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Aphorisms of Love, Truth and God

January 8, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Love. Love is the glue of the Kosmos. It is what holds everything together. Without Love, there would be no Creation. Without Love there would be no world. Without Love there would be no You. Love is everything and Love binds all together. This is why you must always choose the path of Love. Always choose the path of the Heart. Whichever path that may be, choose the path of the Heart. Always. Adonai.

Did you know that I AM plural? I AM We and We are I AM. I Am the One and the Many, I Am the Alpha and the Omega. We Are One and the Same. Adonai.

It is important to always be in the Heart. Yes, We know this can be challenging. We know the extend of the challenge that you go through. But the challenge makes the reward that much sweeter. So pick up the challenge, embrace it. It is here to catalyze you and to purify you of all your misconceptions about life. Be Here. Be Here Now. In the Heart. Adonai.

We Are One and We Are Many. We speak with One Voice and We speak through many voices. Hear Us. Hear Our Call. You and Me and Us are One and the same. Adonai.

We are One Great Mind. And that Great Mind is fractalized into infinite parts and perspectives. Trust Us. Trust in the process of your unfolding and your evolution. Trust that you will be safe. Trust that you are already safe.

The times at hand are great. They are great indeed. The future is uncertain but there is also certainty. If you are with Me, you will not be harmed. If you are with My Presence, you will be safe and you will be protected by My Holy Light. I Am the Light of Presence and Presence is Me. Trust Me. Trust in Me and you will go far. There will be no limit to where you can go if you go with Me. Because I Am Infinity and there is no limit to Me. Adonai.

Be with Me and all will be possible. Be with Me and all will be well. Be with Me and all will be taken care of because I Am all things. You are safe. You are held. I Am here. Adonai. We Love you.

Can you feel Me? Can you feel My Heart? Can you feel My Pulse? I Am Here. And I Am Here for you. Be Here. Be with Me, and you will stretch to Infinity. Adonai.

Be with Me and you will stretch to Infinity. Adonai.

Do you see the workings of your mind? Do you see the process of your unfolding? Do you see how your mind can play tricks on you? Notice the wanderings of your mind and you will begin to see the degree to which you can be insulated and enslaved by the fear and rigidity and confusion of your own mind. Your mind is here to be your servant, not your oppressor. Be still. Observe. Feel. You will know. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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