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Guidance on Fear and Security (Day 0)

January 24th, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

Fear is confusion and confusion is fear. This is important to know and to understand. When you fall into fear, you fall into confusion. When you become confused, you fall into fear. They are the same vibration and produce the same effect in the body-mind. So first thing we need to do is raise yourself out of fear. You have to change your vibration to that of peace and clarity. Let’s begin.

Breathe. Take a deep, full breath. Breathe into your belly. Yes, We know your fear of death is being triggered. This is why it is important for you to breathe. Breathe into your belly and relax. Relax you belly. Feel that tension in your belly? Breathe into that tension. Breathe into that fear. Breathe into that anxiety. Breathe. Good. You feel yourself relaxing? Good. Now role those breaths through your whole body. Breathe you whole body. Fill your body with breath and allow the tension to release. The tension wants to release itself. So allow the tension to release itself. Release the tension through your breath. Relax and go slow. Sink your mind down into your belly. Allow your heart to still itself. Feel the sensations of your breath so that your mind can ground. Ground your mind. Ground your awareness into your Self. Ground your awareness into your body. Your body is here, right now. It is existing here, right now. It is not existing in the past or the future. It is existing right here, right now. Be here. Be here, right now. Now, let Us begin.

We are here to guide you, My friend. We are not here to tell you what to do. We are here to guide you through life so that you may walk the most optimal path. We are here to help alleviate your suffering. We are here to help alleviate your confusion. We are here to help alleviate your grief. This is why it is important for you to listen to Us and to take what We have to say seriously. Because We can see more than you can see. We know more than you know. We can see forwards and backwards through time. We know what are your strengths and your weaknesses. We know what you Life Plan is. You only have a very partial understanding. You have a very limited understanding of what is going on in the world and what your role in it is. You have a partial understanding of your Life Plan and what your Work in the world really is. You have a sense, but you lack clarity and you lack conviction. You lack conviction because you do not posses yet, sufficient clarity. This is why We are here to help you and guide you.

When your apparent lack of security is triggered, you feel fear because you are afraid of feeling uncertainty and death. This fear triggers your fear of death. This is ok. This is normal. Because it is death. It is death of a part of yourself that is attached to apparent security. Life is insecure. Life is insecure, My friend, especially during these times and the times to come. Life is very insecure. And there is a security in that. Why? Because life is not stagnant. Life is flowing and constantly changing. If you jump in the river and flow with life, then you can find stability within the flow. When you flow with the river, there is very little effort or exertion. This is why it is important to flow and meet life as it arises.

I Am safety, My friend. I Am Safety itself. When you feel the feeling of safety, what are you feeling but the feeling of stability, protection, nourishment and love. I Am Stability. I Am Protection. I Am Nourishment. I Am Love. And I Am Safety itself. Do you want to feel safe? Then return your awareness to Me. Do you want to feel secure? Then turn your awareness to Me. Do you want to feel stable? Then focus your awareness on Me. I Am Stability. I Am Security. I Am Safety. I Am Safe. And I Am Love. And I Am here to nourish you and to hold you in coherence to Me. I Am here. I Am here, My friend. Know Me and feel safe with Me. For I Am what you seek. I Am your Home. Be with Me and be in your Home.

Your Home is where your Heart is, so be there with Me.

We will guide you every step of the way. We know that this is a difficult journey for you. We know that this is very challenging for you. You will see that when you overcome this challenge, and you will, you will possess a freedom and a clarity and most of all a security that you never possessed before. You will feel Me. You will feel enthusiasm again for life. So relax. Relax your attachment and be at peace with whatever life brings to you. Life will never give you something that you cannot handle. Life will never present a challenge that you cannot overcome. Every challenge that Life give you, you automatically, by definition, have the ability to overcome it. And you will, as long as you chose to overcome the challenge. So know that. Allow that to give you some peace of mind. Be at peace with the fact that life only gives you what is best for you. See that. Take that in. Relish that. You are safe.

Relax your fear, for it is only False Evidence Appearing Real. We Love you and you are held in so much Love and Grace. You are safe, Our friend. You are safe. We are here for you. We Love you. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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