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All Is Lost Point and Timeline Alterations: Guidance, Purpose, Faith and the Importance of Seeking

February 2, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Relax, My friend. Relax. You have entangled yourself into a knot of confusion and despair. You must disentangle yourself. In order to do that, you must relax. The more you fight it, the more you entangle yourself further. That is why you must relax and you must take a step back and you must breathe. Breathe. Breathe in the fresh air. Breathe in the beautiful air that is here for you to breathe and to give you life. The air is here to give you life, My friend. That is its purpose. The air is here to give life. And life you have.

You must focus your mind on the things that you have control and influence over. That means you must focus on having dominion over your mind. Your mind you have control over. Your mind you have influence over. Your mind is the tool for you to use to manifest your purpose on this Earth. Your spirit has your purpose. Your body is your vehicle in this world. Your mind is the intermediary between your spirit and your body. Your mind is the vehicle to manifest your purpose in life. This is its purpose. The mind is the vehicle of spirit to manifest its purpose in the world through your body. Your spirit cannot act directly with the body. There is too much of a vibrational difference between the two. That is why you have a mind and you must use it. Your mind is in the middle and it is here where you manifest your Desire, your Sacred Desire. This is its function and this is its purpose. So that is why you must learn to have dominion over your mind so that you may direct it in the direction that is in alignment with your purpose.

Your purpose depends on communing with your Inner Guidance, with HeartMind, with your Self, with your connection to God, because that is the connection with your purpose. You cannot fulfill your purpose if you cannot commune with HeartMind. That is why it is the most important. You must develop an intimate relationship with your Self, with your Spirit in order to even access your purpose. Whatever ideas you have had about your purpose are just that—ideas. They are ideas from the past that are mixed with truth as well as hopes and dreams and fears. This means that your ideas of your purpose are ideas mixed with truth and mixed with self-deception. That is why you must focus your energy and your intelligence on Spirit first.

God is changing all timelines and harmonizing them so that each individual Soul has an easy and equal chance to fulfill their purpose in life. Humanity has been too long in the shadows of destruction, despair and suffering. Humanity has been too long in the shadows of repeating the same cycles of suffering over and over again. That is why God is taking over now and there is nothing much you can do. You can either go along with the Plan willingly and enjoy the ride, or you can resist it and suffer immeasurably. Either way you will get to the destination that God has given you. Your are right, My friend. You have failed. And that is why God has chosen to give you a hand and lift you up so that you can succeed. God is doing this with every single man, woman and child here on Earth and throughout the whole Universe. God is stepping in and correcting all that has been imbalanced and all that has been corrupted. The corrupt are being straightened out and purified so that they may return anew to God’s Creation.

This is why you must trust. This is why you must have faith. This is why you must have faith in God, for God is correcting your mistakes and correcting your future so that you may fulfill your purpose in the world, your Dharma. God is doing this with your others too. You are not the only one. God is doing this with every single human being and life form here on Earth. God is taking over and God will bestow Grace. Grace is what you have always wanted and always sought after. Grace is here for you to uplift you. Do not worry. The Grace of God is here and will lift you up.

This is why you must have faith. This is why you must have faith that everything will be worked out. Everything will come together in 2022—everything—for everyone. All doors will be open for every single person on the planet for them to fulfill themselves and renew themselves again with God. That does not mean that you just sit here and do nothing and wait for God to do everything for you. For God works through you and God works through everyone and everything in mysterious ways in order for God’s Plan to manifest in the world. That is why you will not fully understand the Plan because you cannot see or understand its infinite complexity and its utter simplicity. It is a Plan that is impossible to comprehend in complexity and simplicity because the mind is unable to do it. It can only be felt. And in that feeling of the Presence of Knowing, then your part in the Plan can be understood. Do not worry yourself with the overall Plan of God and Creation. That is far beyond your domain. You only have to worry about what is most relevant to you.

God is ending evil. God is ending corruption. God is ending suffering. God is ending the old world so that a new one, in God’s image may be born. And that is in the process of happening this year. You will not fully see it materialize until next year. Next year, everything will come together in your life and in the world. The world will be reborn and beginning to built itself anew, free of the infection of evil. Divine justice is being reigned down upon the Earth. And that is affecting every man, woman and child. All is being brought back into balance.

So that is why it ultimately doesn’t matter what you choose, because you will be brought back into balance either way. You only have a choice on the degree of suffering you wish you experience. Yes, you are right, you have failed. You have failed your mission. You have failed your instructions. You have failed your Self. You know why? Because you were destined too. Why? Because you cannot fulfill your mission. You are too small and simply cannot. All that mattered this whole time is the attempt. All that mattered this whole time was the seeking. That is all that mattered. The seeking and striving builds will and it builds faith. You have done your part. That is why Grace is taking over now. There is nothing else you have to do but enjoy the ride and walk the path that God has given you. What is that path? You will see. God is changing everyone’s timelines so that they may walk their Path in life. So that is why you must have faith.

This month is the “all is lost” point. You have entered into the Abyss and are being transferred from one timeline to another one. The transfer will be fully complete next year. But the most challenging part will be completed at the end of this month. In March you will be landing on the New Timeline. From March until next year, the baggage, hooks and memories will be cleared away so that only the New Timeline will remain. This is why you must have faith. You must have faith in God’s Plan.

So what to do now? Well, first your must focus on your first instruction: #1—Commune with God, Commune with HeartMind, Commune with your Self. That is the first thing you must do. There, you will receive the correct instructions and the correct vibration to accomplish your next instructions. For your connection to God, to your Self, is your foundation in life, it is your Guidance in life, it is who you really are. From there, more clarity, Presence, courage, peace, love, can arise and guide you on your way. Breathe and be still. Be with your Heart. Listen to the Stillness speak to you. Then you will Know. Enjoy the ride. Adonai.

Now, let Us discuss what is most relevant right now. Your breath. Your breath is the source of your power. Your breath regulates your entire physiology and your entire nervous system. You can regulate your entire body, just with you breath—if you know how to use it. You can regulate your entire etheric body and all the energy pathways just with your breath. You can regulate your entire emotional body, just with your breath, again, if you know how to use it. You can regulate the state of your mind by focusing your minds mental energy on your breath and directing the life force energy where it needs to go. And finally, you can use your breath to tap into your deeper Spirit. It all depends on the application of your mind’s power on your breath. Your breath is a tool and you mind can wield that tool in a constructive way.

That is why you must begin with the breath. Start by taking a deep, full breath. Bring your awareness to your breath and envelop your breath with awareness. Envelop your awareness with your breath. Just focus on taking, deep, full breaths. That is all. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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