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Grounding Through Presence and Flow to Prepare for the Christ Grid

July 23, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Love makes everything ok. Love balances all things, My friend. Love balances and heals all things. When the Christ Grid comes online, it will be running on hundreds of orders of magnitude a higher energy level than what is present now on the Earth Grid. That sounds like nuclear bombs going off and in a sense it is but all will be balanced trough the Golden Mean of Love. So it will actually be very soothing and healing for many, many people. For the people who are preparing, the energy will be a relief. For the people who are attached to the old ways, then it will become increasingly difficult. So, prepare yourself.

Now Flow. Emptying yourself out so you can be in Flow with God. So you can be an Empty vehicle for the Flow of Life. Flow with Life. Flow as Life. Allow yourself to Flow and allow God to Flow through you and as You. Do do not rush it. You cannot rush it. You can only learn to flow with what life is presenting to you. Flow with Life and allow Life to flow through you and as you. It is important to recognize that it is Flow that is the real key to Creation.

How to live in Flow? Be Present. Be Present with what is and then you will begin to resonate with Flow. Be Present with sensations, feelings, witnessing thoughts and taking deep, relaxing breaths. This will cultivate Presence and allow greater Resonance to occur within yourself, with others and with life. This will be increasing your Flow.

It is important to ground the energy. Ground the energy to allow greater Flow to take place. Chi, energy, naturally wants to flow. That is its nature. Its nature is Flow. Have you been in flow or stuck most of your life?

In 2022 the Christ Grid will come online and the voltage of experience and movement for humanity and the transformation of consciousness will increase exponentially. You have to built a strong container to hold that greater voltage of energy. You have to build a strong container within your consciousness to hold a greater consciousness. Many, many people are being prepared to receive the gift of Christ, and connecting with the Christ Grid. The Christ Grid will transform the world. There will be no stopping the upliftment and evolution of humanity once this comes online. Everything will change. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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