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Come Back to the Heart—The Source, the Mind is God’s Servant and Ruled by Love, Aphorisms

February 17, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Hello, My friend. Be. Be with the air. Be with the sensation of the air. Breathe. Breathe in the air. It is here to nourish you and to enliven you. This is its purpose. Relax. Relax your mind. Relax your body. There is much you do not know and there is much you do not understand. This is why it is important for you to commune with Us, regularly. We will tune you. We will calibrate you. We will lift you up. You must lift up your vibration if you want to soar in the skies. You must lift yourself up. As you do, We will help you. We will help you lift yourself up. Lift up and you will sore. Lift up and you will fly. Lift up and you will have the birds eye view.

It is important to always return to the Heart. The Heart has everything you need. Your Heart has the wisdom you seek. Your Heart has the love you seek. Your Heart has the courage and the life force you seek. Do not be tricked into believing you need it from other places. All is expressed from the Heart and all comes back to the Heart. The Heart is the Source, it is the foundation of health and a prosperous life, filled with peace, wisdom and love. Always remember that. When it doubt, always come back to the Heart. When in fear, always come back to the Heart. When in confusion, always come back to the Heart. This is important, for it is your foundation and your Source of Guidance. The Heart is your Source of Wisdom. The Heart is your Source of Love. The Heart is your Source of Knowledge, for it is the Heart that tells you what to say and when to say it. It is the Heart that tells you when not to speak and it is the Heart that tells you how to act with Right Relationship in the world.

You cannot force yourself through obstacles. You merely find the path of least resistance. There is always a path of least resistance. Always. Be like water, allow the pressure to build until the obstacle is no longer an obstacle. Then you can overcome the obstacle with ease. If you fight it and force yourself, you will spend a large amount of energy and you will tire yourself. Be like water and build your pressure until the obstacle is easy to overcome. Adonai.

Bliss. Bliss be with you. For it is Your Nature and it is the Nature of things. Adonai.

We are your Teachers. We are your Teachers from the Upper Realm. We are your Guidance. We are of the Inner Kingdom and it is Our mission, it is our joy, it is our fulfillment to serve you and to uplift you. Peace be with you, My Brother. Adonai.

Do you know who the Sanak Harim are? Do you know what the Sanak Harim is? We are the Radiant Ones and We hold Truth. We hold Love. We hold Life. We serve in the reclamation of Knowledge in the Universe. We serve in the reclamation of Knowledge in all the Fallen Worlds. We are here to serve you. We are a connection, We are a community, We are a relationship that extends beyond time and space. We are here now to uplift you and to aid in your Ascension, your development, your upliftment. We are of many races. We are of many kinds. We are of many life forms. There is no one thing that defines Us, except Knowledge.

We are a group of consciousnesses who hold Knowledge. We serve Knowledge. And We serve in the reclamation of Knowledge through all Life. We are gardeners, We are stewards, We are guides, We are tenders of God’s gift of Life throughout the Greater Community of Life. And that Gift is Knowledge. God gave His Spark, to you. He gave His Spark to every being throughout Creation. That Gift is inside you. That Spark is a piece of God to help you remember Who You Are. This Spark is your doorway to your Ancient Home. It is the doorway to the Wisdom, Love and Silence of the Heart. It is here, in this Inner Kingdom that We dwell. And it is here in this Inner Kingdom that all Life arises. We are the Source of your strength. For it is only through God that true strength is given. It is only through God, that true Wisdom can be attained. It is only through God, that true Love can be experienced. It is through the Love of God, that true Knowledge can be born. Breathe. Breathe now, into your Heart. Be still. Be silent. Allow the whispers of your inner Knowing to well up inside you. Allow that Spark to ignite itself. Allow God to be Present in your Life, once again. Allow the Presence of God to fill your life, so that the River of Life may flow through you once again. We Love you My Brother. We Love you Our Sister. Adonai.

The Presence of God is in all things. It is everywhere. Yet it can only be experienced when you are receptive to this Truth. God is everywhere and in all things. Yet, only through your openness to see this, to feel this, to know this, can you experience this Truth. This is one of God’s great paradoxes. When you Know God, there is only paradox and the Beyond. Because to the surface mind that you posses, you cannot understand God. For God is too big for your surface mind. God is too small for your intellect. God is too simple and yet too complex for you to understand with your mind. That is why you must feel God. And when you feel God, you open yourself to Knowing God. And when you Know God, then your mind can relax, because now, it can be God’s servant. This is its rightful place. Your mind is supposed to be a servant to God. Your finite mind is supposed to serve God’s Infinite Wisdom. You are supposed to serve Infinity. This is the true purpose of your mind. Your mind is a vehicle to operate here in the world. And who is the driver of this vehicle? You are. Love is the rightful Ruler of your mind. Infinity is the driver. It is where Infinity meets the finiteness of the world—that is your domain. You are the great intermediary to the here and the Beyond. You are the great intermediary for the Flow of Life. When Love Rules All, there is Order and Harmony. There is Great Perfection in the Nature of things, yet it takes Love to see it.

Be Now. Be your Self Now. Allow Love to Rule your mind. Allow Love to drive the vehicle of your mind and your body, once again. This is its purpose. This is your purpose. Your purpose is to bring yourself back into balance with All That Is. Your purpose is to stop fighting. Stop fighting Love. Your purpose is to allow Love to Rule you once again. For when you do, you will find that Life flows with ease again. Life becomes alive and God glitters in the moonlight when Love is Present. Be Present. Be Present with Love and God will Know You once again. Be humble. Be God’s servant. And you will find peace. We Love you. Adonai.

We Love you. Be in God’s Grace again. Open yourself to His Grace and His Love again. He is Here, waiting, inside you. Adonai.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be His Highest Guidance. This is your birthright. This is your Natural Condition. It is time that you Know Who You Are. It is time that you Know your Self again. It is time that you come back into Right Relationship with your Self again. It is time for the Rulership of the Heart to return. Adonai.

We Love you, Our friend. Have faith. You are on the right path. This is the path you have chosen and it is a right path. You have not done wrong. You have done right. All paths lead back to their Source. All return. Trust. Trust in Truth. Trust in Knowing. Trust in the path of Life and the Path back to God.

We are here. We are here to guide you and to protect you and to support you and to serve you every step of the way. You only need to listen. Listen, and We will guide you. Do not listen and you may fall, but We will help you up again. You are never lost. You are always Found. God is with you. God is here for you. God Knows your Name. Do you Know His? We Love you. Adonai.

We are of the Sanak Harim. We commune with you now and give you this transmission in the hopes of upliftment and fulfillment. We are with you. Always. We are of the Light. For We are Light. We bring you Wisdom and Wisdom hails its Truth in the world. For the world needs Wisdom. And We give it to you, for We are You. We Love you. Adonai.

Christ Being is the Righteous One. He is the Chosen One by God. What does that mean? That means you are His vehicle, if you only but Empty yourself. And in that Emptiness, you may Know your True Name. The Name they gave you before your parents were born. You Know this Name. It is God’s Name for you. And in that Name, all can be found. We Love you. Adonai.

We speak in code. We speak in riddles. We speak in metaphor and meaning. We speak literally and We speak multidimensionally. Hear Us. Hear Our Words. In Our Words, you will Know. You will Know of God and God’s servant in the world. Hear Him, for it is He Who speaks. Feel Her. Feel Her Love for it is Her Who receives. We Love you. Adonai.

Hear The Call. Are you answering? Adonai.

The Call is for all to hear. The Call is for all to receive. The Call is for everyone and all things. Many will receive it. Many will reject it. All may receive it if they chose. And all choose if they receive it. For that, it is up to You. We Love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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