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Guidance on How to Live and Relate with Others: Compassion and Understanding

February 14, 2021

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Bliss be with you today, My great companion. Love. Love is what must be shared and expressed and cultivated within the heart and the mind. This is your essence. Your essence is love, peace and understanding. Cultivate these things and you are increasing the resonance between your self and Who You Really Are.

Breathe. Breathe in the life giving air of affection, kindness and understanding. This is your Nature. This is who you are and who you have come to be. Embrace this. Embrace the beauty that is You and that is all around you. Embrace the beauty of the Divine. The Divine is Beauty itself. Cultivate more beauty in your life and you will resonate more with the Divine.

Goodness. Be Good to yourself and to others. Respect and adhere to the moral code of your Heart. This is the Law of Love and it reigns supreme in every human heart. Respect one another, love one another and support one another. This is you task. This is your mission. Always, be kind and understanding and respectful to your fellow human beings, to the ones close to you and to all life.

Respect life and respect the will of others, unless their will is causing you harm. Then you have the right to defend yourself by exercising self-respect and preventing further harm to yourself or others.

Speak kindly and nicely to your fellow brothers and sisters, for they are suffering just as much as you are and they are also struggling to live well and trying to be happy just as you are. Do not think you are the only one with problems or are the only one that suffers. You are one among many who are all playing out the human drama. This is not to belittle you, it is only to put your own suffering and drama into context. You are not the only one, so have compassion and understanding in your fellow man because suffering is one thing among many that connects all of humanity.

Try to understand the other. Try to take the perspective of the other and imagine yourself in their shoes. See what they see. Feel what they feel. Understand that their pain is your pain. Their happiness is your happiness. The more you are happy, the more everyone else is happy. The more someone else is happy, the more everyone else is happy. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Cultivate and nourish love, respect, creativity and understanding with your fellow brothers and sisters. It takes creativity and patience to really meet someone and go beyond your own personal projections and viewpoint. Adhere to that, My friend. This will help with the tendency to be self centered and which can easily degrade into selfishness if not opened by love. Cultivate service to others and helping others lift themselves up. A little bit of love can make someone’s day.

Cultivate truth and understanding of yourself through self-inquiry and self-exploration. Be receptive to hearing what other people see in you. They may be seeing your blindspots and your wounds and your incongruences. Embrace this feedback and take these as opportunities to improve yourself. Be grateful to their gift of reflection in your life.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Treat others as if they were your dear friend and closest ally. In kindness and friendship, hate, malice, fear and manipulation have less stronghold over you and your relationships. This is why it is important to cultivate these qualities within yourself because as you do, you increase your overall vibration and you become less resonating with others who would wish to hurt you or cause you harm. As you heal these areas within yourself with love and understanding, you become more immune to that influence from others because you no longer that have resonance inside you and therefore you no longer need the lesson. Cultivate these qualities within yourself and you will go far. You will go very far and you will enjoy the ride far more! Adonai.

Isn’t it beautiful what the heart can do? Isn’t it beautiful what love can do? Love soothes all rough edges. Love harmonizes all discord. Love softens all hardness. Love is the beauty and magnificence of Creation. Love heals all wounds. Just Love. That is all. That is all you have to do. That is all you really need. Just Love and your life will come into balance. Just Love and your body will heal itself. Just Love and your mind will open and all the clutter will melt away. Just Love and all will be fine. Just Love and all will be well. Adonai.

Love Thyself as you would your neighbor. Love Thy neighbor as you would your Self. All are One. Adonai.

Bliss. Bliss in the air. Breathe it. Feel it. Allow Bliss to vibrate through your whole body. Your body is a vibrating bucket of bliss! Bliss is Who You Are. This is your Natural State. Isn’t it amazing? Bliss is how you are designed to feel all the time. Bliss, is Who You Are. Just wish bliss. Adonai.

Heavenly signs are the way of nine. Beauty is here, it is aways near. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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