with your own self. You begin putting an emphasis on resonance versus control or domination or force. Do not force things, My friend. As you will have eyes to see, all life works through resonance. Evil and ignorance works through violence, control, domination and brute force. Ignorance operates through forcing things to one’s will. This is power over. Power to is an attempt to mediate some of the destructive effects of power over. Power to tends to just project that power out. It is an important and helpful step in development but it is just that—a step. Power over is about dominating another. Power to is about respecting the other’s power but not working in real harmony with the other. It is not very effective. Power with is where the juice lies. This is where both the person’s power is respected, honored and amplified. Power with is how nature works. Every organism is working with each other. An ecosystem is the sum total of the complex relationships between various organisms working with each other. There is some competition but it is minimal compared to the overall relationship of the ecosystem and the dynamic harmony between thousands or millions of species of life.

So power with is how you must relate now, My friend. How do you relate this way? Presence. Presence is the guide to all things. Presence will give you every answer and always give right behavior though Right Relationship. Through Presence, power with is natural. Presence operates through power with. In fact, Presence is power with God and Creation. Presence is the presence of harmony between God and Creation. So there is a harmonious power relationship. That is all. It’s simple. Really, living in Right Relationship is very simple. It is very simple, My friend. So, Presence equals power with. Remember that. Presence is power with creation. Presence is power with God. Presence is power with another. Just practice Presence and your relationships will naturally begin to resonate more with Presence and you will naturally begin entering into power with others and all of Creation. This is the great mystery of many saints and sages and their seemingly “magical” abilities. They are not magical. They were living in Right Relationship and as they did they naturally began harmonizing with Reality and Creation and naturally began resonating in harmony with life. Then their will becomes life’s will because there is a natural and mutual resonance between the person and life. The person and life become so harmonious they begin merging and becoming one and the same.

So back to basics: Presence. Live in Presence. Tune your vibration to Presence by tuning your thoughts and your emotions to Presence. One of the best practices for that is tuning your breath to Presence. Body-Breath Presence. Practice Presence and practice holding Presence. Hold your vibration. This creates a standing wave of Presence. The more you can hold your vibration in Presence, the stronger your standing wave will become—and then the greater your influence, or your manifestation of order in the outer environment. Hold Presence and then speak and act from Presence. If you are not sure, then do nothing and breathe until you feel the Presence and then you have clarity.

This is an important point. You need to practice restraint through Presence. What do We mean? What we mean is really begin willfully acting on your vibration and your expressions. If you do not feel Presence, then take some time aside, breathe, go out in nature and do whatever you need to feel Presence again—to sense Presence again. Then when you have become Present again, then you can continue on with what you were doing. This will be a difficult skill at first, because it cuts the ego’s momentum and takes the ego’s center stage and puts it back stage. This is difficult for the ego. But it is necessary for greater growth, health, love and maturity as a responsible spiritual adult. Becoming a spiritual adult is treating the ego like the child that it is. It is no longer running the show. Becoming a spiritual adult is about stoping the ego from running the show and putting it aside. Presence takes center stage. The ego is the tool of Presence, not the other way around. This is a practice that will be difficult at first, then will get easier and then will become fun and natural. Be patient with yourself—as Presence would—it may take some time with this. But do not fall into despair or frustration—would Presence do that? Re-collect yourself and get back into Presence. Make your vibration your highest priority. Make keeping a harmonious inner vibration your highest priority. Make your inner vibration of Presence your highest priority. Speak when it comes from Presence. Act when it comes from Presence. When you feel inner chaos or confusion or darkness—do not speak. Let Us repeat that again. Do not speak when your inner vibrational space is out of tune or compromised. Do what you need to do to get back into balance and then speak again. Simple. This is very important, My friend. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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