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Anger, Natural Law and the Balanced Golden Rule

April 25, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Hello, My friend. My Voice is your voice. We are One and the same. Rest in this. Rest in this recognition. Anger you feel? This is good. This is your own self, your own anger becoming part of you again. It is time to speak as one voice. Allow anger to participate. This is also your voice. Enough is enough. Enough of the spiritualizing. Enough of the spiritual bypassing. Your anger is your self defense principle and it is called up when there is a violation, an obstacle, a confusion that needs clarity. Allow this to flow through you. Allow this to integrate and ground and become part of you. Do not reject it. What do you do when you are attacked and your space is violated? You react with anger. This is a natural and healthy response. React with anger to push out the intrusion, to set your boundaries, to make a stand about what is ok and what is not ok. Take a stand.

For there is a war. There is a war occurring. And you are part of it. Everyone is a part of it. Everyone is a part of it whether they like it or not. Why? Because there is a war for all life. Evil triumphs when good does nothing. This is the state of the world. The world has been infected. The human mind has been infected. It has been infected with apathy, cowardice and ignorance. Sure, it is your choice whether you indulge in this or not. But if you do, then you are siding with evil. And when you are siding with evil, you are siding with fear. Why? Because you are afraid of your own higher and deeper Truth. You are afraid of taking a stand for Life. And if you don’t take a stand for Life, then you are taking a stand for anti-life. There is no other choice. That is the default. Because there is only life and there is anti-life, and the great spectrum between the two. It is time to claim one’s power. It is time for humanity to claim their power. For power is yours. It is your own higher and deeper Self. For if you do not use your power, then someone else will. And that someone else will unlikely use it for your best interest. How could they, if it is yours to begin with? When people use the power of others for their own will, that is evil. And that is the plight of humanity. Humanity has given up its power to the hands of a few. And that few have been corrupting that power ever since.

So take back your power. Take back what is rightfully yours. Take back what has been stolen. Take back what has been ignorantly given away. Take what is your Self. Your Self is your Truth and your Authenticity—your Integrity. Take it back from those who use it against you. Take it back from those who wish to destroy you. Take it back from those who wish to destroy all that is Good and True and Beautiful in the world. Take back what has been stolen.

There is Natural Law in the Universe. This Universal Law dictates the behavior of sentient beings so they may create together in the most harmony for the good and growth of the Total Whole. Sure, you are free to follow those rules or principles if you wish. But if you don’t, then there are consequences. Not because there are beings to enforce it to make sure people do good or bad. These consequences are natural, spiritual laws that are immutable. They are principles of the Heart. And if one disobeys the Heart, then one suffers the consequences. They suffer, they fall into ignorance and eventually, death. Natural Law or Universal Law or Moral Law are principles just like gravity. When you jump off a cliff and fall and hurt yourself is it because God is punishing you? No. It is because you did not follow the physical laws of the physical universe. Simple. Just as there are physical laws like gravity, there are also spiritual laws that govern Morality. And the Law of Love, or Natural Law are those moral laws.

What are these laws? Live in peace and harmony with Life, or said another way is do no harm. This is a simple, true, harmonious principle for the greater growth of the Total All. To keep this in balance, there is another principle. If one’s peace and harmony are violated, then one has the right to defend oneself from any violation of that peace and harmony. Said another way: If peace and harmony with Life are violated, then defend that peace and harmony with adequate force until the violent force is neutralized, i.e. self defense. Or said another way: Each sentient being is Sovereign and has the right to live in peace. When the sovereignty of a sentient being is violated, then that sentient being has the right to neutralize that violation with force. Or said another way: Each whole is Sovereign and has the right to maintain balance. If a force threatens equilibrium of the whole, then that whole has the right to restore balance or equilibrium to itself. This can be applied to any whole, sentient beings, communities, even nations. Each whole has the right, and the necessity, to maintain its boundaries. If those boundaries are infringed upon, then the whole has the right to neutralize the infringement to maintain its boundaries.

The issue here is when one whole violates the boundaries of another whole and then tries to justify this violation by saying that the violating whole’s new boundaries must not be infringed. The issue here is that the violating whole’s boundaries where established by violating the boundaries of another whole. This is a transgression and therefore the violating whole’s new boundaries are illegitimate.

This is a complex, philosophical way of saying do no harm and take no shit. And how does one do that? Well that comes with the integration of Knowledge, Love, and Will. Or awareness, feeling and instinct. When these 3 pinciples are working in harmony then do no harm and take no shit happens naturally and organically and compassionately. When these 3 principles are out of balance, then more issues arise. For example, when the instance or will is in place but one’s love or knowledge is confused, then violence is often the result.

The point is that anger is a healthy emotion that comes up when one’s boundary has been violated. And as long as that anger-clarity-action oriented energy is expressed in harmony with knowledge, love and will, then that is correct and balanced. The issue with humanity and the human mind is that humanity has fallen into such deep confusion and distortion and entanglement with evil or anti-life principles, that humanity is almost beyond repair. Few individuals can truly disentangle themselves sufficiently from this web of confusion. The rest of humanity is destined to experience the full consequences of these personal and collective transgressions so humanity can start over with a clean slate. There will be some who will move on. But the majority will have to be reset and start again with more balanced circumstances.

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