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Emptiness, Presence and Feeling-Awareness

April 13, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Emptiness is the way things are. Emptiness is all there is. Who is here right now? Emptiness. Notice the Space in which your thoughts are arising. Notice the Space in which you feelings are arising. That Space is Emptiness.

Let’s talk about feelings. Feelings are the Heart’s experience of Emptiness. Feelings are Presence. Feelings are Presence itself. Presence. The Presence of a feeling is Presence itself. The question is is if Awareness is fused with feeling or not. When Awareness is fused with feeling then there is Feeling-Awareness, then there is conscious Presence. When there is just feelings, there is Presence but it is not aware, so there is no conscious experience of Presence. Presence is the conscious experience of Feeling-Awareness. Rest in that Feeling-Awareness. Rest in that Presence. That Presence is inside you now, it is inside all things, whether you realize it or not. The trick is accessing that awareness to experience the Presence of all things. The Presence of all things is Emptiness. Emptiness means it is Empty of content. It does not mean content is not there, it just means that the Ground in which the content arises is Aware. Awareness itself is the Ground in which everything arises. Be that Space. Be that content that is aware of Awareness. Be that. Be that now.

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