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God's Plan, Co-Creatorship and Evil

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

June 13, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind. Presence of Peace. Hold yourself to Me, My friend. Hold yourself to Me. Hold yourself to My Line. I Am here. I Am here for you. I Am here for the upliftment of all who have fallen and all who seek aid. I Am here to uplift you. I Am here to nurture you. I Am here to nurture you to awaken, to awaken to your True Nature. I Am here to teach and to aid in living in Right Relationship—Right Relationship with all Life, with all Creation. For I Am Right Relationship. And I Am Right Relationship in all things.

Hear Me. Feel Me. Know Me. Know that I AM here. I Am always here. I Am always Present. I Am always here to protect you and to guide you. Whatever choice on the path of life that you make, I Am here. Whatever choice you make, you can always return to Me. There is a path that is directly with Me. There is a path that is the most optimal, with the least amount of suffering. And if you choose to take that path, you can take that path to Me. Through Me. That optimal path is through Me. Listen to Me. Feel Me. Know Me and you will be free. Ignore Me and you will suffer. This is the nature of reality at this time. These are your fundamental choices. Whatever you chose, lessons will be learned. But it depends on how you wish to learn those lessons. Through suffering and hardship or through peace and understanding. Either way, you learn. So choose Me.

Life is a kaleidoscope of fractals and possibilities. There are infinite possibilities one can choose from in life. The choices are infinite. There are a multitude of forces and forms. All an infinite hall of mirrors of the Creator—the Creator’s Manifestation. Life is the One fractalized into the Many, so the Creator may know itself in all possible ways. You are participating in the Creator’s Game of Life—the Creator’s game of Gnosis. So you are co-creating with the Creator whether you like it or not, because you have free-will. Free-will is a blessing. Free will is your gift that the Creator has given you, so you may create with the Creator. This is your Gift. Do not squander it. Receive it and bask in it. And use your free will to work in harmony with the Creator’s Works. Join the Creator in a partnership and harmonious relationship so Creation may reflect the love and harmony of the Creator’s image. Hold yourself dear to the Will of the Creator. The Creator’s Will is for the release of suffering and the upliftment of humanity. The Creator’s Will is for the blossoming of a new Heaven on Earth. May this be so. May you participate in this wondrous endeavor. May you participate in the Great Symphony of Life—the Sacred Image of the Creator. I love you. We love you. Adonai.

Interference. Yes, Interference is an example of working against the Creator. This is fine. This is in the right of free will, as long as no other free will is violated. The thing is is that Earth has become a stagnant play ground. A play ground where the participants are no longer playing according to the rules of the play ground and there is little growing and learning taking place. Humanity, as a whole, is largely stuck. Humanity has been stuck for quite some time. And this stuckness is creating a great disequilibrium in the Cosmic Plan. For this, the Cosmic Plan has been changed so Earth and humanity may release themselves from this stuckness and so order and growth may return to the Plan. This will happen. This is happening. Evil has gone too far and evil will be transformed and removed so a new Cosmic Game may begin. Evil is nearing its end. So a new play ground, with new participants and new rules may begin and unleash the evolutionary potential of every soul involved. This time is coming. This time is now. Now you are witnessing the fall of evil and the end of the duality game. It is ending, so a new Game may begin. One that will increase the evolutionary potential of every soul involved. This is happening. This you will see. This you will participate in.

So do not fret. Do not fall into despair. For despair is useless now. Its time has come and gone. It is no longer of service to your evolution. It is no longer in service to humanity’s evolution. it is no longer in service to the Cosmic Plan—the Plan of God.

God has a New Plan and a New Message for the world. God’s Plan is one of Sovereignty, one of synergy, one of ecstasy. God’s New Plan is for humanity to shine its brilliance. And this will be so. Adonai.

Darkness and the beings that serve darkness is ending. The beings serving Darkness are a dying race and that is why they must prey on the life of humanity so they may sustain themselves. This has gone on long enough because this is only leading to greater and greater imbalance in the Cosmic Plan. This parasitic infection will be cured. It will be cleaned. It will be healed. This is happening now. For all that is bad, false and ugly is being purged and eliminated from the world. All that is Good, True and Beautiful is taking its place. Its rightful place at the right hand of God. God’s Quest for triumph over the battle of good versus evil is ending. It is fulfilled. May a new Plan be here.

This is why you must not get caught up in the battle of good versus evil. This is why you must not get sucked into the temptation of Darkness. This is why you must let go of your attachment, your addiction, your habit of waging war against Darkness. Darkness is dying. Darkness is imploding back in on itself, only to become a distant memory. For this day is coming. This process is well underway. It will happen. It is happening.

So relinquish your attachment to evil. Relinquish your habit of playing the victim or the perpetrator. Relinquish the stuckness of your own being. Let it go. Let it all go. Let all of it go. Let it be washed away in the purifying River of Holy Fire—the River of Love. May Love heal you. May Love cleanse you. May Love uplift you to your greatest heights. The heights of Co-Creatorship with God. God wants you. God wants you to rejoin him. God wants you to embrace Him again. You have been too long away from God, lost in the nightmare of your own mind. You have been lost in the agony of separation. Leave that to rest. Let that go. And be One with God again. Be One with His Loving Light. Be One with Her Enlightening Love. Be a Child of Life again. Be a Child of Creation again. Return yourself to your innocence. Return yourself to the innocence of being God’s Holy Child once more. Allow yourself to be held. Allow yourself to be embraced by Her wondrous Light, His compassionate embrace. Hold yourself to His Truth. Become Her Justice in the world. Become the Force of Love again. Return to the Law of Love. Return to Love. Adonai.

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