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Heart-Path of Aloha

August 4, 2020

Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

HeartMind. Aloha is centered in the Heart. Aloha, when fully cultivated, is the dynamic flow between the Inner and Outer Heart. There is a feedback of energy between the Inner and Outer Heart that when it is in flow, free of obstruction, genuine Aloha is generated. It is the state of being of peace, love, kindness, and joy. It is this loving, joyful energy that is grounded through the breath and shared with all life. It is the state of creating, in joyous harmony, with all life. Aloha is intimately tied with the breath and it is the breath that is the vehicle of Aloha. With the breath you breathe in life and you breathe out life. You are intimately connected and in dynamic union with all life through the breath. The breath is the feedback, the flow of Aloha through the human body and soul. It is how the Soul interface with life on the physical plane. Without breath, the Soul cannot anchor into the body and there is no life—the body dies. Breath is the Life of the Soul. It is the life of the Soul, embodied.

It is through the breath that the true power lies. This is something you must master if you want to deepen your connection and cultivation of Aloha. You must master your breath. It is your breath that is the center of your life-force and it is your breath that is the center of your true Heart-Power. Heart-Power is cultivated, regulated, and expressed through the breath. It is through the breath that the true power of the Heart can be cultivated, regulated and expressed. This is very important. This is key. The power of Aloha is cultivated through the breath.

Aloha is a Heart-Path. There are many paths of the Heart. Every tradition and culture has at least some version of their own style Heart-Path. Aloha is the Hawaiian-Polynesian path. Aloha energy is indigenous to all of the Pacific area and many cultural decedents come from a mother culture of Aloha. But obviously Aloha can be cultivated anywhere and everywhere. The Way of Aloha is a Middle Path of the Heart. Like We have said, there are many. It all depends on what flavor you are most attracted too and what flavor you resonate with.

Stay with the feeling that you feel when you think of Hawai’i. Resonate with that feeling. Breathe in that feeling. Feel that Aloha spirt—that Aloha vibe. That is the frequency, the feeling, of the feedback-flow between the Inner and Outer Heart. There is a spark of life that happens. It is an alchemical feedback and merging of Fire and Water, through the breath. Be here. Be with this Watery Heart-Fire. Be with this feeling of loving-joy. Be with this feeling of loving-joy for all life. Be with this feeling of unity with all life and love for the Earth and her waters. Be with this feeling. Be with this feeling of Love-Joy and experience it through your breath. Breathe in Aloha. Breathe out Aloha. Receive Aloha and release Aloha. Receive Aloha so you may give Aloha back to all life. Breathe Aloha and smile. If you are not smiling, then you are doing it wrong! ;-) Aloha. Adonai.

If you enjoyed this and want to explore more, please visit the Integral Shamanism Tribe.

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