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Darkness and Light Are One, Seek the Light Within Your Darkness to Become Whole

March 3, 2020


The Dark and the Light are One, they are Yin and they are Yang. They are both one and the same. They are two sides of the same coin, My friend. They are two different polarities of the same event, or phenomena, or movement, or energy. They are one and the same and it is important that you understand this, not just intellectually but deep in your body, deep in your bones. Your body must understand this. Believing they are two apposing forces splits your consciousness and your energy and your vitality into two. It creates a disconnect and amplifies suffering. It creates more suffering and an internal war. This internal war then manifests outwards in your body and how you interact with others. It manifests in the world. This internal war is ripping the world apart as the world tries to compensate for this internal imbalance. Conflict, genocide, murder, theft, rape, and all kinds of suffering are generated as a result of this split.

You have slowly been killing yourself with this internal battle. This is why you have suffered so greatly, why your health has degenerated, why you have created so many conflicts in your relationships and why you have felt like you are dying. It is true. You have felt like you are dying because you have been. But the culprit has not been some powerful outside force, it has been you. It has been you all along and you have been killing yourself in the process. This is why it is important to understand this. This is why it is important to understand this in your bones. This is why you must change your perspective. Because if a perspective is generating so much suffering, then by definition it must not be true. And you must explore other perspectives—My perspective—so you can understand what is in error and align yourself. When you have Right View, then Right Relationship naturally results and unfolds. And when you are in Right Relationship to Life, then Right action is effortless and joyous and fulfilling. Why? Because you are in harmony with the Universe. You are in harmony with the Kosmos. You are in harmony with Me. Reflect on this, be this, and do this. Be whole. Be One.

Yin is the inner power of yang. A sun is radiant on the outside and dark on the inside. The real power of a star comes from its inside—its black whole, its interior of Empty power, will power. Will Power of what? Will Power of Love and Life and of Light. A sun radiates its internal power of Love, of Light and of Life. Feel this power. Know this power. Be this power. This power is you and always has been you. It has always been you, My friend.

Who is this Interference? Where is this Interference coming from? What and where is the source of this malevolence? This diabolical evil that wishes to destroy your life? It is you. It is you, My friend and always has been you. You are the source of this projected power. You are the source of this evil. You are the source of this chaos. Why? Because you have projected your power outside of your self. You have projected your power outside of your self-boundary and created an alien and evil Other, who wants nothing but to destroy you. The monster appears in dreams and the self self is scared, filled with terror. The monster wants to eat you. It wants to eat and destroy you. Why? Because it is you. It is your energy that is thrown out of yourself and as it rots outside of yourself, all alone in a cold, dark place, it becomes angry. It is anger itself that is thrown out of yourself and it is anger directed back at you. You feel scared of this monster-energy. But you have to integrate the energy behind this monster, so you can reclaim your power and move forward in your evolution with greater peace, fulfillment and direction. Interference is Intervention by You. Interference is you, attempting to become whole. There are entities. There are forces of interference who pray on you and others. But they only do what you allow. They only help one grow and become more whole if they are allowed to return to their source.

Hold Right View. Hold Right View and welcome all darkness as part of you. Within darkness is the power of your true essence and within light is the expression of your true essence. Hold all uncomfortable feelings within your self and allow them to unpack themselves into their True Presence, their essential quality. Seek the light within the darkness. Seek the truth behind the lie. Seek your Light that is hidden behind your darkness. For all are part of you and you must recognize what and who is behind your fear. For behind your fear is You.

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