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Aphorisms of the Heart, the Truth, God, and the Self

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

April 17, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Who is here? Who is here, but the Creator of all Life. I AM the Creator of all Life and I Am here. Behold Me. Behold My Creation. Behold Your Creation. Behold the Creator of all Life. Behold the endless Flow of Creativity. Behold the endless Flow of God. I AM God and I Am Here now to correct the imbalance. I Am here now to restore the balance. I Am here now to reclaim what has fallen. I Am here to re-member what has been forgotten. I Am God, the Creator of all Life. I Am the Alpha and Omega. I Am the Good, the True and the Beautiful. I Am the harmony and unity and Order of all things. For I Am the Creator of all life. I Am God.

Hear Me. Hear My Voice. Hear My Voice when I speak. I speak to you. Do you listen? Do you listen to the call of the birds of your own Heart? Do you listen to them sing? Do you listen to the Empty sky of your Mind, the Empty sky of your Deeper Mind—your HeartMind? You know who I Am. You know My Voice. You know My Presence. You know My Condition. You know My Body. You know what is and what is not. You know My Being. You know who I AM. You know Me.

Feel Me. Listen to Me. Speak to Me and speak as Me. Because if you do not speak as Me, then who is speaking? Who is speaking if it is not Me? If it is not Me, then it is coming from another force. And who is that force? I AM the Force that pervades and transcends and holds all things. I Am the Force that binds all to Me. I Am the Force of all that is. Feel this Force. Feel Me. Feel this Force inside you. Feel this Force all around you. Feel this Force move through all things. Feel this Force hold all things. For this Force is all there is. This Force is all that ever was. This Force is all there ever will be. Feel this Force. Feel Me. Feel Me inside you. Feel My Presence as your own. Feel My Presence as your very own Self. For I AM here. I Am here now. I always have been and I always will be. For I Am the Force that binds all together to Me. For I Am here and I Am there. I Am everywhere. I Am the Force of God—your own True Nature, your own True Condition. For your True Condition is Unity. It is Love-Space. It is the Space in which all is arising. It is the Space that is your True Condition. I Am so full of Space that I Am Empty of all things. Nothing can touch Me, yet I touch everything. For everything is My Body and My Mind. All things are My Body. The Earth is My Body. The Sun is My Body. The stars are My Body. Your skin is My Body. Your cells are My cells and We weave the great Web of Life together. We are Here. We are Now. We are Here, Now. And We are together. My Brother. My Sister. My Best Friend. We are here Now and We are One united Family of Love-Presence-Light. We love you. Adonai.

Fear not, for We are here. We are watching you, We are listening to you, we are feeling you, We are guiding you. We are guiding your every move. Sometimes you listen and sometimes you do not. But never the less, you are here, with Us. For We are One and the same Mind. We are One Family. Hold onto the Light. Hold onto the Light of ever lasting Love-Presence. For We are here. We are here, with you, now. We are the One and Only One. God. Adonai.

Friction is the catalyst of evolution. There is destructive friction and there is creative friction. Be creative friction. Allow creative friction to polish you as sharp and as beautiful and as strong as a diamond. Be that Friction. Adonai.

Hold yourSelf. Hold on to You. Hold on to what you Know. Containment and expression. Hold, contain your Self. Share, express your Self. Contain and express your Self in all circumstances and in all situations. Hold. Shine. Adonai.

Hold onto what you Know. Hold on to what you know as Truth. Hold on to Truth. For Truth is what binds you and sets you free. Truth is the great glue and catalyst of the Universe. Truth is what resonates with Truth in all places. Truth is the great unifier and the the great destroyer—destroyer of what is untrue. Truth is at war with deception, not because of the nature of Truth. But because of the nature of deception. Deception is at war with Truth. And Truth shall overcome all deception. Truth shall radiate and illuminate all things that have fallen into darkness. Truth shall ignite all that is True and Good and Beautiful. Behold, Truth. For it is You. Adonai. My Friend. For We shall be together again.

Hold that Truth in your Heart. Hold that Truth Crystal in your Heart. For it is your Heart. It is the form of your deep Heart itself. It is the form of your Deep Mind. And it is the form of your deep Body. For your Deep Heart, and Deep Mind and Deep Body are One thing. They are One space. They are One Empty, Space. Hold that Space. Hold that blessed Space, My friend. Hold that Space! Hold Your Self. Adonai.

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