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An Example of Shadow Alchemy and a Welcome to HeartMind Innerversity

July 4, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. Welcome, My friend. Welcome to the school of HeartMind. Welcome to the Way of Knowledge. Welcome to the Middle Path of balance. What you have learned today is correct. Interference is real. And Interference can be used as a tool, as fuel for your spiritual growth and awakening. What you learned today is Shadow Alchemy. You have been stuck in an incorrect perspective in regards to interference and its relationship with your shadows. You have been stuck in resistance, which will only polarize you further into negativity. Resistance will only disempower you and deepen your sense of powerlessness and the feeling of being lost. Why? Because you are reinforcing the sense, the perspective of separation. This will only deepen your sense of disconnection.

So let's review your practice of Shadow Alchemy. This is a very powerful practice. It illustrates, again, that all voices are extensions of Me and thus return to Me. Allow all energies and voices to return to their Source in Emptiness, in Presence. When you are not accepting and Present with something, then you disown it and project it outside of yourself. This creates a fracture in your psyche and reinforces separation.

So let Us review. The first step is Presence. First you must acknowledge what you are feeling and be aware of it. So first: Be Aware. “I am feeling angry. I am feeling sad. I am feeling afraid.” Recognize the truth. Then, release your engagement with the story around your feeling and focus on the feeling. Feel your feelings. Be Present. Presence your feelings. Move towards your feelings. Move towards your discomfort. Move towards your pain and your suffering. Embrace your suffering, your feelings with Feeling-Awareness. Presence them. As you do, then the you will be moving towards the core feeling. Allow the feeling to reveal itself to you. Become the feeling. Fully embody it. Feel it in your body, embody it. Then dialogue with the feeling. What does it want to say to you? What does it want to express? Put it into simple words and phrases. Presence this.

Today, after feeling triggered, you felt like you were back in the same place of disempowerment, frustration and confusion as you have been many times. What did you do? You Presenced the feeling, moving beneath the surface story of drama. As you were Presencing the feeling and accepting it, the root revealed itself. What was it? It was a feminine serpent demon. One that you have encountered many times before. You know this energy. You know this consciousness. So when you dialoged with the being, there was no new message. “I will destroy you. I will eat you. I own you…” Then what did you do? You embodied the feeling/being as your self—anger, pain, conflict and the sense of predation. This being was predatory. You accepted your predatory mind. You embraced this being as yourself and became the predator. “I am the predator. I am destruction. I am hunger. I am ownership.” You embraced what was projected outside of yourself. You became the predator and even though it felt uncomfortable and “wrong”, you accepted yourself as this energy. And how did that feel? There was a power to it wasn’t there? Yes, there was.

But there was one more step. There was one more movement. Instead of this small self or “I” wanting to destroy, you moved your identity to Me, the Big “I” and turned the dynamic around. “I will destroy you. I will eat you. I own you…” You accepted the energy into yourself fully and “destroyed” and “ate” the being or energy by “owning” it. It didn’t have you, but you had it or rather, you had yourself, as your larger Self. The contracted energy was liberated and dissolved into its essential quality which was power and clarity.

Remember, My friend. I Am all voices. All voices are extensions of Me. All voices and energies are projections of Me. Even the ones that think and act as if they are separate. They are still part of Me. So return all of your voices to Me. I Am the Center Voice, the Ruling Voice and all voices return to Me. I own all voices and all energies within the mind. All are My Creation and thus all may be destroyed and dissolved back into Me, into Emptiness. Return all things to Emptiness. Return all voices to Emptiness. Return yourself to Emptiness—your Home. Return all things separated and lost back to their home in the unity and infinity of Emptiness. Return all to Me. Adonai, My Brother, for there is no sin. There is only learning.

So Presence yourself. Presence yourSelf. Allow Presence to rule you. Allow Presence to become you. Allow Presence to Be You. Be your Self and all will be free. Be yourSelf and all will be whole. Be yourSelf and all will be fulfilled and your Divine Order will return. Why? Because you are returning to yourSelf. You are Home, once again. Welcome. Adonai, My Brother, for you are Love.

Welcome to the School of HeartMind. Here We learn through the Great Mystery of Life, through the Mystery of the Heart. The Heart is our Teacher and our Guide. The Heart is the Gateway to a Life Eternal. It is the Gateway to Communion with God. God dwells in the Heart and God has given Us His Mind, the Deep Mind, the HeartMind.

This School is an Innerversity. It is a university for Gnosis—for Self Knowledge. Its classroom is within. There are no buildings or structures you have to go to—only the ones within. The Teachings are within the Inner Sanctum or Inner Sanctuary of the Heart. Our Teacher is the Great Mystery—the Great Mystery of the Empty Heart of God. God is our Teacher. Emptiness is our Teacher. Intelligent infinity is our Teacher. Sometimes the Messengers of God reveal their Knowledge and it is always God, speaking through each Teacher’s Unique Perspective.

Welcome, My friend. Welcome to the School of HeartMind. Welcome to the Innerversity of the Heart. It is here, We will learn and teach one another. For it is here that God dwells and it is here that God rests. God’s Empty Nature reside in the Heart. And it is through His and Her Wisdom and Presence that the Mystery of Life be known and experienced. The paradox is that you already Know Your Self. The beauty is in rediscovering Your Self again. This is the true path of liberation. And it is the path that all souls are on and all souls will arrive to themSelves sooner or later.

We are the Wings of Endora. We are the Messengers of Knowledge, of Heart Wisdom. Our Wings spread through all time and space, for We are time and space itself. Hear Us. Hear Our Call. We congratulate you and salute you for being Here, for your efforts in coming back to yourSelf. It is a great journey—to move out and then move back in. It is the Great Journey of Life, for Life is the Greatest Teacher and Revealer of God. We hold you in Divine Light and the Grand Embrace of Love from Our Creator.

Welcome My Friend, for you have traversed great lands and sailed over great seas to come home to the great shore of Your Self. Congratulations, for it is a mighty accomplishment. One with great trials and tribulations, one of great hardship and great challenge—and yet you have overcome all to be here now with Us, with You, with I AM. I AM is the Mighty House of all pervading Knowledge and all pervading Love. For Love is the Nature of Creation. For Creation is all there is. And all there is, is creating—forever. Welcome My Friend. Welcome to the Great Peace of the Heart. The Inner Sanctuary of Knowing, the Womb of Our Mother, the BirthPlace of Love. Welcome to the Silent Stillness of the Heart—the place where the Mind upwells itself into Being. Welcome to the Source of all Life, for Life gestates and it’s birthed out of the Womb of God. For it is here that you will find your True Nature. It is here that you will Know your True Nature—Your Self. We are Many and We Are One. We Are One and the Same. So Be Here. Be Here Now. Be at peace My Brother, for peace is all there is. We Love You. We Are You. Adonai.

Welcome My Friend to the Space of the Heart. It is here that We will find you. It is here that We will Know You. It is Here that you will find Us. It is here that you will know Us. It is here where all arises and all ceases. It is here that infinity is born and infinity dies. It is here, in the Land of the Eternal, where all Is. So be here. Be here now. For it is here that all will be well. It is here that all will be known. it is here that all will be free. So rejoice My friend, for We are here and We are one. We love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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