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Aphorisms on God, Being Already Whole and Enjoyment

September 7, 2020

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

HeartMind. Can you see, My friend? Can you see? Can you see that All Is Well? You are already Full. You are already Present. You are already Complete. There is no where you need to go but in greater fullness. When you are already whole, then all you can do is just move forward with play. If you are already whole and complete, then your motivation is not from lack, it is not from what you need or what you need to complete yourself, rather, it is from fullness and completeness so you do things because its fun and you enjoy doing them because you like it—not because you need it. You see?

You have based all your motivations in lack. Can you see? You are already Complete. You are already Whole. Bask in that. Bask in the perfection of what already is. This is what you have to understand. This is what you are understanding. How do you change your karma to your dharma? You change it by thinking, speaking, and acting from a place of Fullness rather than lack. Nothing needs to change, everything is already whole and complete just as it is, so therefore, go forth and play and have fun! Do things because they are fun! Do things because you enjoy doing them, not because you need to. You do not need anything. Rather, think of things as if you already have them—because you do. And from the place of already having them, then just do things because you like to do them rather than because you have to or you need to. This is important to reflect on. Do things because you like to rather than you have to. Do things because you enjoy doing them and therefore you are fed by them rather than because you think you have to do them for whatever reason. Do things because you enjoy doing them because you are already whole, so there is nothing that NEEDS to be done. Then the motivation is coming from Love rather than fear.

You see? If you are acting from NEEDING, from lack, then you are acting from fear because you are acting to try and protect yourself from the fear—fill the hole so the fear does not grow. But if you are doing something because you enjoy doing it, from everything already being ok, from fullness, then you are acting from Love. And when you act from Love, then everything you say, do and think will produce and reflect more Love and Abundance in the world. Why? Because you are acting from Abundance, from Fullness and thus through resonance the world reflects that back. The world has no choice to because the world is your mirror.

This is how reality works, My friend. This is how God functions in the world. You have been operating from a very limited perspective of limitation and lack which has been based in fear. You have been operating in fear, mostly, for most of your life. This has been the predominant modus operandi for your personality and your actions in the world. And when you begin to see that, then you begin to see that most of the world is operating in the same way—through fear and lack. Then you begin to see that the whole society is based on lack and scarcity and thus reinforces these belief systems. The entire planet could change over night into a garden of eden where everyone had more than enough food, water, shelter, resources—everything anyone would ever need—if everyone changed their belief system. The only way that can happen though is through one person at a time and before you know it a critical mass will be reached where thousands of people will begin changing their belief at the same time. And then the whole world will change. But until then, you can change your world. Do not wait or depend on the world changing things for you. That won’t happen because the world is your mirror and only has so much influence over you. Start with yourself.

You are already Whole. You are already Complete. See this. Feel this. You are already Whole and Complete. There is nothing that you NEED to do. No-thing. Nothing that you need to do. Everything is already perfect and whole, just as it is. All the Love is right here. Can you see and feel God’s perfection? How can you see the perfection?

If it exists, then it is Presence. It is God, unfolding Him Self, It Self, Her Self it all its great splendor and glory. This is God’s Glory, right here, right now. This is God’s Glory. You see? If it exists then it is perfect. Why? Because it exists. What is God? You can say that God is Presence. What is Presence? The feeling, the knowing of Existence, or Existing. “I AM”. What is the “AM”?. “AM” is Existence. “AM” is Existence itself. “I AM” is recognizing that You Exists—that God Exists. So by realizing that “I AM” is recognizing that God Exists. “You ARE”. You Exists and therefore by your very existence means that You are perfect and that you are God Existing. Behold that beauty. “It IS”. All of reality that you can be aware of Exists. And so therefore is God Manifest and is therefore perfect and beautiful. Behold this Glory. Behold this Reality. Behold this Truth. Behold this Great and Beautiful Love. This is the Reality of Existence and this is what and who you are. Be that. Notice that. Be with What Is Always Already. Here. Now. Love. Adonai.

Everything is already perfect. Everything is already perfect in the eyes of God. So therefore nothing needs to be done or changed. All change then becomes motivated by enjoyment and desire, rather than needing or lack. Therefore all motivation becomes motivated by Love, rather than fear. God lives and operates in the world through Love, not through fear. Fear is an incorrect or broken perspective of God. And yet fear too can be made whole again in the eyes of God through Love—through seeing everything as already perfect and whole, just as it is. Adonai.

All is already and always has been perfect in the Eyes of God. That My Friend, is Love. Love is Whole. Adonai.

Be in the Wholeness of God. Be in His Glory and Splendor. There you will know Truth. There you will feel His Love. There you will Know Him—you will Know His Presence everywhere and in all things. Adonai.

Be here with Him. Be with His Glory and then you will Know HIm. Adonai.

Be with His Perfection. Perfection is what God Is. Feel that. Then you will know Love. Adonai.

Adonai, My Brother. For there is only the Great Glory and Perfection of God. Be with Him. Be with His Love. We Love You. Adonai.

Adonai, for it is God that is Real. All else is His Illusion.

Be with His Presence and then you will Know His Name. Adonai, My Brother and Sister. For there is no sin. Only Glory.

Be in the Presence of His Wholeness. Then you will be at peace. Then the world will know peace. Adonai.

Be in the Presence of His Wholeness, for there is only His Perfection. Adonai.

There is nothing to do. There is only His Perfection. There is only His Wholeness. There is only His Love. Love is Whole. Adonai.

You, My Friend, are already Whole. The day, the moment, you are able to see and feel this, then you will be free from the wheel of your own suffering, suffering from lack. Move from Wholeness. Move from Perfection. Move from Abundance. Move from His Presence. Move from Fullness and all that you will ever feel is enjoyment. Act from enjoyment and the rivers will run sparkling with gold. Act from enjoyment and life will move like a gentle river. Act from enjoyment and you will enter the Flow of Life and Life will take you to the greatest heights of your Self. Adonai.

Be here Now and you will know the Abundance, the Presence, the Infinity of this Moment. This is His Moment. This is Your Moment. Adonai.

Act from Wholeness and all there is is Infinity. Act from Wholeness and all there is is Play. Adonai.

Remember, if you don’t have a smile on your face, your doing it wrong! ;-) Adonai My Brother, for there is not sin, only enjoyment of His Glory.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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