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Gnosis and the Gates of Heaven

May 29, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Knowledge is Gnosis. It is the part of your mind that knows. It is the part of you that is your True Self. Your True Self that is not of this world but is in this world. It is about being in this world. It is your sense of Right Relationship with Life. It is the power and knowledge of the Heart—the HeartMind. HeartMind is the Ruler. HeartMind is the Ruler of your inner kingdom of the mind. The power and presence of Knowledge. Adonai.

HeartMind brings peace. HeartMind can be equated with God but it is not totally accurate. HeartMind is the doorway to God. For God is all there is and all there ever will be. HeartMind is the great Gate. HeartMind holds the Gates to Heaven. It is HeartMind that is primary. It is HeartMind that must be primary. Hold Joy and Love in their proper relationship—in Right Relationship—with peace, the peace of HeartMind. Adonai.

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