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Aphorisms on Joy, Beauty and the One

January 9th, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Be in Joy. Be in the Presence of feeling good. Be in the Presence of just feeling good. What if you felt good for no reason? Just be with feeling good. Isn’t it great when you feel good? Isn’t it great when you feel good for no reason? Be like that. Be that. Be with just feeling good.

Imagine. Imagine if you could just feel good right now. Imagine if you could just feel good today. Imagine that. Now feel that in your imagination. See it. What would that look like? Feel that in your body as you imagine yourself just feeling good for no particular reason. Just feel good. Now as you feel good, sink into that feeling. Rest there. Smile. Be there. Be here. Just feel good. Isn’t it great? Adonai.

Blessed is the one who can suspend themselves from the clutches of fear. Blessed is the one who can relinquish their control on life. Blessed is the one who can sit back, and turn away from the illusion and give themselves to God. You are that Blessed One. You are that One who has turned away from fear and opened themselves to God. For God is here. God is behind you. God is behind your sight. God is inside, you. God is inside your Heart. Be there and be with God. Be free. Smile. And be blessed. Adonai.

Have fun. Have fun and be free. Be free, joyful One. Adonai.

Dream. Dream big. It's coming. For it is already here, in front of you. Adonai.

There are many things that happen. There are many things that can be done. There are many things worth doing. And there are many things not done. For it is this that beckons the question: Who Am I and Who Is This, Beloved One? Adonai.

Beauty is here. Beauty is everywhere. For it is in your eye, the Beholder, that can see beauty from the Beyond. I AM here and I Am God. Adonai.

Notice. Notice this. Notice the shape, the shape of your mind. And notice your Presence. For it is this Presence that beckons you forth from the labyrinth, the confusion of your own mind. I Am here. Adonai.

Feel. Feel. Feel, My friend. Feel that Presence. Feel that Presence in your Heart. Feel it and be full of that Love. That Love that is there, always for you to join. Adonai.

Allow. Allow yourself to be free. Allow yourself to be Free, My friend. For it is here. It is right here, inside you. Be free, inside you. When you are free inside you, then you can be free outside. Contemplate this and you will know the key to ending slavery on Earth. Adonai.

Love. Love, My friend. Love is the answer to all things. Contemplate this and you will free yourself from all burden. We Love You, for We Are You. Adonai, My Friend. We Are Here. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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