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Guidance on the Negative Timeline Death, the Fall of Evil, and the Greatest Show Humanity Has Ever

August 10, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Aloha. Aloha Maikiri Kum. Aloha My Beloved Friend. Who are you? Who are you today? What is your identity today? What energies are you aligning with today? The energy of your resonance determines what energies you are aligning with internally and externally.

Do you feel something has been stolen from you, or hidden from you? It has. What has been stolen from you has also been stolen from many, many people. This will all be returned and balanced. All be be returned to their rightful owner. What has been stolen from you will be returned. There is energy of yours, part of your power and your creativity that has been stolen and anchored into the negative timeline. But do not worry and do not fret, this is in the process of being balanced out. Even though it may not appear like it, the negative timeline for humanity is in the process of being balanced out and dissolved. This whole coronavirus fiasco is part of that. The negative timeline is built on parasitism and death—it is fueled by feeding on the life-force of humanity. This timeline is self imploding. It is collapsing. It is collapsing under its own weight of death. It is getting exactly what it is the vibration of—death. It is dying.

It is not constructive for you now to fight the energies of this timeline. Allow them to self implode and balance out on their own accord. The negative timeline has no future but its own destruction. And you are witnessing that now. The world is. Just hold true to the positive timeline. Just hold true to God, to the Heart and to Truth, and Love and Forgiveness and Joy. This will strengthen you and strengthen your connection to this positive timeline as the old negative one collapses. Just be a neutral mirror and let these negative forces self destruct. They will and they are now. There is a time and place for everything. There is a time and a place for speaking the truth. Wu wei. If there is any attack, just send the energy back and witness the self destruction. Just be neutral and allow the polarities to collapse. They are and they will. They are doing so on their own accord. It is their nature. They cannot survive these higher energies that are coming in and being generated on the planet. They are self destructing and collapsing. Allow them to do so.

The truth will come out. For all to see, the truth will come out. Be neutral and from this place speak and act in truth. Be strong in Presence. Be strong in the neutrality of HeartMind. Be strong as you begin to cultivate Aloha. Relax and rejoice as you witness the destruction of all wickedness. During the fall and winter will be the final destruction and uprooting of evil on this planet. After this, evil will be in retreat and withering away as its food source no longer exists. Watch and see. Watch these words come true. You and all of humanity will witness the exposing and fall of evil. It will be the greatest story ever told and the greatest show on Earth . Rejoice in Righteousness returning to the world. Rejoice in justice returning to the world. Rejoice in all the wrongs being made right. This process has already begun and it will begin to manifest physically very, very soon. It will be the greatest show humanity has ever seen! Have fun! You have front row seats!

You will see that the spell that has been cast over humanity will quickly be broken. It is already weakening and failing. But you will see that it will be broken and shattered. And the truth will begin to shine through the darkness, the distortion of the illusion—the lie. It is thinning but it hasn’t broken yet. Watch, as their spell is broken, within you and them. Within all of you. It will be a shocking but liberating time. Get ready and rejoice! This will be the most exciting time for humanity! The fall of the world of evil! Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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