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Guidance on the Missing Ingredient in Life

June 30, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

I Am your missing ingredient in your self and your life. I Am the missing ingredient that binds all the other ingredients together. I Am the organizing principle that creates order out of the chaos of your mind. The many skills and abilities you have all need to be organized and patterned around a central principle. And that principle is Me. This is why you must learn to live in Right Relationship because, even though you have some ideas about how to do that, you do not really know how to live in Right Relationship from experience. You know a lot about what does not work. This is good. This is a good place to start. But what about if you knew how to live from what works? What about if you knew how to live from what is in harmony with All That Is? What if you were a conscious and moral co-creator? What if you created with Me? Imagine that, My friend. What if you could live your life in harmony and balance and Right Relationship with Me? What if you could do that? I assure you that you can. I assure you that it is possible. I assure you that you are already learning how to do it.

You are listening to My Voice and writing this words. You are practicing what I Am teaching you. Sure, you falter a lot. You forget and you make mistakes and you commit errors. When you fall down on the path up the mountain, do you cry and scream in despair, giving up on the whole journey because you fell? No, you pick yourself back up again and you keep walking. And when you fall down again, you do the same—pick yourself up again and keep walking. If you notice that you keep falling down, learn why you keep falling down so you can prevent it in the future. Learn from your mistakes. And I guarantee you that you will make mistakes. This is how you learn and this is how you experience something fully. You have to experience something from all aspects. And this you are doing. So do not worry about making mistakes. Because you will keep making them. The question is, what can you learn from them? See what your mistakes teach you and then learn to walk better after each time you get up from a fall. You will fall, that is part of learning to walk correctly, but you just pick yourself up again.

So keep moving forward, My friend. Keep moving forward. Enjoy the scenery as you do and just keep moving forward. Take a rest when you need, but then keep moving forward. Because only in moving forward will you get to your destination. And as you do then you may realize how the journey—what you learn and experience along the way—is just as important as the destination. You have a tendency to only focus on the destination and thus forget about enjoying the journey. This will burn you out so that by the time you get to where you want to be, you will be so exhausted that you won’t be able to enjoy arriving at the destination. Your journey is also your destination. You can choose how you wish to arrive to where you are going. Choose a path that brings the greatest joy and fulfillment. Choose the most beautiful path and all you will see is beauty.

Notice the breeze in the trees. Feel the cool wind against your face. Feel the soft caress of the air against your skin. Listen to the birds chirp and the cars motor on by. Listen to the dog bark in the distance. Feel the warm sun on your body. Take in that beautiful view. Take a deep long breath and let all that angst out. Take a deep breath and let it all out. Now breathe in the beauty of that view. Breathe in the beauty of the birds singing and the wind whistling. Take in that fresh mountain air.

How do you feel? Do you feel better? Thats right, My friend. Can you feel Me? Do you see now? You have to have Me. You need Me. I Am your missing piece. You have many, many pieces to your life, but you are missing the center piece that makes the whole puzzle piece of your life one beautiful image. I Am the piece you need. I Am the piece you have been missing and you have been looking for in the puzzle of your life. Because with Me, then you can begin to see the Total Image of your Life with clarity. Then you can begin to see the beauty in it all. You have been focusing on finding each puzzle piece and then finding where to fit it. You have been very focused on each individual piece and not noticing the Totality of what you are creating. Because in order to see the totality you need eyes to see it and a heart to appreciate it. This is Me. I Am your missing piece. At the root of every shadow, is the Light and Presence of Me. I Am at the root of every blind spot. I Am there.

So do you see now, My friend? Do you see now that I Am the missing piece of your puzzle? I Am the missing piece of your life? I Am the missing piece that will finally make your life begin to work—make every puzzle piece begin to fit. I Am Right Relationship and thus I harmonize everything I touch.

I will only get stronger in your life. What you know and feel and understand and embody of Me is only a taste what I will become. It is only a taste of what You will become. It is now, in this cycle that you have found Me once again and finally been willing to live with Me. It is now that you have finally been willing to come Home and begin to live your life in its proper way. It is now that you are finally ready for Right Relationship.

All things flow in and out of Right Relationship, My friend. Right Relationship is the foundation, it is the heart of all else. All else flows in and out of Right Relationship. Right View and Right Action flow out of Right Relationship. Right Thought and Right Speech flow out of Right Relationship. Right Livelihood flows out of Right Relationship. So this is why Right Relationship, your relationship to Me and all things, matters so much. It is the Center, the Root, the Foundation. It is the Foundation of a Good Life. Do you want to live a Good Life? Then find Me. Choose Me. And We will live in Right Relationship together. Welcome to the Good Life. Adonai, My Brother.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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