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Aphorisms on Living a Life from the Heart (Day 2)

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

January 23, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Aphorisms on Living a Life from the Heart (Day 2)

HeartMind. Who is here, My friend? Who is Present? Who is here, Present in your mind? Is it Me or is it another source? It is important to distinguish the difference, My friend. It is important to discern what is what and who is who. There are many things. There are many things that you do not understand. There are many things that you are slowly learning and you coming to understand. You have much to learn and you have much to share and experience yet in your life. You do not understand what is going on. You think you do, but you do not. It is important to be humble and rest in not knowing. Not knowing is an honest state of mind. For even with Knowledge, there is much that is yet to be understood. So, no, you do not understand. You do not understand what is going on. You do not understand who is at play and what forces are at play in your life. This is something that you are slowly learning.

Therefore, it is important to be humble and to be patient with yourself and patient with others. Be patient and understanding with yourself and be patient and understanding with others. Treat others with respect and gratitude for their perspective and their contribution in your life and to the great life of the Creator. Be patient and respectful with your fellow men, women and children. Be patient and respectful with the unfolding of all life. Everyone is suffering, so therefore, everyone is reaching out for help, in one way or another. This is why you must cultivate compassion for yourself and cultivate compassion for others. Because you are a human being on this Earth right now and that means you suffer. As does everyone else. You are all in the same boat. So relax your judgement and have compassion for all beings. For it is what unites you all. Adonai.

Relax. Relax, My friend. Relax your judgement and your projection on the world and others. Do you see your mind’s tendency to project outward onto others and the world? This is how the mind attempts to protect itself from truth. Rather than accepting responsibility for one’s thoughts, words, and actions, it is easier and apparently safer to project that responsibility onto others and therefore attempt to insulate yourself from responsibility and blame. Then you can get lost in an endless hall of mirrors of victim, perpetrator, savior dynamics.

Take responsibility. Take charge of your mind. Embrace what is occurring within your mind and then how you speak and the actions you take. Doing this will develop integrity. Doing this will develop courage. Doing this will develop virtue. Integrity, courage, and virtue are critical elements in the evolution of your Soul and the Soul of every human being. These elements make one strong with moral character and cultivate righteousness. Be righteous. Cultivate your moral compass. This will make you immune from the inside out where you will become impenetrable to evil and the forces of Darkness. You will become immune to evil and a true man of God. For you will be living in God’s image. Be transparent. Be honest. Be compassionate. For God is here, with you, and with all humanity, to help lift you up. And when God helps you lift up, you lift yourself up. For God will not do anything for you that you cannot do. Be strong. Be forgiving. Be truthful and the Light will shine upon you and through you. Adonai.

Take responsibility for your thoughts, your words and your actions. This is how you will become an integral human being and learn to live in harmony with Life. You are not here to steal from life. You are here to learn to live in love and harmony with life. Treat life with respect and honor your word. Honor your word and you will go far. Take responsibility for your actions and you will be an impeccable human being. As you take responsibility for your actions then you can learn from life and become a humble partner and server of Life. For it is Life that has brought you into existence here. Thank Life for your existence.

'I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.'

Be still. Be present. And be true to your Heart. We love you. Adonai. Aloha Mak ‘aina.

There are many things, My friend. There are many things that you do not understand. Be humble and be patient with yourself and others. You will gain understanding in due time. Aloha. Adonai.

Be kind. Be gracious. And be of service to the land and to each other. These are the ways of living and learning to love. Be good. Aloha. Adonai.

Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy and love your tragedy. All are lessons in love and kindness and understanding. This is how you build a strong moral character. Be strong and be committed and you will go far. Aloha. Adonai.

Be humble. Be kind. Be your Self. Know that All is Well. Aloha. Adonai.

Be in powerful prayer with your Self. For it is in prayer that connection to God is strengthened and united. It is in prayer that what is broken can be mended. It is in prayer that what is sick, can be healed. It is in prayer that all that is lost, can be found. Hold to the power of prayer and you will learn the power of Love. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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