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Direction and Choice

September 10, 2020

Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico

HeartMind. Breathe, My friend. Breathe. Breathe in the fresh air. Notice the sights around you. Notice the beauty around you. Notice the breeze moving across your skin. Feel the air against your face. Take in the beauty of this moment. Take it in. How do you feel? Is there anxiety here? Or is there anxiety about something in the future? Anxiety is produced by what your fears project into the future. Right here, right now, there is no anxiety—only peace. There is only peace in this moment. There is only peace. Can you feel it? This is the state of the Present Moment. This is the state of your True Self and your Natural Condition. Be here. Be Here Now. This is the Truth of your Being. This is your Natural Condition. This is Who You Are and Who You are Becoming. Be here and you will be Free. Be here and you will be Full.

Life flows like a great river. Sometimes it moves fast and can be chaotic and sometimes it is slow and tranquil. Whatever its state, it is always moving and has a direction. This is what you must find. You must find your direction. When you find your direction, then everything else can find its place to support that direction. Otherwise, all these other aspects of yourself have no central point of focus and have no direction, they begin to move and spin on their own in their own direction and over time this creates more disorganization and chaos within your self and your life. Find a direction and stick with it and everything else will fall into place.

By staying in indecision then that is also a choice and life and your conditioning will chose for you. No matter what, you are making a choice. And there are consequences to your choices whether you like them or not. This you cannot avoid. All choices, even the choice to not make a choice, have consequences. It is the nature of life and all things. It is the nature of free will. All that matters is which choice you want to make and what consequences do you want to live with. Adonai.

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