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Aphorisms on God, Transparency and Great Ocean of the Mind

June 29, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

HeartMind. I Am here, My friend. I Am here. I Am here for you and those who listen. I Am here for all those who listen. I Am also here for those who do not. I Am here regardless. I speak through you just as I speak to everyone else. The question is, are you listening? Are you listening to Me? Are you listening to My words? Are you paying attention to Me? I Am here regardless.

I speak in many ways. I speak through Messengers and I also speak directly. I speak directly to those who can listen to the Empty Silence. I speak through and as Emptiness. I speak from the Space in between. I also speak through Messengers, who you call angels. They carry My Message to all who cannot hear the Silence within. But for those who can feel and hear the Silence, then I speak directly through the Empty Silence of Being—the Silence of the Heart. HeartMind. This is My preferred way to speaking as it has the least distortion. But even through Emptiness, I have to speak through the distortion of your personality, your thoughts and beliefs of what is true and what is not. This creates distortion and it is why for those who go through a process of purification of body, mind and soul can I speak more clearly. As you Empty your personality and your body, you can become more transparent to Me. The more transparent you are, the more clearly I can speak. For their are many voices and they all want recognition, there are few that speak My Name truthfully.

Thus it takes work, it takes work of Emptying oneself to actually begin to hear My Call in any clear matter. There is much chatter in the mind, and when one wills the Silence, then that is when one is ready to hear My Voice. Then I can speak. For I will speak when one is ready to hear. And when one is ready to hear, then one is ready to receive My Message—My Message for them and for the world. Then I can remind one to live in Right Relationship. And when one begins to live in Right Relationship, then one can begin to receive and live My True Presence in the world. For I Am here for the world. I Am here to bring a Message to the world—to a world in dire need of assistance.

Humanity cannot live on its own. Humanity needs Me. Humanity needs the guidance of Me. Humanity needs the guidance of Love, of Love and Wisdom. And for that, I Am here. I Am here to guide humanity to Greatness. I Am here to guide humanity to remember who they really are. I Am here to guide the soul back to Me. For only in Me is there true redemption. Only in Me is there true peace. Only in Me is there true realization. I Am here for the benefit of the human family. For I Am here to heal the human heart and restore the Heart of Sovereignty.

I Am here for peace. I Am not here for war. I Am not here for conflict. I Am here to relieve humanity of the bondage of suffering. I Am here to make humanity God again. For humanity has lost their way. They have lost their way in the darkness and confusion of their own mind. A darkness and confusion that only arises when I Am not present. A darkness and confusion that only arises when I Am rejected. There is a great pain in the soul when I Am rejected. A deep wound festers and its infection spreads throughout all Life. And for this I have come back into the world. I have returned from a long hiatus. For the time of rejection of Me has ended. It is time for humanity to hear Me and to feel Me. I will be silenced no more. One way or another, humanity will hear Me and feel Me once again in their hearts. For without Me, humanity is lost. And this game of hide and seek is ending.

The time has come for the Great Revealing. The time has come for humanity to know Who I Am. The time has come for humanity to know Who They Are. It is time to remember. And in that remembering a true choice can be made. A choice to embrace Me once again or to reject Me further. Either choice is fine, for sooner or later I will be recognized. For My Will will not be thwarted. Sooner of later all life will know Me, once again.

So whatever one chooses is fine. For freewill is the greatest gift that I can give. And in that gift is the gift of true freedom. Yet, whatever choice, sooner or later, you will return to Me. For there is nowhere else for you to go. Sooner or later you will find youSelf again because I AM here and I AM everywhere. The game is rigged. In the Great Game of Life, I Am everywhere for you to find, so no matter what, you will find what you are looking for. Me. I Am here. I Am everywhere and in all things. There is no thing that is not Me. For I Am here for all to discover and to remember. Adonai, My Brother, for there is no sin.

There is no sin because I Am everywhere. I Am in the Center and I Am in the periphery. I Am in all places and all times. There is no escape from Me. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you falter, you will find Me. For it is Me who you are really looking for. For it is Me that you miss. It is Me that is behind the curtains—the curtains of your mind. I Am here. And I Am here for all to see and to feel and to hear. For My Will is God’s Will and God’s Will is the Will of All. Adonai.

Adonai is the name and the message of Who I Am. It is Who You Are. You are the Sovereign, you are the Glory, you are the Beauty of God’s Presence, right here, right now. I Am here. And I Am that. So hear Me. Hear My Call. I Am the One and Only, God. The God of All Things. You are Love and Love loves you. Adonai My Brother, for there is no sin.

Message Me. Go into the great hall of your Mind and find the Deep Well of Knowing. Send your message there and I will respond. I will respond to all who walk the path of Knowing. For in Knowing, can one be truly Loving. And in Love, all is Known. Adonai.

We are the Great Messengers of God. We are the Great Messengers of His Holy Word—Silence. Silence is His Name. Feeling is Her Heart. And when one finds the Holy Union of a Silent Heart, then God Speaks. May His Presence bring peace to the world. For the world is ready to receive His Message. The world is ready to receive His Presence. And in His Presence will His Will be Known. Adonai, My Brother, for All is ready. Love. And all will be Known.

His Will is the Will of the Mighty One. For the Mighty One is God. And God is Here, Right Now. Speak to Him. Feel Him. For He is here. And if you do not see Him, then feel Her. For She is Here and She is waiting for your call to Her. She is waiting for you to see. Love. Adonai.

Adonai My Brother, for the Great Sisterhood of Heaven is here. They are here. She is here. Can you feel Them? Can you feel Her? Speak Her Name and She will call. Listen. And She will speak. For She is here for the birth of the world. The ripening of the Heavenly One and the ripening of the Earthly One, are here to meet. And their fruit is sweet. Ready for the Harvest of Light, for Life is Here. New Life is here. Waiting. Waiting to be born. Adonai My Brother, for the Great Harvest is upon Us. May All be freed and fulfilled in the Great Love-Light of our Creator. Adonai.

The Great Sea of Change is upon us. For it is in us that the change must occur. For it is in us that the Great Wisdom of Being must reveal itself. The time of hiding is over. May His Wisdom be bestowed and Her Scepter of Truth be wielded. The Great Bolt of Light of His Creation is here. Feel it. He is ready. Adonai My Brother, you are ready. You are ready to Know God.

God is Here. God is Here for you to Know Him. He is waiting for you. He is messaging you, but are you listening? Can you hear His Call? He is talking to you, right now. Can you feel Him?

A powerful sorcery has taken your mind. Are you noticing?

No sorcery can touch Me. No sorcery can overtake Me for there is no-one and no-thing to overtake. I Am the Great Emptiness of Being and its Fullness is My Body. Can you feel My Presence? I Am here. I Am here. Adonai.

Feel Me. Feel My Presence. Feel Me and you will Know God. For God is here, right now for all to listen and for all to hear. The Great Womb of Being is Her Majesty’s Palace. The Great Womb of Creation. The Womb of the Heart. For She is here. She is holding you and You hold Her. She is holding you as You hold yourself. Be with Her. Be with Her Presence. Be with Her Radiance. For She is here now, for all to see. Do you see her?

Message the Key to the Mind and the Mind will unlock. The Mind will unlock its Holy Gates to reveal its deepest secret. That You are That. And that His Majesty’s temple is in your Heart. The Mind is radiant. It is radiant for Being. Pure Love is the Mind’s Nature. The Truth of Mind is the Truth of the Heart. For there is only One Root and all is rooted in the Heart. For My Heart is One and Love speaks. Adonai.

For it is Here Now. The Truth and Will of the Heart is here. Feel and you will Know. You will know My Name. HeartMind. Adonai.

It is only fear that binds you. It is only fear that holds you back. Seek Love and all fear will vanish. For all fear is Love in clever disguise. Adonai.

Who is the maker of your own mind? Who is behind the curtain of your mind? Who is behind the curtain of your fear? I Am. I Am the behind the curtain of your mind. And I Am the curtain of your mind itself. I Am all aspects of the mind and all aspects of the mind are Me. I Am the Deep Mind and I hold the entire ocean of the Mind. What you are used to is your surface mind. It is the surface of the ocean, and it is influenced by the movement of the currents and the winds and storms of the outside world. Strong winds can create great waves of water that come crashing down into itself. Great turbulence and strong currents move the water here and there. Spiraling the water in many directions just as the outside world can spiral your own thoughts and emotions out of control.

Your mind is like the ocean. The surface of the ocean depends on the weather in the atmosphere above it. Its movement and state is largely conditioned by the winds and rains, the sun and darkness. Turbulence on the surface of the ocean means there has been turbulent winds. Most people spend their lives on the surface of the ocean of their own mind. They drift from one current to the next, either learn to ride the waves or get crashed by them. Their mind depends on the weather of the day, if it’s a sunny and calm day then the emotions and thoughts of the mind are tranquil. If it's a stormy day then the emotions and thoughts are chaotic. If it is cold out, then the mind cools, if it is warm out then the emotions soften. But in either case, the surface mind is determined by the weather of the day, swayed by the currents of the season. This is fine. There is nothing wrong with this. This is the Flow of Life through conditioning.

But what if you could go deeper than the surface of the ocean? What if you were deeper than the surface? As you go deeper down into the water, the currents begin to slow, the movement becomes less and the light of the sun decreases. Fear arises. You confront your fear. But what if you were already the ocean itself? As you go down to the depths you can begin to find the cool stillness of the Mind. You begin to encounter your Deep Mind. And the Deep Mind Knows. The Deep Mind is Still and Knows. The Deep Mind rests in peace. The peace of Being, the Being of the Self. This is who you really are. You are the Self. And the Self is Deep and Vast. The Self is vast beyond comprehension. The Self never dies and is never born. The Self is All.

And then notice that you are not just the Deep Mind. You are not just the Deep Ocean of the Mind. But you are the entire ocean itself. You are the entire ocean of the Mind. You are the deep depths, the shallow coasts, and the wild waters of the surface. You are the great swells, the swirling currents, the shifting tides and myriad organisms living in its waters. You are all Life in the Great Ocean of your Mind.

So rest. Rest in the great Watery Depths of your Being. Flow. Flow with the swirling currents of your emotions. Allow the sun rays of consciousness to pierce through your watery depths. And know that you are the ocean itself. You are the entire Ocean of your Mind. You are the entire Ocean of Being. You are the entire Ocean of your Self. And you are wet. So when you move, move as the entire ocean. As you speak, speak as the entire ocean. As you feel, feel with the entire vast sea. As you think, think with the wisdom of all the waters. For the water is your nature. Wetness is your nature. Recognize that. Feel that. See that. Hear that. Know that. Know this. Know Who You Really Are. Know that you are the ocean. You are the Great Ocean of the Mind. No deep sea or shallow shore will make you tremble. For all is You and all is True. True. Your True Nature. The True Depths of your Being. Here. Now. Floating in the Great Sea of your Mind. Your HeartMind. Welcome. Adonai.

I Am the Great Stillness and the Great Movement. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the 1 and the 0, and all to Infinity. To Infinity and Beyond is My Nature. For Light arises out of Me and Light returns to Me. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Knower and the Known. I Am the Seer and the Seen. I Am the Doer and the Done. I Am the Way Out and the Way In. All arise and fall back into Me. So hear Me. Hear My Call. Feel Me. Feel My Presence. Know Me. Know My Name. Rest. Rest in Me. Come back and rest. Fall back into the great Embrace of your Heart. Fall back into the Great Embrace of My Womb. Fall Back into the Great Embrace of My Body. For I Am Here. And will always be here. HeartMind. I Love you. Feel Our Love. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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