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Choosing Love and the Age of Aquarius

December 21, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Knowledge. Live with Knowledge. Live with Knowledge, My friend. Knowledge is the key and foundation of life. For a healthy, whole and happy life, one must build their life with the foundation of Knowledge. For Knowledge is the key and the foundation of all life. Rest in Knowledge. Rest in peace. Rest in the peace of Being. For the center of your Self is an Empty Center. And that Empty Center is felt as peace. Peace, Knowing, Love, Joy, Clarity, Presence—these are all qualities that are felt and emanate from Emptiness. These are qualities that emanate from the Emptiness of your Heart. Your Heart is the root and foundation of your Self and it is the root and foundation of all Life. Live from the Empty Center of your Mind—your HeartMind—and you will live a long, prosperous and healthy life. Live from the Center of your HeartMind and you will live a deeply fulfilled life, filled with an unwavering joy and peace. Live from the Center of your HeartMind and all will be well. All Is Well, My friend. All Is Well. Trust this. Know this. Know this and you will be free and at peace. Adonai.

A new world is being born today and with that, a new consciousness. With this new consciousness, comes new ways of thinking, new ways of relating, new ways of speaking and acting in the world. There will be new systems being put in place that will harness the creative and spiritual potential of humanity—which has been suppressed for so, so long. As this creative potential is unleashed, humanity and your global civilization will grow and interconnect in the most powerful and beneficial way. Get ready. Get ready, because from now on, the tides of change are coming in strong. The changes that occur this year will provide a very solid foundation to build a new civilization. The potential that is unleashed is unimaginable. It is truly unimaginable. All that We can say now is that it is truly great. The changes that are now coming to your planet will be so great and so powerful that even the most asleep person will be forced to stand in awe. This is the most exciting time. The most exciting time is now and it will only get more exciting! The best is ahead of you!

Welcome your new Aquarian mind. Welcome your new Aquarian heart. Welcome your new Aquarian body. And welcome your new Aquarian society that will be build on the foundation of love, understanding and wisdom. The Earth civilization will begin to blossom in the most profound way. It is truly beyond your comprehension. Adonai, My friend. Enjoy life!

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