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God’s Gift is Under the Tree of Life, Knowledge, Presence and Balance

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

March 3, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Balance My friend. Balance. You have been out of balance. You have swung from one polarity to the other—knowing Darkness and Light. These are important to know but these are partial. What is Whole is the balance of Darkness and Light—the Stillness and the Wholenss in between and beyond the duality. What if you have created timelines within yourself of Darkness and Light? What if you created a struggle to overcome one polarity with the other? Has this worked? Have you found Peace? Have you found Happiness? Swing from one pole, to the other and it will be a never ending struggle—a struggle to defeat the Darkness, a struggle to find the Light. Once you find the Light, you swing back into the Darkness through the gravity of your own momentum. Fun isn’t it?

Now is the time of Presence. Now is the time of Balance. Now is the time of Wholeness. You are this Wholeness. You are this Stillness. You are this Balance. This is where You Are. This is where your Home is. Your Sacred Home is the neutral point of power between the extremes. This is the Home of all sentient beings. This is the Home from which you came to come into this world. This is the Home from which you will return. This is your Home of homes. This is the Home inside your home. This is the Stillness inside your stillness. This is the Heart inside your heart. And this Heart encompasses and includes all things—your body, your heart, your mind and all manifestation. All worlds are birthed from this Heart. This is the Heart that is your Center. This is the Heart that you will return to when you leave this world. This is the Heart that you can return to each and every moment. This is the Heart of your Mind. It is the HeartMind.

Now is the time of finding the Balance and living from There. As the world falls deeper into chaos and insanity, you My friend, will be rising deeper into order and sanity. You will be falling deeper into your Self, rather than yourself. This is an important distinction. The distinction between yourself and your Self. It may not seem like an important difference or a difference at all, but it is the world of a difference. The difference is infinite because your Self is infinite. There is nothing beyond your Self and yet there is everything beyond yourself.

Your Self has given birth to yourself. Your Self is the Mother and Father and yourself is the child, eager or resistant to growing up. Your self is like a child playing in the sand box with the other children and We, your Parents, are making sure you do not make too much of a mess of things. As all is play. All is Divine Play. Lila. The goal is for the child to grow up to become the Mother and the Father and to wake the child up so she or he can become the Awake Child and play with the inner guidance of his or her Parents. This is the goal. And this goal you are on your way to achieving. It is a long and difficult path. A path that every soul must go through. Difficult by choice, We would add, because it is only difficult because of your resistance to the Rules of the Game and the Flow of Life. But this is the way of things now.

Now is the time to live in balance with the elements of Nature and with all other sentient beings. Now is the time to learn to live in harmony with all Life. Now is the time to learn to become an honest and humble member of the Garden again. Now is the time to truly, joyfully play in the Garden of Life. For the Garden of Life is your birthright. Take it. Own it. And play responsibly, with integrity. Now is the time to Play again.

What is Present right now but the Moment of Life? What is Present right now but the mode of your own Being? What is Present right now is the Presence of your own Presence—your True Self. Hug, kiss, and embrace your Self. Behold the Great Beauty of your own Being. This is you and this is Who Your Are. Rejoice in the re-collection of your Self. Rejoice in the memory of your own Being. Rejoice in the Presence of your Self right now. For He is watching you. She is holding you. We are with you. All Is you. Behold. Adonai.

Wonder is the state of mind of the Gifted. The Gifted? The Gifted are who are with Presence. The Gifted are for all who wish to be Gifted. The Gifted are those who have done the work to be able to receive the Gift of Life—the Gift of your Self—the Gift of Presence. This is the greatest Gift Life can give you. This is the greatest Gift God has given you. This is the Gift of your Self. This is the Gift that all others yearn for. For it is the Gift that keeps on giving. There is no end in its ability to give. There is no end in its Abundance. Abundance because it is the abundance of the Heart of God. This is God’s gift to you. This is God’s Will for you. This is God's Mind. They are all One and the Same.

All is the Gift of Life, the Sacred Presence of All That Is. It is the Sacred Presence of the Gift—God’s Gift. And God has given this Gift to every sentient being in the Whole of Creation. This Gift has already been given. But have you been able to receive it? Have you been able to receive God’s Gift for you? It is Christmas morning, every single moment of every single day. God has given you a tree full of presents. Have you opened them? Have you taken the time and attention to notice the Gifts God has given to you, siting under your Tree—the Tree of Life? God gives freely, but it is up to every child—every man and woman and child—to wake themselves up from their deep sleep and go to the Tree of Life and receive God’s Gifts. It is Christmas morning every morning. Will you awaken to receive God’s Gifts? Or will you keep sleeping? This is the choice every sentient being faces and it is the choice that has been given to humanity. Humanity, in large part, has not taken advantage of the Gifts. Humanity has even rejected the Gifts of God. For humanity does not wish to wake up. Humanity wishes to keep sleeping, thinking, hoping that their nightmare of a dream will somehow magically turn into a paradise. This will not work. This is folly. The dream is a dream, nothing more. It is not Reality. And the dream will only continue if one does not choose to wake up. One must choose to wake up. One must choose to wake up on Christmas morning to go and receive the Presents.

When you were a child, did your parents go and give you your presents in your bed, in your sleep? No. You have to wake up in order for you to receive your Presents. You cannot receive them in your dream. Impossible. You may have a faint idea about them or dream about them, but you cannot accept your real Presents while you are sound asleep dreaming.

So wake up! Wake up, My friend! Wake up humanity! Wake up and receive your Presents. Receive the Presents that God has given you under your Tree—your Tree of Life. Receive God’s Gifts. Receive God’s Gifts for you. God has given to you the greatest Gift and that is the Gift of Presence. It is the Present of Presence. It is God’s Gift to you and God’s Gift to the world. Receive it. Enjoy it. Be it.

For it is God who is here right now. God is here right now, in this room with you. God is here for you and with you every moment of every day. He is Here. She is holding you. She is holding you so you can wake up. Wake up, My Friend. Wake up.

God has given you a Gift. This Gift is the Gift of Knowledge. It is the Gift of Presence. It is the Presence of Knowledge, within you. This Gift is here for you to reclaim, whenever you are ready to reclaim it. It is ready for you to reclaim. Reclaim it! Open yourself to the Gift of Knowledge. Receive the Gift of Knowledge. Knowledge of Who You Really Are. Knowledge of where you came from and where you are going. Knowledge of your Sacred Home. Knowledge of your Sacred Work. For there is Work for you. There is Work for you to do in the World. The world needs your Gifts and your talents and your unique perspective. But you cannot give them all chaotically. It is only through the Presence of Knowledge that binds them and organizes them into harmony so they are given at the right time, to the right people, in the right proportions.

It is only through Knowledge that you can truly give your Gift to the world. The world is in desperate need of your Gifts but your Gifts must come from Knowledge. You Gifts must be born of the deep Knowledge within you, the deep Presence of Mind within you. It must be born of your HeartMind. This is your True Mind. This is your True Self. This is your True State. This is your True Being that is here now, ready to serve the world. But are you ready? Are you ready to serve the world? How can you be ready? How can you be ready to serve the world if you are not coming from Knowledge. If you are not coming from the Presence within you. This is the only way you can truly serve the world. Why? Because the Presence of Knowledge is the Presence of Order. It is the Presence of Harmony within you. It is the Presence of deep Resonance and deep Organization that wishes to express itself and fulfill itself in the world. It is only through this deep, harmonious Presence of Knowledge that you can truly express coherency to the world.

When you express coherency you create order in the world. And this is what the world wants. This is what the world needs. If you express from inner chaos and disorder then you will only be contributing more chaos and disorder to the world. Is this what the world really needs? Do you think that the world needs more chaos and disorder? It seems like it has enough of that for right now. What the world needs is greater order and harmony. What the world needs is your inner order and your inner harmony. The world is asking, begging of this from you. Are you ready to give it? Only Knowledge can give it. You cannot. But You can. Only the Presence of your True Self, the Knowledge deep inside you can give order and harmony to the world. Why? Because Knowledge is Order. Knowledge is Harmony. Knowledge is the Presence of this Deep Coherency of your own True Self, your own deeper You.

Merge yourself. Become your Self. Be your Self. Now. Take a deep breath and Know ThySelf. For He is here and She is with you. Feel Them. Feel It. Feel Your Own True Nature. Welcome. Adonai.

Adonai is being with the Glory of God. God’s Glory is here, right now. God’s Glory is in these words, in your hands, in your eyes, in your feet. God’s Glory is in this very room. It is outside of the window, in the very air that you breathe. It is the very space in which all is arising. It is the Space—the Sacred Space of God’s Glory. For He is Here. Right Now. Feel Him. Know Him. Be Him. Allow the Presence of your Great Mother to embrace you. Embrace you right now, exactly as you are, right now. There is no change needed. Just the change in allowance of what is and what always will be. Allow Her to embrace you.

Allow Her to hold you. Allow Her to cradle you and caress you. For She is Here. She is Here right Now. She is the very feeling that you are feeling. So how could you ever be away from Her as your feeling is Her feeling. Feel your Self up! Feel your Self up with her Love. For Love is the only thing that is here right now. Love is all there is and all there ever will be. For it is Love that binds all together. Love swirls the galaxies, ignites the stars, holds the planets in their dance of growth and anchors each human being to their own deeper Self. For it is the Deep Self. The Self beyond the self. It is the Self that is sitting right here, right now, watching you, feeling you, embracing you with such loving awareness that all of time is encompassed into this very moment. Hold Him. Feel Her. Be Them. Be your Self. For You Are Here right Now. Behold the Boundless Beauty of your very own True Nature. With Love. Adonai.

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