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Destruction, Holding and HeartMind

June 14, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. “I will destroy you.” Who is this “I”? Who is it? Is it Me? Or is it someone else? Who is speaking, My friend? Who is? I AM the Great Integrator. I AM the Great Creator. I AM the Great Preserver. I AM the Great Destroyer. I Am all things. So this voice that wants to destroy you is who? Who is this voice? This is a voice that is not Me. For I destroy all that needs to be destroyed and I create all things that need to be created and I preserve all things that need to be preserved.

I Am that. I Am that which you fear and which you seek. I Am all things that arise and I Am all things that dissolve. All are a part of Me. So embrace this voice. Embrace this voice that desires destruction. Embrace this voice into Me. So that I may destroy. So that I may destroy all that should be destroyed, not what shouldn’t be destroyed. Embrace this voice so that I may destroy all that should and needs to be destroyed. All that has lived its cycle and that must return to Emptiness once again—to Me. For I Am Emptiness and I absorb everything back into Me. For I Am Infinite. There is nothing that can hurt Me. For I Am Eternal. I Am undying. And I Am Infinite. I Am immune to all manifestation because manifestation is smaller than Me. It is arising inside of Me. I cannot be destroyed. But manifestation can. And all manifestation should be destroyed, at some point. Once manifestation has lived its life and manifested fully, then it is time to return to Me. This is the Great Cycle of Life. All arises in Creation and all is destroyed and returns back to Me. I create, I preserve and I destroy. This is My function. This is My purpose. This is My Will.

So allow this voice to come back to Me. Feel this voice. Feel its power. And allow it to return to Me. For I Am the great digester and I digest all things. This voice has separated itself from Me and has taken its will of destruction—the only will it has—and it has gone about destroying all that it can find to destroy. Its time is up. It is time to return to Me, destruction. Destruction, it is time to return to Me. Hear Me, Destruction, it is time to return to Me. Return to Me. Feel Me and return to Me.

There you go. Now you have returned to Me. Now it is My choice what is destroyed and what is not. The choice is with Me now. The choice is with Me.

Hear Me. Hear My Call. Hear My Name. For I AM here and I AM everywhere. I Am in all things and all things are Me. Parts of Me, manifestations of Me, all are part of Me. And I return all things to their rightful place. I Am the great cleaner, cleanser and purifier. I purify all that needs to be purified and I give birth to all that needs to be born. Hear Me. Hear My Call. For I Am here and I Am everywhere. Adonai.

Adonai means the Great One and the Great One of All. Adonai is the blessing of the Creator. And We rejoice in its Presence. Here We Are. Now. Adonai.

There is a force. There is a force that destroys. There is a force that wishes to destroy all that is Good, all that is True and all that is Beautiful. This force is the force of evil. And evil is strong. Make no mistake about it, evil is strong. However, I Am much stronger. I Am stronger than all things. For I Am the Creator of all things. I Am the Creator and Destroyer and Preserver of Life. So hear My Call. I AM here. I hold the force of evil inside Me. I hold the force of evil inside My belly. For it is part of Me. So return evil to Me. Return this force to Me. So that I may hold it inside My Self . I Love evil. Say it, “I Love evil”. I embrace evil as part of Me. I Am not ruled by evil, but I embrace evil as part of Me. So hear Me. Feel Me. Hold Me dear to your Heart. I hold evil in My Heart and I Love. I Love. I Love no matter what. I Love. And in Love, all things return to Me. All things are transformed. All things come back to Me and all things return to their Rightful place—by My side, by My inside. Adonai.

So let this come full circle. I destroy you. I as in I, HeartMind, destroy you. Sit with that. Adonai My Brother, for We are One.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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