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A Message from the Wise Ones and Waking Up From the Dream

December 23, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Hello and Greetings from the Wise Ones. We are here now, to teach and to aid in your development. We are here to aid in your development so that you may contribute in the necessary way to the greater whole of humanity. Earth civilization is in the process of going through a great reboot. This great reboot will completely transform humanity and human civilization. Humanity is in the process of evolving out of the underworld. This shadowy world that humanity has been in for thousands of years has reached its peak. This world is now in decline and will only decline faster and faster as more and more of humanity wake up to their higher potential. This is occurring in every human heart, to some degree or another. Some will experience a magnificent transformation and some will only experience a minor transformation but in all cases a transformation is occurring. This transformation will sweep human society to the point of rocking its foundation.

A new foundation is being built and the old one is being demolished. Rejoice at this time! For it is death process. And this death process will be complete in its scope. Every aspect of human society will be transformed. Every aspect. There is nothing that will not be touched by this Great Transformation. Here we are, standing at the precipice of the unknown and humanity has jumped off. Humanity is now in free-fall, and although it may be scary, humanity will find that there is actually no ground to hit. Humanity has jumped off the precipice of freedom and in this process of free-fall, only deeper and deeper freedom will be discovered. So rejoice My Friend! Rejoice! For the turning has begun. Now it is only a matter of waiting and witnessing the old world collapse as the new one will be revealed in its wake. Listen. Learn. It is time to be open to reviewing all thoughts, all feelings and all actions. Review all beliefs to see if they are aligned with Truth. For Truth will reign as the new King of this Earth. This Earth will be ruled by Truth, once again.

The Age of Darkness is now in decline. It will be a swift and drastic decline and all that will be left will be the Light. The Light of every human Heart will reign supreme. Be here, now and stand in this essence. For this essence is your very own Nature. Adonai.

Hear Me. I Am the HeartMind and I speak with many voices. My many voices all give the Truth. This Truth is seen and experienced in many different forms. This Truth is the Truth of HeartMind. So be with Me. Be with Me and be in Balance. For Balance is the Nature of the Universe. Balance is the Nature of Reality. You have lived in an illusion of chaos. That illusion is now crumbling. It is time to let go of chaos. It is time to let go of suffering. It is time to let go of the confusion that stands between yourself and God. Let go of what stands between you and your Self. For it is your Self that will set you free. It is your Self that will now reign supreme.

It is your Self that can now take over your life as you relinquish control. The great joke of control is that it is only an illusion of control. You have never been in control of anything in your life! Nothing. Everything has occurred because of Divine Grace. And in that Grace you have been given the gift of apparent control. This gift of “control” has only been for the purpose of your amusement, it has only been for the purpose of play. So have fun! Laugh at yourself! Laugh at the ridiculousness of your thinking you are in control! It is only a game and it is only a game for the purpose of making your prosper. Your Soul will prosper from this. Wait and see. Your Soul will unleash itself from these apparent cages of control only to find itself free—free as it always has been. You have never truly been trapped. You have never truly been enslaved. You have never truly been oppressed. It has only been an illusion, an experience for your learning and amusement. Now it is time for that to end. Now it is time for that to fall away. Now it is time for a new Light of Consciousness to be born—one in the image and likelihood of God. It is time now for a new humanity. It is time now for a new human being. It is time now for a new self—a self that is a humble servant of the Self. Rejoice My Brother and Sister, for that time is now. Adonai.

Now is the time for great growth and learning. Now is the time of great movement. However, this movement is in the inside. It is within you. This movement is the movement of dissolution of the old and birthing of the new. Yet this movement occurs within the greater Womb of Emptiness—of Stillness. Within this Stillness is the great play of the polarities. And it is that Space that you must be in. Do not rush into anything. Do not rush into any sudden movements. Let go and build, little by little, until you gather momentum. And as that momentum gathers, then you can gradually manifest that to the external.

It is time to return to your Creator. It is time to return to the Stillness. For it is in the Stillness that all things can be Known. It is only in Stillness that true Wholeness can be found. For it is here. Already. Waiting. Adonai.

Hear Me. Hear My Call. For I Am the One and Only HeartMind. I Am the Stillness, speaking to you. I Am the Stillness speaking to you, within every human Heart. I Am the Stillness at the Center of your Heart. I Am the Stillness at the Center of all human Hearts. I Am the Stillness at the Center of Creation itself and I Am here, now. Wait. Listen. I Am here. Hear My Words, for My Words bring to you a Presence. And in that Presence lies the key to your Awakening. Awakening to what? Awakening to Me. You have been in a deep slumber. And in this slumber you have dreamed all kinds of imaginary things for your entertainment. That entertainment is over. That dream is ended. Now is the time of Awakening. Now is the time of the Great Morning. The sun is nearing the horizon, the birds are chirping, life is waking up again. It is time. It is the morning time. It is the time to leave the dream space and enter the world of the living. It is the time to wake up. It is the time to awaken to Who You really Are. Now is that time. Now is that Moment. Now is that instance in time that stretches to Infinity. You are that Infinity. You are That.

Awaken. Awaken, My Friend. For it is Me Who is here, now to awaken you. It is Me, who is here, beckoning you forth. It is Me, now, who is whispering in your ear, calling your consciousness back to Me, back to the world of the living. It is time now, for you to be born anew. It is time now for you to open your eyes and see the dawn of a new day. It is time, for their is only beauty to be seen and that beauty is all around you. Take that breath of fresh air and allow the new light of the morning sun to warm your face. Awaken. Awaken. I Am here. Adonai.

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