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Beauty and the Beast, Hope, Faith, and Knowing; He is the Light, Truth and Way

February 1, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Relax, My friend. Relax. You have allowed the chaos of your mind to take over your heart. Breathe. Flow. Allow. Allow these feelings to flow and to release themselves. All the they want to do is release themselves. Breathe. Relax. Flow. Allow them to release. All Darkness is coming out and being released to be purified. Allow yourself to be purified. Allow this purification to take place. Breathe. Flow. Release. Allow your body to release itself. Allow tension to release itself. Allow all that has been trapped and bundled up and tormented to be released. Release. Flow. Breathe. Release. Flow. Breathe. Breathe, My friend. Breathe. Adonai.

Beauty and the Beast, this is the dual nature of reality at this time. Beauty and the Beast are divorcing and separating and one day they will be completely separate. One will not see the other but only from a distance. That time is happening. That time is coming. Soon. Until then, enjoy the show because it won’t last much longer. The Beast is dying. The Beast is being taken from this world because the Beast is no longer welcome. The Beast does not want to go but it must. It is being forced to leave. And it is trying to take Beauty with it. It will not. Trust. We Love you. Adonai.

Adonai, My Brother. Have you forgotten Us? Welcome back to the Light My Brother. Let Us speak. Let Us commune together so that you may feel the Presence of God again and so that you may house the beacon of hope. For hope is born from faith and faith is born from Knowing. Let Us bring our awareness back to Knowing, shall we, Our friend? Trust. Trust in Us if you cannot trust in yourself. For We are One and the same. Adonai. We Love you beyond measure. Adonai My Brother, for We Are One.

Breathe. Breathe in the air. For the air is sweet and full of Life. Allow the Breath of God to fill you with Life. Allow Life to fill you with breath. Allow God to uplift you and to share in your radiance. Allow God to rule your mind, so that you may be close to Him and so that you may not be lead astray into the valleys of Darkness. Allow God’s Light to shine through you and to show you the way. When you do not know the way, have faith. Have faith My Brother for God will show you the way. For He is the Light. He is the Truth. He is the Way. Trust. Trust in Him. For He births all and holds all. Give Him your faith. Give Him your mind. For He is the One and True Savior. He is here, now. He is inside you. Breathe. Rest in your Heart. Find Him. He is there, waiting for you. He will show you the Way. Adonai.

He is the Light, My friend. He is the Truth, My friend. He is the Way, My friend. Trust. Trust in Him and He will show you the way out of Darkness. Trust. Trust in Him and He will save you from the horror and the deception of your own mind. Allow the Forces of Good to rule you. For evil cannot rule you when you are inhabited by Good. Allow Good to rule you. Allow Good to rule your mind. Allow Good to rule your mind so that you may be free. Free yourself from the clutches of deception. Free yourself from the filth of dishonor. Free yourself from doubt. For if you allow doubt to rule you, then you will be lost and you will fall. Do not fall. Rise up. Rise up and hold out your hand. For God will be there. Have faith. Have faith and God will lift you up. Have faith in the Light. Have faith in the Truth. Have faith in the Way. God is the Way. And God has shown you the Way. Open your eyes. Listen. Feel Him in your Heart. He is here. Now. Breathe and you will feel Him. Adonai, My Brother. We Love you beyond measure. We Love you.

He is the Light, the Truth and the Way. Be in that. Be in that Presence, My friend. Be in the Presence of Hope. Be in the Presence of Knowing. Be in the Presence of Faith. For in faith, you apply your will to that which you Know beyond yourself. When you have faith, you apply your personal will to something beyond your present state of knowing. And as you do this, then you begin to open up to a deeper place of knowing. Hope leads to faith. Faith leads to Knowing. Knowing is where will and faith meet. Believe in yourself. Believe in those around you. Believe in the Good. Believe in the Good in others. Nurture the Good. Nurture the Good of Man. Nurture the Good of Humanity. Nurture the Good of the world for the world is your playground. Nurture the Good in the world so that the world may be lifted up.

Evil is falling. Evil is failing. Evil is taking all that it can down with it. Do not be one of those casualties. Do not be one of those who looses themselves in the Darkness of despair. Do not be one of those who looses themselves in the Darkness of confusion. The mind breeds confusion. When the mind is separated from the Heart, then the mind unravels itself in confusion. Do not be one of those. You have given yourself so much. You have worked so much. This is your test. Make this be your test. This is your test to see how far you have come. Be a beacon of Light. Be a beacon of Hope. Be a beacon of Faith. Be a beacon of the Will to have Faith. Be a beacon of Knowing. Be a beacon of Wisdom. Be a beacon of Knowledge. And in that you will Know. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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