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Breath-Presence, Yin & Yang, and Breaking Reactionary Programs

April 14, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Let’s have a dialogue on feelings, reaction, Presence, and the past. Hold your experience, My friend. Its time to hold your experience. Hold your feelings. Hold them. You are larger than your feelings. You can hold them. Hold feelings. Just hold them. Breathe them. Breathe through them. Just hold them. Hold them with breath. Hold them with Presence. Hold them with feeling. Hold them with Awareness. Just hold your experience with Awareness. Hold you breath with Awareness. Hold your feelings with Awareness. Hold all things with Awareness.

Now, breathe deep into your belly, It’s time to practice. What are you going to practice? You are going to practice taking a deep, full-lung breath. That is all. Taking a deep, long inhale, and a soft, full exhale. You do not have to worry about the pauses right now. It does not matter if you pause or not for right now. Just focus on breathing through all experience. Breathe through all life. Allow your breath to be the great harmonizer of your body and your mind. In this way, the breath is an aspect of the heart—as in body, mind, heart. The heart is the great harmonizing and transcending factor. It is where polarities unite and integrate. All polarities integrate and unite in the heart.

The breath can be the great equalizer of yin and yang. The body, yin, and the mind, yang, are met in the breath. The body, unconscious, and the mind, conscious, are met in the breath by making a normally unconscious, automatic act—breathing—and making it conscious by Conscious Breathing. Bring Awareness to your breath. Bring consciousness to your breath. You want the most consistent, powerful tool to influence your body physiology and emotional states? It is conscious breath. That is all. Deep, conscious breaths.

Let’s talk about the breath and polarity. The breath is polarity itself and it is the transcendent unity of the polarities. The breath is the interplay between yin and yang. Inhale and expand—yang. Exhale and contract—yin. The pause at the inhale and exhale is the stillness where yin and yang dissolve or discharge. Inhale—yang—until you are full and then yang shifts, and begins to transform into yin—with a moment of stillness—with the exhale. And as you exhale—yin—you empty until you must fill your lungs again—yang. That shift from the exhale to the inhale is met with stillness. Stillness is the mini transformation point between yin and yang.

But yin and yang are not absolute. Remember how within yin is yang and within yang is yin. The same is true with the breath. As you inhale, you do not push air into your lungs. No, instead your pull (yin) your diaphragm down and create a vacuum that pulls the air in for your inhale, filling them. Feel this energetically. Normally, an inhale is a physical expansion—your lungs and chest expand. But what needs to happen energetically, subtly, for that to happen? Do you feel there is a downward, contractive, yin subtle energetic movement for your physical inhale? The same is true with your exhale. As you exhale, do you notice a subtle push of the air out of your lungs? Feel the subtle energetic upward, expansive, yang movement as you exhale the air out of your lungs. Do you notice? The energy is flowing in the same direction as the air—inhale and your air moves downwards into the lungs. Exhale and the air moves upwards out of your lungs. This is that interplay of the polarity of yin and yang. This happens on all levels.

What is the third transcendent force beyond yin and yang? Well that is the Tao. And the Tao is expressed as the pauses between the expansion and contraction of the inhale and the exhale. And it is also the Presence of the entire movement of expansion and contraction and stillness. It can be represented by the stillness of the pause. But it can also be represented by the Stillness of Presence with flow. What does that mean? Feel your breath. Hold your breath with your Awareness. Hold your breath with your Feeling-Awareness. Follow the expansion and contraction of your breath. Be with your inhalation. Be with your exhalation. Be with your inhalation. Be with your exhalation. Notice the Stillness in the movement?

Think of a river. When you are on the banks of the river you, are not moving but the river is. You are still and the river is moving. But what happens when you float with the river? Then you are moving with the river and you are still with the movement. Why? Because you are flowing with the river. You are flowing with the Current of Life. You are flowing with movement. You are not resisting. You are consciously moving with movement—and that My friend, is Stillness.

This is why Presence is the key to all life. It is the key to everything. Presence is the Stillness within stillness and it is the Stillness within movement. It is the neutral point of all things and it is the larger neutral point that includes the polarities. It is the 3 in 1, because it is the third force that balances the polarities and is also a fractal of the larger whole that transcends and includes the polarity. It’s the center point that is also the larger sphere that includes the whole, which is part of an even larger whole, ad infinitum.

Presence breaks the unconscious trance of the past and the future. The future is just the probability wave of the past. The vibration of the past will resonate with a similar vibration in the future. But Presence is the Present. Presence breaks the vibration of the past and changes the possibilities of the future by adding a new vibration. And by adding a new vibration, a new possible future will occur through resonance with Presence—Presence-Resonance.

And this is how you alter and control your mind and your personal timeline. Through Presence. Hold Presence. Breathe Presence. Hold Presence in the present and you will resonate with Presence in the future. You will attract Presence from the future to meet your Presence now, through Resonance. Hold Presence now, and you will resonate with Presence in the past and you will resonate with Presence in the future. So past, present, future and even parallel will all resonate with Presence. For Presence is all and there is only Presence-Resonance.

So this is how you can break the pattern of being your (old) self. This is how you can break the pattern of unconscious conflict programming. Breathe Presence every moment. Breathe Presence especially when you are in the midst of reactionary programing. As you practice Presence, then instead of unconscious reacting from a past program (false self), you can consciously respond from Present Awareness (True Self). And this is living Feeling-Awareness, day to day. This is Feeling-Awareness as a stage, rather than a state. Breathe. Enjoy.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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