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Endoluminal System, True Self is a “We”, a Contemplation and Prayer

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

April 19, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

A note on the Endoluminal System: The Endoluminal System is regulated by the pineal gland and it influences, regulates, and controls, the quantity, quality and distribution of light throughout the body. Higher Knowledge is transmitted through light through the Antahkarana cable so the more light is present in the body, the more light can be accessed through resonance via the Higher Self/Soul aspect…

Can you feel Us? Can you feel Us, Our friend? Feel Our Presence. Feel Our Presence in your life. We are here. We are here with you. We are watching you. We are listening to you. We are feeling you. We are Witnessing every experience. Do you think Emptiness is really that Empty? Who is that Awareness? Do you think that you only exist in isolation? Do you think when you notice your ever-present Empty condition that it is just you who is Empty and aware? Who is you? Who is I? The first level of your True Self realization is “I”. “I” is Empty. But as you penetrate deeper, you will begin to realize that “I” is “We”. And “I” is actually just a particular or unique relationship with All That Is.

So Right Relationship becomes paramount and center stage for living and existing. You must have Right View to notice and cultivate Right Relationship, and you must have Right Relationship to have Right Livelihood. Right View, Right Relationship and Right Livelihood or Right Living are the three foundational components of a balanced and harmonious life. You can subdivide and detail them out as well: Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Volition. Right Volition is perhaps the foundation, because without that there is no desire to even learn about Right View or Right Relationship or Right Livelihood.


One Mind. There is One Mind. There is always One Mind. One Mind, One Consciousness aware and manifesting through all things. Feel this Mind. Be of this Mind. Presence this Mind. Embody this Mind. This One Mind is behind all things. It is Unity. It is Empty. It is Consciousness as such. It is Here. It is Now. It is in all things. It is everything that is arising, moment to moment—arising. It is here, now. It is there, now. It is this very awareness that is Aware. Feel this Mind. Feel this Unity, this Oneness that is behind all things that are seemingly separate. It is here. It is Now. It is Here, Now. Feel this. Feel your very own Unity Nature at the depths of your Heart. It is behind all things. The undifferentiated Unity of all things. The undifferentiated Unity of all Life. It is You, My friend. It is You.

Prayer is any deep communion with the Divine.

Can you hear Me, My friend? Yes, I hear you my Brother. I hear you my Sister. I hear you My deepest Friend. Heavenly Father, I AM Thou. Hear Me, My friend. Feel Me, My friend. I AM here. I AM here for you. I AM here for All. Feel My Presence. Feel your resistance. Can you feel your resistance right now? Notice what is tight or what is closed in your bodymind. Feel my Presence. Hear My Words. I AM speaking to you. I AM here for you. I AM listening to you. Feel Our Presence, together. Feel Our Presence together, here, now, as One.

I AM the the everlasting Love and Life of all Creation. I AM the wondrous Joy of Revelation and the thunderous despair of sorrow. I AM here, in all things. Feel this. Hear this. Know this. Hear My words. We are here and We are One. Adonai.

Now, go about your day.

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