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Balance and Letting Go

May 25, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Come back into balance now, My friend. Always come back into balance with Me. For I Am balance itself. I Am here to provide balance—sanity among the insanity of your mind and the world. Your mind will continue to unravel and move into insanity which is why you must retreat to Me and allow Me to put your mind back into balance and sanity. Always come back to Me. Always come back to Me.

Let all old ideas go. Allow them to fall into their rightful place. Allow them to go. Allow your attachment to them to go, to be released. Allow it all to go. Let it go. Allow it to dissolve into Emptiness. Allow Emptiness to fill you, to Guide you and to hold you. Allow Emptiness to fill its place. Let go. Release the past. Bask in the Emptiness of your own Being. Know this to be True.

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